Edmonds Chimney Fire Quickly Contained


Firefighters were dispatched to the 5600 block of 145th Street Southwest to a chimney reported extending inside the home just after 1730 hours PT.

Units A15, B21, E15, E23, E25, M15, MSO21, TR21, B15, L14 were dispatched from Snohomish County Fire Districts.

Dispatch relayed heavy black smoke was seen from the home but due to quick egress efforts, firefighters successfully stopped the fire within ten minutes from the original dispatched time. The timer was stopped after the fire was out.

A Fire Investigator was en route to the fire ground.

Cause of the fire and dollar amount for property loss was known at the time of this post.

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California’s #ChimneyFire Explodes – June 3, 2016

Updated 0645 Hours PDT

Incident Summary

#ChimneyFire started on June 1, 1016 at 1330 Hours PDT from an unknown ignition source which is currently under investigation.

Photo Credit: BLM

Photo Credit: BLM

The fire is located at in the Central California District (Tulare County) and in the Chimney Peak wilderness area and Owens Peak.

The fire has consumed 1,000 acres.


This Wildfire is being managed by the BLM Bakersfield Field Office.


Currently, assigned to this incident are Firefighters from the USFS, CAL Fire and SNF (390) and 13 aircraft assisting.

The Angeles National Forest was sending 7 engines and 2 hotshot crews as of yesterday.


Evacuations of the Chimney Peak community were conducted on June 1, 2016.


The Pacific Crest Trail is closed between Hwy 178 and Kennedy Meadows.

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Mill Creek Home’s Fire Extends from Fireplace to Attic

Snohomish County Firefighters were dispatched to a Chimney fire that occurred around 2100 hours this evening of a home located at 13820 14th Drive SE in Mill Creek,  Washington..

When firefighters breached the home’s door after arrival onscene, they were faced with smoke upon entry on the Charlie side.  Several fire units found a fire burning in the fireplace but extinguished it with a pump can.  A Ladder company was sent to the roof to check the attic for extension.

Another fire crew observed smoke coming from underneath the home’s eaves and shingles about 10-15 feet back in on the roof.  They had found the fire had extended to the Charlie side wall on both the interior and the exteriorl.  Fire then went through the roof and hose lines were requested to be brought up to the attic.  This was about 10 minutes into the incident and still continuing with their offense fire tactics.

During the fire incident, the “2 in, 2 out” protocol was established.

Firefighters were able to have a good knockdown of the attic fire that left a light to moderate smokey haze in the air, but was later tapped.

Within 25 minutes on the incident clock, firefighters began the salvage process.  The fire was quickly tapped thereafter.  In between these two fire activities, firefighters completed a 360 of the building, conducted primary and secondary searches with nothing found.

Firefighters are currently in overhaul mode and waiting for the Fire Marshal to arrive onscene.  No cause of the fire is currently suspected or known at this time.

No civilian or firefighters injuries were reported.

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