The Wildfire Log | Idaho | August 18, 2019

Here is the SitRep for Wildfire activity on Sunday, August 18, 2019 for the State of Idaho.

14 new wildfires started in the last 24 hours in the Great Basin area which include States ID, NV and UT. – NIFC


New Wildfire(s)

Hell Roaring Creek, Custer | 0% containment

Crews were sent out on a smoke check at 1218 hours MDT.  Shortly after, a wildfire was reported to their Dispatch and additional resources were deployed through the South Central Idaho Interagency Dispatch Center at 1232 hours MDT to the Hell Roaring Creek area in Custer. Due to this being the newest fire, there is limited information showing up in CAD.


Cove Creek Fire | 27 miles NW of Salmon | 4,444 acres | 65% containment

The Cove Creek Fire is burning in the Salmon – Challis National Forest owned by the US Forest Service in Idaho.  Fire fuels include timber and tall grass.  Fire behavior is said to be minimal with creeping, backing and with wind-driven runs.

There are 38 total personnel along with one crew, two engines and one helicopter on the front lines.

Cost-to-date expenses have reached an all time high of $4 Million Dollars.

Nethker Fire | 30 miles NE of McCall | 2,354 acres | 91% containment

The Nethker Fire is currently burning in the Payette National Forest and managed/owned by the US National Forest.  Command has been transferred back to the local unit from the GB Team 3, an IMT Type 2 team.

Fire behavior has been reported as moderate with smoldering, creeping and isolated torching.  Fire fuels include timber and closed timber litter.

There are approximately 559 total personnel still assigned to this fire, along with 15 crews, eight engines and five helicopters.

Cost-to-date is $10.2 Million Dollars.  All structures were saved by firefighters. No were reportedly damaged, injuries to firefighters or to civilians.

Quartz Fire | NW of Quartzburg | 1.3 acres

The Quartz Fire started on Saturday, August 17, 2019.  It is located about one mile northwest of Quartzburg and burning in elevations of 5,200 to 5,400 feet.  Fire resources and assets were dispatched through the Boise Interagency Dispatch Center at 1717 hours.  1.3 acres of grass, brush and ponderosa pine have been destroyed on BLM lands.   Estimated time to contain the fire is expected to be today sometime.


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The Wildfire Log | WA Fire Activity | July 8, 2019

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Here is the Wildfire Log for today’s wildfire activity:


Smoke Check | Rose Valley | Call dispatched 2006 hours PDT. WA DNR Communications Center. Open Incident.


Wildfire | Hogan Fire  | Burrows Rd on Intersection of Hogan’s Road. 0.1 acre. Grass, brush and logs. (IC) Ferneyhough. Dispatched at 1000 hours. Contained at 1025 hours. Controlled at 1100 hours PDT.  In Patrol status.

A Resource Order out of the Puget Sound Interagency Comm Center has deployed resources to assist with the SHOVEL CREEK FIRE in Alaska.


Wildfire | Chase Fire  Liberty Lake. 3.8 acres. Grass, brush and timber. Call dispatched @ 1316 hours PDT.  Resources o/s at 1345 hours PDT. (IC) Shcie. Resources:  AR29, 440, 442, C6201 OH.  Open incident.


Wildfire | Garden Spot Fire | Garden Spot Road. 0.1 acre. Grass, brush and light timber. Dispatched call @ 1728 hours PDT. Resources on-scene @ 1728 hours PDT. (IC) AR 414. Resources:  AR108, 414, 441, 450 and 61. Open incident.

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U.S. Wildfires for the Week of March 3, 2017

Wildfires have been breaking out all over the United States and it is technically not even Fire Season for us here in the Pacific Northwest but we know our turn will soon come.

Here are the wildfires for the week of March 3, 2017.

NEW! | 124 Fire – Oklahoma

Southern Area. Started 3/3/2017. 140 acres. 43% contained. Type 3 IC. 1 outbuilding lost.

