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We are currently tracking 25 wildfires and will be adding/deleting as information is received. Wishing you all safety, prayers and thoughts. 



SW of Pullman off of Wawawai Road, Whitman County. Last known acreage 0.1 acre. Brush and grass. Started 9/12/2020 at 0125 PT.  Cause unknown, under investigation.  County Sheriff states they are in mop-up operations for the next few days.

PC:  Whitman Co Sheriff Office


3 wildfires. 17,086 acres. 33% contained. Moderate fire behavior with backing, flanking and group torching.  17,086 acres. 33% contained. 343 personnel. 6 crews, 14 engines and 1 helo. 13 structures destroyed or damaged. $1.1 Million CTD.


Shows the kind of fire behavior described as backing fire.

3. BIG HOLLOW FIRE – USFS. Guilford-Pinchot NF

20 miles of Stevenson. 12,050 acres. 0% contained. Moderate fire behavior with creeping, backing and flanking. 161 personnel.  6 crews, 9 engines. $150k CTD.


Big Hollow Fire - September 9


6 miles NW of Davenport.  Managing 3 fires: Whitney, Babb and Manning Road. 123,893 acres. 35%  contained.  150 personnel. 1 crew, 21 engines, 1 helicopter. 50 structures lost.  $915K CTD.


30 miles from Colfax. 15,266 acres. 25% contained. 63 personnel. 11 engines. Min fire behavior with smoldering and creeping. 223 structures lost. $401K CTD.


Malden city flag pole survived the fire.


5 miles NW from Colfax.  2,685 acres. 65% contained. 51 personnel, 1 crew and 10 engines. Min fire behavior with torching, creeping and smoldering. 4 structures lost. $133K CTD.


3 miles NE of Chelan. 5,753 acres. 93% contained. 103 personnel. 4 crews, 10 engines. $782K CTD.


13 miles from Okanogan.  219,956 acres. 64% contained. 528 personnel. 13 crews, 60 engines.  55 structures lost.  Moderate fire behavior with backing, flanking and creeping. $1.3M CTD.

PC:  Cole Massey

High winds on September 8th caused the Pearl Hill Fire to spread rapidly across grass and low shrub lands, closing many local highways.


8 miles from Naches.  75,817 acres. 90% contained.  89 personnel. 2 crews and 8 engines. 12 structures lost. Fire behavior is minimal with smoldering and creeping. $10.1M CTD.

PC:  Spokane Valley FD

Fire engine and patches of flame in scrubland at night.


4 miles SE of Omak. 187,689 acres. 40% contained. 290 personnel. 5 crews, 38 engines and 1 helicopter. 25 structures lost. Active fire behavior with uphill runs, flanking and backing. $1.4M CTD.


Cold Springs 9-6-20


1 mile NW of Curlew. 2,208 acres. 30% contained. 94 personnel. 2 crews and 12 engines. 55 structures lost. Active fire behavior with single tree torching, creeping and backing. $800K CTD.


4 miles W of Sumner (Pierce County). 800 acres. 50% contained. 4 structures lost. 68 personnel. 21 engines. Moderate fire behavior with smoldering and single tree torching. $150K CTD.


13. TWO FOUR TWO FIRE – USFS -Fremont-Winema NF

6 miles from Chiloquin. 14,450 acres. 7% contained. 340 personnel. 3 crews, 34 engines and 4 helicopters. 35 structures destroyed. $2.1M CTD.

Evacuations/Road Closures –> https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/7159/

PC: Chiloquin FD

A Chiloquin Fire & Rescue truck is framed by the glow of fire in the near distance. A firefighter is also visible, walking alongside the truck.


4 miles East of Lincoln City. 2,435 acres. 0% contained. Moderate fire behavior with creeping, isolated torching and backing. 305 personnel including 10 crews and 26 engines. 100 structures destroyed. $327K CTD.

15. BRATTAIN FIRE – USFS – Fremont-Winema NF

8 miles from Paisley. 8,000 acres. 0% contained. 90 personnel with 15 helos. 3 structures destroyed. Active fire with short crown runs, group torching and spotting. $1.5M CTD.


16. STAR MTN LANE FIRE – ODF – Central Unit

3 miles NW of Glide.  48,000 acres. 9% contained. 86 personnel. 3 crews, 15 engines and 5 helos. $750K CTD.


