NATIONAL WILDFIRE SIT REP | May 29, 2015 – Saturday

Do you ever wonder what the fire situation is around the United States? Here is a report of a daily SitRep of fires around the US, weather conditions, how many new fires, how many contained and current active fires.

Fire activity is being reported nationally as being low but we know there are fires popping up everywhere from lightning to human caused wildfires.


  • 5 new fires started
  • 5 were contained


  • Pacific NW:  Hot and dry weather is expected over most of the western U.S. this weekend as a ridge of high pressure develops over the Four Corners region. This will be relatively short-lived as a moist, upper-level disturbance will move in by early next week before moving through the northern Rockies with showers and thunderstorms.
  • SW: To remain warm, dry, and breezy.
  • Rockies:  East of the Rockies it will remain unsettled with a broad trough of low pressure and associated cold fronts providing a focus for storm development.
  • SE:  Areas of heavy rainfall will persist near a closed low pressure system feeding Gulf moisture from the southern Plains through the southeast
  • Alaska:  A high pressure with drying in the West, but cool and showery conditions for the eastern Interior.


Seventy Mile [AK]:  8 miles NW of Eagle, AK.  1800 acres. 40% contained. BLM lands.  Upper Yukon Zone, Alaska Fire Service. Active.

Trout Fire [AK]:   27 miles NW of Eagle, AK.  375 acres. 0% contained.  NPS lands. Upper Yukon Zone and Alaska Fire Service. Active.

Seaton Road House [AK]:  Tok Area/Department of Forestry. 338 acres. Started/Contained 5/29/2015.

Bolgen Road [AK]:  Upper Yukon Zone. 556 acres. Started/Contained 5/29/15.

Oak Tree [AZ]:  Coronado NF.  2023 acres.  Contained 5/29/15.

Mud Lake Complex [FL]:  15 miles NE of Ochopee, FL.  35,321 acres. 51% contained.  Big Cypress National Preserve. Active.

Daniel Street [FL]:  2 miles SE of Gateway, FL.  350 acres. 75% contained.  Florida Forest Service. Active.

Pumphouse [FL]:  Florida Forest Service.  13,000 acres.  100% contained 5/29/15.

Fruithurst [FL]:  Florida Forest Service.  350 acres.  100% contained. 5/29/15.


There have been 21,423 wildfires up to May 29, 2015, scorching almost 390,000 acres down from 2014’s 21,530 wildfires and burning almost 700,000 acres.  As of May 29, 2015, 149 large fires have been contained.  Four fires are still burning in both Alaska and Florida.

Over the years, fires seem to be most damaging in 2011, with 28,076 fires a very high burning of acreage of 2,988,868, the highest in all of its wildfire history that began in 2005. In 2012, it seen how much hard work has been put in by firefighters, its Agencies, Managers and all involved as the numbers clearly reflect cutting the stats more than half in acres burned to a cool 685,747 acres during 21,768 fires.

The lowest number of acres burned this time of year was in 2013, with 238,203 to his national number of 17,605 wildland fires.

Source:  National Interagency Fire Center