NEW! | 259 – Arkansas- Oklahoma Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 1801 hours. District: Oklahoma, County: McCurtain, Panther Creek. .5 acres. Resources on-scene. Limited information.

NEW! | 303 Fire – Texas

9,299 acres. 100% contained. 1 person attached. 0 other resources. $1,000 cost-to-date. Private land.

NEW! | 3510 Fire – Oklahoma

Started 3/1/2017. Oklahoma Dept. of Ag. Located in Seminole County. 161 acres. 1 residence and 1 outbuilding destroyed. 90% contained. Type 4 IC.

NEW! | 81st (Powerline) Fire – Oklahoma

Oklahoma DOF. Six miles south of Mannford, OK. 334 acres. 79% contained. Tall grass and timber. Moderate fire behavior with running. Residences threatened.

71 personnel. 22 engines. 1 engines. $88,000 cost-to-date. State lands.

NEW! | Akins Fire – Oklahoma

580 acres. 100% contained. Located in Sequoyah County.

NEW! | Bryant Hollow Fire – Oklahoma

Oklahoma Department of Ag. Cherokee County. 180 acres. 100% contained.

NEW! | Campers Point Fire – Missouri – Iowa Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 13:27 Hours. Cassiville, Stone County. 1 acre. IC M. Scott.

NEW! | Cattledrive Fire – Fort Collins Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 1615 Hours. Located 12 miles of Wellington, Colorado. 1996 acres. Limited information.

NO UPDATE | Cold Mountain Fire – North Carolina

The Cold Mountain fire is located in the Shining Rock Wilderness Area of the Pisgah Ranger District, Pisgah National Forest, approximately 20 miles S of Waynesville, North Carolina, in the headwaters of Crawford Creek or 9 miles SE of Waynesville, NC. Located in the North Carolina Forests.

Fire fuels include: hardwood litter, closed timber litter and short grass. Current fire conditions are: minimal fire behavior with smoldering.

An emergency closure order is in effect on national forest system lands in the following area: The Art Loeb Trail (#146) north of Shining Rock Gap and the Cold Mountain Trail (#141).

132 acres. 95% contained. 55 personnel. 1 crew. $247,000 cost-to-date. Forest Service lands.

NEW! | Crossroads West Fire – New Mexico

2,000 acres. 100% contained. 48 personnel. 20 engines. $15,000 cost-to-date. State lands.

NEW! | Digger Fire – Arkansas – Oklahoma Interagency

AKA Trust Fire. Dispatched resources 15:05 hours. Location unknown. 14 acres. Limited information.

NEW! | Grizzly Bear Fire – Great Plains Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 14:38 Hours. Located on Iron Mountain Road. 3 acres. IC Enright.

NEW! | Hardesty Command Fire – Oklahoma

604 acres. 100% contained. 4 personnel assigned. 2 engines. $15,000 cost-to-date. State lands.

NEW! | Hermans Fire – South Carolina

Resources dispatched @ 14:46 Hours. Located at intersection of Halfway Creek and Forest Service Road 6323. Limited info.

NEW! | Iron Mountain Fire – South Dakota

Resources dispatched @ 12:56 Hours. Located in Keystone, South Dakota. 0.5 acres.

NEW! | Latimer Fire – Oklahoma

Located in Alfalfa County. 2413 acres. 50% contained.

UPDATE | Litt Ranch – Texas

TX Interagency. Oldham County, TX. 12,913 acres. 100% contained. Started 2/24/2017.

1 person assigned to incident. 0 other resources attached. $1,000 cost-to-date. Private land.

NEW! | Little Brushy Creek Fire – Missouri – Iowa Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 1554 Hours. Located in Potosi RD Reynolds County. Near Black, Missouri. 30 acres. IC Brian Schroeder. Limited info.

NEW! | Lone Star Fire – Missouri – Iowa Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 1527 Hours. PB Carter County, Missouri. 15 acres. IC Pomeroy.