8 miles SE of Estacada. 132,545 acres. 0% contained. Timber, brush and short grass. Moderate fire behavior with creeping, single tree torching and isolate torching. 246 personnel. 7 crews, 8 engines and 3 helicopters. 53 structures lost. $500K CTD.


Riverside Fire from La Dee Flats


6 miles N of Detroit. 186,988 acres. 0% contained. 532 personnel. 11 crews 39 engines and 7 helos. Moderate fire behavior with spotting and backing.


Beachie Creek smoke plume with Opal Lake in the forground


5 miles E of Eagle Point. 29,432 acres. 20% contained. Active fire behavior with uphill runs, grass and torching. 486 personnel. 15 crews, 22 engines, 12 helicopters. 19 structures lost. $2.3M CTD.


A bull dozer and helicpter work in tandem on a control line.


35 miles E of Eugene.  156,708 acres. 0% contained. 538 personnel. 11 crews, 61 engines, 4 helicopters. Moderate fire behavior with flanking and backing. $1.4M CTD.


Holiday Farm Fire 9/8/2020


25 miles W of Warm  Springs. 136,346 acres. 5% contained. active fire with flanking, torching and short-range spotting. 1193 personnel.  45 crews, 51 engines and 11 helicopters. $14.3M CTD.



25 miles W of Wamic. 17,383 acres. 70% contained.  714 personnel. 18 crews, 26 engines. Minimal fire behavior with creeping and smoldering.  $20.9M CTD.


Paved road boardered by fores with heavy smoke coming from one side of the road


17 miles W of Warming Springs. 4,609 acres. 95% contained. 279 personnel. 6 crews, 15 engines. Minimal fire behavior. $7.8M CTD.

PC:  Erica Wisner

Tree torching at night Photo credit: Erica Wisner


1 mile N of Ashland.  3,200 acres. 33% contained. 107 personnel. 2 crews, 12 engines and 2 helos. Active fire behavior with backing and creeping. 700 structures lost. $501K CTD.


20 miles from Glide. 115,857 acres. 0% contained. 369 personnel. 6 crews, 14 engines and 1 helicopter. 52 structures lost. Active fire behavior with long-range spotting, group torching and short crow runs. $359K CTD.


red plume visible from behind a mountain

(c) NW Fire Blog – Updated 9/12/2020 1815 PT




Auburn Firefighters Respond to Early Morning TC

Firefighters were dispatched to a single traffic collision with reports of a vehicle into a tree then into an electrical box with the driver appearing to be unconscious and unresponsive.  The driver was also said to have endured heavy mechanism, while entrapped in the vehicle.

Units responded from the Auburn Fire Department to the accident where it would take them about eight careful minutes to slowly extricate the adult male driver from the vehicle.

The Medical Group was established with MSO 1 (Supervisor) and Medic 6 and A332.

Other fire units on-scene are Engines 332 and 338.

He was transported to a nearby local hospital and listed as a RED patient.

Police had blocked parts of the road and State Patrol requested to help with the accident investigation.

This incident is located on Ellingson Road in King County, Washington.

No other information is available at the time of this post.

(c) 2020 NW Fire Blog 0155 PT – 8/16/2020


UPDATE 1 – MAY 18, 2020

A wildfire incident, named the EAST DESERT FIRE, is burning near the Cave Creek Regional Park in Maricopa County, Arizona.

“Roadside wildfires are a big issue in AZ. Dragging tow chains are a common cause – starting multiple fires, sometimes for miles. Wildfires put communities, emergency responders at high risk and increase exposure to injury, smoke, and disease.” 

– BLM AZ Fire

Resources include: AZ Forestry, AZ State Fire, and Maricopa County; Tonto NF, BLM AZ Fire, Peoria FD, Daisy Mtn FD, Phoenix FD, Rural Metro, North Phoenix FD and Cave Creek FD.

Here is a timeline of this incident.

MAY 17, 2020

1320 Hours MST |  The AZ Dispatch Center dispatched resources:  7-6 BAT 4-1 CH 1 CH 4 CH 7-1 CPT 4-1 CPT 4-2 DIV 7-1 E- 461 PHX CREW to a wildfire located on North 26th Street and East Desert HIlls Drive. CAD call has been updated to reflect 1492 acres.

1434 MST | Firefighters on-scene of a wildfire, approximately 5-8 acres in size, located near 24th and Desert Hills. Moderate rate of spread.  Ground resources and aircraft ordered.

