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Washington State | Did you know that we are more than just your “average” online publication?  Did you know we have readers that reach around the Globe?  We are a little spoiled with you all helping us be successful in every way, shape and form.  We have had many “accomplishments” we’d like to share with you and thank you for helping us get there.

You all are the BEST friends/family/followers that one could have.  You are just that SPECIAL to us and we refuse to give you up.

US National Guard's Blackhawk during the Snag Canyon Fire in 2013 [Credit LR Swenson]

US National Guard’s Blackhawk during the Snag Canyon Fire in 2013 [Credit LR Swenson]

We have had the Honor and pleasure to share more than just “Public Safety” news while we have reported on several “in-depth” stories right with you via on scene [at a safe distance, of course] or listening to scanner feed, covering the “live breaking” event unfold tweeting [@nwfireblog] what’s happening, etc.

We have even interviewed a Bellevue Firefighter, Michael Lombardo aka “Lombardo”, a Latino musician, a huge rising star out of the Florida area. [Facebook page:]  on July 7, 2012.  See our story at —>

Bellevue Fire’s Michael Lombardo. (Photo by Julian Garcia. Artwork by Arturh Mars)

We were the first “news” media covering the events happening on the #OsoSlide in Washington State in 2014, talking to those looking for their loved ones and tweeting about the story, resources and who was involved.

We were able to get out into the field but due to many Emergency 1stResponders converging on the area, we didn’t want to be intrusive or getting in their way.  We also wanted to respect people’s dignity deciding to let the world in on what was happening as resources worked together to orchestrate the many rescues and successes.  There was a lot going on in the first few hours of the incident.  It turned out to be a very long and emotionally draining event.  Many Heroes were born that day, though we know they were only doing what they were “called” to do.  We appreciate every single one of them.

Resources Pull Together for Oso Washington Slide event in 2014. [Credit: LR Swenson]

Resources Pull Together for Oso Washington Slide event in 2014. [Credit: LR Swenson]

In addition to blogging, another LOVE is to take #FireImages of those in action, watching the skill of a pilot picking up water buckets, landing or taking off in flight.  It is the thrill of Firefighting overall. [You’ve probably seen a lot of our images on our Blog and on our @nwfireblog Twitter page]

We LOVE everything about that encases firefighting, your tireless efforts, dedication, the mechanics and those that support you.  With that being said, we also appreciate the men and women whom are involved in the EMS, Law Enforcement and as 1stResponders and can’t thank you enough for what you all do.

We know and we hear those voices in our heads, “We’re not Heroes, but just doing our jobs.” Yeah, we know….

With our addiction to #FireImages, we often go to the “Eastern” part of our Home Base state of Washington to photograph aircraft that may be waiting for the “call”, deployed or off duty sitting on the helipad.  The photo below was from the Snag Canyon Wildfire that was not only stubborn, but a very hot one.  Rotor 8 was one of many “air support” resources on that fire amongst others.

Rotor 8 sits on the Helipad ready to deploy at the Snag Canyon Fire . [Credit:  LR Swenson]

Rotor 8 sits on the Helipad ready to deploy at the Snag Canyon Fire . [Credit: LR Swenson]

Back in our volunteer days [2005-2012], we provided REHAB to firefighters [providing fluids and snacks to return crews back to a “ready” to deploy status for many in the Seattle, Bellevue, Northshore and Shoreline Departments [volunteer group interfaced with FD’s].  Then and now, we were/are like kids in a candy store jumping at the chance to “photograph” firefighters in action.  It will never tire us and we hope you enjoy them, as much as we do.

Bellevue [WA] Firefighters During a Garage Fire in Newcastle  [Credit:  LR Swenson]

Bellevue [WA] Firefighters During a Garage Fire in Newcastle in 2012. [Credit: LR Swenson]

We are kind of like some of you, in how we think about the Public Safety realm.  A lot.  While vacationing in Ocean Shores, Washington, we found people playing in the dangerous “sneaker” waves while they were quite high that weekend. An alert had been sent out by area Weather Service and the Fire Department but it was clear as day when no one was paying any attention to the bright red sign. [can’t miss it]


Warning Sign at End of Road on to the Beach [Credit: LR Swenson]

We were dreading the moment of being “forced” to watch a child or an adult being dragged out into the angry seas.  They were lucky that day.

The previous weekend, there was such call where Firefighters were forced to look for a child swept away.  As you can imagine, the results were deadly.  A story was written on the dangers of “Sneaker Waves”.  Check it out here —>

A "potential" Victim stands in a sneaker wave on an Ocean Shores, Washington beach in 2014. [Credit:  LR Swenson]

A “potential” Victim stands in a sneaker wave on an Ocean Shores, Washington beach in 2014. [Credit: LR Swenson]

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We look forward to sharing more Public Safety related stories, career / training and event opportunities with you in the very near future.  As always, hope you have a #Safe day!

Here’s our #QuoteOfTheDay, “Keep your eyes on the Stars and your Feet on the Ground.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.  “We GOT This, Eleanor.”

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