NEW! | Loop Road Fire – North Carolina Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 14:49 Hours. 3 acres. Limited info.

NEW! | Mary Lane Fire – Oklahoma

Located in Cleveland County. 140 acres. 1 structure lost. 40% contained.

NEW! | Merritt Fire – Tucson Interagency

Resources dispatched 16:22 Hours. Hwy 83, Milepost 4. Tall grass and brush. Resources on-scene. IC McMurtie as of 17:35 Hours.

NEW! | Oak Snag Fire – Colorado

Started 3/2/2017. Located in Seminole County. 195 acres. 89% contained. Type 4 IC.

NEW! | Observatory Road Fire – Colorado

Resources dispatched @ 1609 Hours. Located on Observatory Road and Crystal Lake in Jefferson County. Approximately seven miles East of Bailey County, Colorado.

NEW! | Old Baldy Fire

East Central Area, Oklahoma DOF. 22 miles south of McAlester [Pittsburgh County], OK. 580 acres. 80% contained. Hardwood litter and brush. Moderate fire behavior with backing and creeping.

Six personnel. Type 4 IC. 3 engines. $1,000 cost-to-date. State lands.

NEW! | Petsemoie Fire – Oklahoma

Osage Agency. Two miles northwest of Osage, OK. 466 acres. 35% contained. Hardwood litter and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. Residences threatened.

13 personnel. 2 crews. 1 engine. $6,000 cost-to-date. BIA lands.

NEW! | Pole Fire – Cleveland National Forest

Resources dispatched @ 1829 Hours. Located in front of Cottonwood Station. Limited information.

NEW! | Price Fire – Phoenix Interagency

Resources dispatched at 1722 Hours. S. Old Price Rd and E Queen Creek Rd. 10 acres. Unknown containment status.

NEW! | Prison Fire – Texas

2,444 acres. 100% contained. 1 person attached. 4 structures lost. $1,000 cost-to-date. Private land.

NEW! | Rael Fire – New Mexico

Started 3/2/2017. Socorro District, New Mexico State Forestry on the Gila National Forest. 30 miles northeast of Reserve. Human caused. 500 acres. 10% contained. Tall grass. Active fire behavior with running and creeping. Residences threatened.

20 personnel assigned. 6 engines. $20,000 cost-to-date. Forest Service lands.

NEW! | Ranchland Fire – Fort Collins Interagency

Resources dispatched at 1758 Hours. Unknown location. 225 acres. Unknown containment status. Limited information.

NEW! | Richmond Hill Fire – Colorado

Resources dispatched @ 1728 Hours. Approximately four miles SW of Conifer [Jefferson County] Colorado. Resources on-scene. Limited info.

NEW! | Ross Creek Fire – Arkansas – Oklahoma Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 1200 hours. Ross Creek Ridge, PCS District Scott County , ROSS Creek. Contained at 20 acres. (Fire #21 of the day)

NEW! | Salt Fork Fire – Oklahoma

Oklahoma DOF. Four miles west of Altus, OK. 1221 acres. 79% contained. Tall grass and timber. Moderate fire behavior with wind driven runs.

71 personnel. 24 engines. 1 helicopter. $88,000 cost-to-date. State lands.

NEW! | Sand Draw Fire – Colorado

Resources dispatched at 16:31 Hours. .01 acres. Approximately 12 miles East of Bailey County [Buffalo Creek Rd and Hwy 126 in Jefferson County]. Contained at 1730 Hours.

NEW! | Seven Cabins Fire – New Mexico

Lincoln NF. Eight miles northwest of Arabela, NM. 532 acres. 70% contained. Short grass and medium logging slash. Minimal fire behavior with creeping and smoldering.

63 personnel. 3 crews. 4 engines. $60,000 cost-to-date. Forest Service lands.

NEW! | South Rockerville – Great Plains

Resources dispatched @ 13:44 Hours. Located on South Rockerville Road. 9.9 ares.