“We‘re receiving several reports of people still target shooting on BLM lands. Fire restrictions due to dry conditions are in effect and target shooting is not allowed. For all activity restrictions under fire restrictions,”


[Photo Credit:  AZ State Forestry]


1539 Hours  MST | Estimated 300-500 acres. Burning in North Phoenix.  Active behavior and fire with wind-driven winds

[Photo Credit:  AZ State Forestry]


1714 Hours MST | 300-500 acres. 0% containment. Fire behavior still active and with wind-driven runs. Moving away from homes into open area, however, Engines are providing structure protection for 5 nearby homes.

1925 Hours MST |  Estimated 400 acres. 40% contained. FIU states fire started  in the afternoon on Sunday, around 24th Street and Deset Hills.  Human-caused.

2151 Hours MST |  Fire activity and winds increase during the night, even though cooler temps.  Fire moving to the northeast towards Cahara Springs.

[Photo Credit:  AZ State Forestry]


2200 Hours MST | 1,000 acres. Fire moving east to northest towards Cahara Spring. IC orders additional resources:  6 Hot Shot crews, 10 engines and aircraft for the next morning on Monday, 5/18/2020.  Fuels:  Grass, desert vegetation. Dry conditions.

2229 Hours MST | Daisy Mtn Fire & Medical are on-scene of assisting with night fire operations.

[Photo Credit: Daisy Mtn Fire & Medical]


MAY 18, 2020

0008 Hours MST |  1,500 acres. Active fire behavior with fire moving to the east to northeast towards Cahava Springs in Cave Creek.  Evacuations in effect: 40 homes. Off of Cahava Springs Rd. More resources on order.

0719 Hours MST |  1,500 acres. 20% contained. Evacuations in effect: 130 homes evacuated per MCSO. Increased fire activity with high winds.

[Photo Credit: Daisy Mtn Fire & Medical]


1145 Hours MST | Evacuation Center:  Cactus Shadows HS main gym.  5802 E Dove Valley Road, Cave Creek, AZ. Managed by: American Red Cross.  Bring your own mask and expect social distancing. 

1225 Hours MST |  A Fire Management Assistance Grant  was submitted by AZ Fire and was approved for federal funding by FEMA to help cover costs wit this wildfire.

[Photo Credit:  American Red Cross]


1557 Hours MST | 1,500 acres. 20% containment status. Ground resources include SEATs (Single Engine Air Tankers), VLATs (Very Large Air Tankers) and AA (Air Attack).

1920 Hours MST | 1,492 acres. 50% contained.  Spread of fire slowing. Firefighters  making progress.


(c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – Posted 5/18/2020 – 1945 PT.

Blazing Extreme Fire Destroys Old Automobile Business


A large ball of fire gutted a commercial building formerly known as Kopey’s Auto or known as Waterville Auto Company listed in the 100 block of W Locust Street in  Waterville, Washington . This occurred on Thursday night, April 16, 2020 .

Video Credit by WSP Trooper Weber shows an inferno eating up everything in its path and while additional footage from various media and eyewitness accounts show the building burning down to its foundation.

It was unknown if this incident was escalated to a 2nd alarm or higher, as scanner feed was spotty at best.

Fire appeared to be fueled by the wind and whipped its ugly head in creating some of its own fiery weather conditions.  One video displays a firenado or so it appears to us.


The cause is unknown but earlier reports by WSP Trooper John Bryant gave an update that SR 2 was closed due to a large brush fire. Some images indicate the large  fire was only the commercial structure fire , which appeared to be near a wooded area.

We reached out to WSP Trooper John Bryant to see if that was the cause of this firel. We are waiting for a return on that question.

#Breaking: SR 2 in Waterville is blocked due to a large brush fire. WSDOT setting up detours. – WSP Trooper Bryant.



Five (5) mutual aid fire districts from the Douglas and Chelan Counties were dispatched.  Douglas County Sheriff’s Office along with the Washington State Patrol handled traffic control.  Two private ambulances from Waterviille Ambulance and Ballard Ambulance were also part of the full fire response.


The building is considered as one of Waterville’s iconic and historical buildings that was part of the original City’s construction boom in 1900.  The building sits on Lots 8-12 and had a value of just shy of $65,000.00.  Its total square footage tops out at 17,424 and its service garage at 10,600 square feet.

The one-story building was made of concrete block and supported by masonry bearing walls. Its height was approximately 14 feet tall.

This property, along with a structure with multiple units and a cafe are still owned by the Kopes in Waterville.

Below is what the property looked like before the fire burned it  to the ground.

Photo Credit | Douglas Co Assessor’s Office


The town of Waterville was founded in 1885 and became a City in its own right in 1889 with a few hundred people listed as current residents.

In 2020, Wateverville is now home to  a popuation of 1,140 residents.

The city is the proud venue for the annual North Central Washington Fair usually held the third week of August.

Waterville is served by the Douglas County Fire District #1, an all-volunteer fire department that is said to have a station along with two private ambulances across the street from where the commercial fire took place.

The Fire District  bio online says it has three stations with a total 35 all-volunteer firefighters. No full or part-time paid firefighters are on their rosters.

We were unable to locate any type of Social Media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. However, it’s counterparts in District 2, 5 and others have a great presence online. We had hope to find out more about this rural fire department.

The Fire Station is located at 107 North Chelan in Waterville.

(c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – Updated 4/16/2020 2355 hours PDT

Firefighters Fighting Fire While Ammunition Engaging


Firefighters from multiple Townships in Armstrong County, PA are working on containing a fire inside a structure that contains ammunition, putting their lives literally “on the line”.


Command is requesting additional Tankers to respond to the fire.

Resources f rom Kittanning Township FD, Burrell Township Volunteer FD, Dayton District VFD and Elderton Distriction VFD have been dispatched.


The fire is burning  in Cowashannock Township, just off of Route 85.  Fire personnel and equipment are focusing on their efforts in the Margaret Road area.

Tankers are being mostly used to get water on the fire.

Roof was starting to go and Command told all firefighters to stay out of the collapse zone.


We wil provide an update when more information is known. For now, limited information is being released by the fire / police departments or news media.

(c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – 2/22/2020 1600 PST

Update 2 | February 7, 2020 | Washington State

Thank you for following our Blog posts about adverse weather conditions in Washington State. All information is gleaned from verified sources from government, fire departments, law enforcement, emergency management and other public information.

We will try to list the source where the information is bein received from in a Sit Rep format gleaned from all Social Media channels being broadcasted from.


Weather Fact |Our soggy weather has been sent with a red bow on top all the way from the tropical (U.S.) State of Hawaii.  – Source:  NWS Seattle




Road Closures

SE Lake Holm Road between 130th Ave SE to Auburn Black Diamond Rd | Water over roadway | 2-6 0338 PST


Road Closures

Enumclaw Franklin Rd SE between Franklin Ridge gravel pit and SE Green River Gorge Road | Damaged roadway | 2/7/2020 1205 PST

Turn around

Sandbag Distribution Center

King County Roads Facility | 20827 SE Auburn Black Diamond Rd. Open 24/7.  Empty sandbags and sand provided by County. Self-service. Max 25 sandbags per vehicle. Bring your own shovel.


Water Facts | 6″ of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars – Weather Alert



Road Closures

310th Ave NE between NE Carnation Farms Rd and SR 203 (including NE 60th St) | Water over roadway | 2-7 1355 PST

NE 100th St between W Snoqualmie Valley Rd NE and NE Carnation Farm Rd | Water over roadway | 2-6 1024 PST

NE Tolt Hill Rd between SR 203 and W Snoqualmie River Rd NE | Water over roadway | 2-6 0838 PST

W Snoqualmie River Rd SE between #1550 x NE Tolt Hill Rd | Water over roadway | 2-1745 PST

NE Tolt Hill Rd between SR 203 and W Snoqualmie River Rd NE | Water over roadway | 2-6 0838 PST

Sandbag Distribution Center

City of Carnation Public Works | 33100 NE 45th St.  | Hours:  Weekdays from 0800 – 1630 PST.  Empty bags and sand provided.