NEW! | Stanmark Fire – Great Plains

Resources dispatched @ 11:52 Hours. Located in Keystone, South Dakota. 7 acres. IC: Enright (also of Iron Mountain Fire)

NEW! | Trooper Fire – Oklahoma

Started 2/26/2017. Wewoka Agency. Five miles southwest of Cromwell, OK. 205 acres. 90% contained. Hardwood litter and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior.

13 personnel. 1 crew. 3 engines. $4,000 cost-to-date. BIA lands. Type 4 IC.

NEW! | Tussy Fire – Oklahoma

Started 3/3/2017. Oklahoma Dept. of Ag. Located in Garvin County. 500 acres. 80% contained. Type 3 IC.

NEW! | Wolf Fire – Great Plains Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 11:28 Hours. Located Mile marker #112, one mile North of Wall and Hwy 14. 5,000 acres.

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NATIONAL WILDFIRE SIT REP | May 29, 2015 – Saturday

Do you ever wonder what the fire situation is around the United States? Here is a report of a daily SitRep of fires around the US, weather conditions, how many new fires, how many contained and current active fires.

Fire activity is being reported nationally as being low but we know there are fires popping up everywhere from lightning to human caused wildfires.


  • 5 new fires started
  • 5 were contained


  • Pacific NW:  Hot and dry weather is expected over most of the western U.S. this weekend as a ridge of high pressure develops over the Four Corners region. This will be relatively short-lived as a moist, upper-level disturbance will move in by early next week before moving through the northern Rockies with showers and thunderstorms.
  • SW: To remain warm, dry, and breezy.
  • Rockies:  East of the Rockies it will remain unsettled with a broad trough of low pressure and associated cold fronts providing a focus for storm development.
  • SE:  Areas of heavy rainfall will persist near a closed low pressure system feeding Gulf moisture from the southern Plains through the southeast
  • Alaska:  A high pressure with drying in the West, but cool and showery conditions for the eastern Interior.


Seventy Mile [AK]:  8 miles NW of Eagle, AK.  1800 acres. 40% contained. BLM lands.  Upper Yukon Zone, Alaska Fire Service. Active.

Trout Fire [AK]:   27 miles NW of Eagle, AK.  375 acres. 0% contained.  NPS lands. Upper Yukon Zone and Alaska Fire Service. Active.

Seaton Road House [AK]:  Tok Area/Department of Forestry. 338 acres. Started/Contained 5/29/2015.

Bolgen Road [AK]:  Upper Yukon Zone. 556 acres. Started/Contained 5/29/15.

Oak Tree [AZ]:  Coronado NF.  2023 acres.  Contained 5/29/15.

Mud Lake Complex [FL]:  15 miles NE of Ochopee, FL.  35,321 acres. 51% contained.  Big Cypress National Preserve. Active.

Daniel Street [FL]:  2 miles SE of Gateway, FL.  350 acres. 75% contained.  Florida Forest Service. Active.

Pumphouse [FL]:  Florida Forest Service.  13,000 acres.  100% contained 5/29/15.

Fruithurst [FL]:  Florida Forest Service.  350 acres.  100% contained. 5/29/15.


There have been 21,423 wildfires up to May 29, 2015, scorching almost 390,000 acres down from 2014’s 21,530 wildfires and burning almost 700,000 acres.  As of May 29, 2015, 149 large fires have been contained.  Four fires are still burning in both Alaska and Florida.

Over the years, fires seem to be most damaging in 2011, with 28,076 fires a very high burning of acreage of 2,988,868, the highest in all of its wildfire history that began in 2005. In 2012, it seen how much hard work has been put in by firefighters, its Agencies, Managers and all involved as the numbers clearly reflect cutting the stats more than half in acres burned to a cool 685,747 acres during 21,768 fires.

The lowest number of acres burned this time of year was in 2013, with 238,203 to his national number of 17,605 wildland fires.

Source:  National Interagency Fire Center