Water Fact | A foot of water will float most vehicles. – Weather Alert



Road Closures

EB lanes on Coal Creek Pkwy from 124th Ave SE to Factoria Blvd | Downed trees on power lines | 2-7 2309 PST | Source & Photo Credit:  City of Bellevue Transportation


SE Newport Way from SE 42nd Pl to 133rd Ave SE | Downed trees on power lines | 2-7 2309 PST

Intersection of 134th Ave SE x SE 42nd St | Downed trees on power lines | 2-7 2309 PST

SB Coal Creek Parkway. Both lanes. | Downed tree and power lines over roadway | 2-7 2037 PST

Open Roadways

SE 7th Place, east of Lake Hills Connector | OPEN | was closed 2-5 due to flooding | 2-7 0630 PST


Photo Credit: City of Bellevue Transportation Department (E of the Lake Hills Connector on 2/5/2020)


Flooding Images

The rising of the river is being captured by many photographers as records are being broken all over the State.  Here is a video clip showing extreme flooding. | Video Credit:  City of Duvall

SR 410 X MP 38


Road Closures

A major landslide shutdown this busy thoroughfare. | Photo Credit: WSP Sgt. Zimmerman & Courtesy of  WSP Trooper / PIO Rick Johnson




Road Closures

SE David Powell  Rd x Preston Fall City Rd SE  | Landslide | 2-7 0015 PST

316th Av SE x SE 28th St between SE 24th St and 321st Ave SE | Water over the roadway | 2-6 1115 PST

SE 308th St  between SR 202 x SE 31st St | Water over roadway | 2-6 1115 PST

Neal Road SE x SR 203 | Water over roadway | 2-6 0338 PST

Sandbag Distribution Center

King County Roads Facility | 33719 SE 44th Place | Open 24/7.  Empty bags and sand provided by County. Self-service. 25 max bags per vehicle. Bring your own shovel.

Water Fact | 2 Feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles including SUVs and Trucks. – Weather Alert


Road Closures

Dorre Don Way SE x 230th Ave SE | Water over raodway | 2-7 1315 PST

Maxwell Rd SE between SE Lake Francis and 220th Ave SE | Erosion of roadway | 2-7 1117 PST

Lower Dorre Don Way SE between Upper Dorre Don Way SE to Dorre Don Way SE (the loop) | 2-7 0620 PST


Road Closures

Cedar Falls Rd SE x SE 177th St | Water over roadway | 2-7-2020 1050 PST

428th Ave SE between SE Reinig Rd and SE Ernies Grove Rd | 2/6/2020 1215 PST

Sandbag Distribution Center

City of North Bend City Hall | 920 SE Cedar Falls Way.  | Hours: Monday-Thursday 0830 – 1600 PST, Friday 0830 – 1200 PST.  | Empty sandbags and sand provided by City.  Self-service.  Shovels available. Check in City Hall before bagging.  Bags available after hours when the EOC is open due to flooding.


Road Closures

W Valley Hwy S between Ellingson Rd x 3rd Ave SW | Water over roadway | 2-6 1600 PST

Sandbag Distribution Center

City of Pacific | 130 3rd Ave SE. (Across from Police Station) | Open 24/7. Empty sandbags and sand available.  Self-service. 25 max bags per vehicle. Bring your own shovel.


Road  Closures

SE 309th St between 335 Ave SE to W to end of road | Landslide | 2-7 1852 PST


Road Closures

NE 124th St between W Snoqualmie Valley Rd NE x SR 203 | Water over roadway | 2-6 0930 PST

204th Pl NE between NE 67th St x SR 202 | Water over roadway | 2-6 0845 PST

Park / Trail Closures


Photo Credit | City of Redmond

Sammamish River Trail at Leary Way | Standing water

Farrel-McWhirter Park | some interior trails closed

Redmond West Wetlands

Bear Creek Trail between Redmond Way and Avondale way

Evan’s Creek Trail from Perrigo Park South to the raised boardwalk area | Water over boardwalk

Bear Creek Bridge on the Puget Sound Energy Trail

Water Safety

The rain is continuing to fall and we want to remind you to avoid driving, walking or riding through standing water. | Source / Photo Credit:  City of Redmond Image

Turnaround, Don’t Drown

The Redmond Police Department would like to remind drivers to never drive around any road closure signs present on flooded roadways.  | Photo Credit:  RPD. Photo taken on February 5th of NE 95th St, east of Willows Road.


Landslide Awareness

Fact Sheet: Recognize Landslide Warning Signs

Release date:
October 17, 2017
Release Number:
R2 DR 4339-PR FS 009
  • Changes in your landscape such as patterns of storm-water drainage on slopes (especially the places where runoff water converges) land movement, small slides, flows, or progressively leaning trees.
  • Doors or windows stick or jam for the first time.
  • New cracks appear in plaster, tile, brick, or foundations.
  • Outside walls, walks, or stairs begin pulling away from the building.
  • Slowly developing, widening cracks appear on the ground or on paved areas such as streets or driveways.
  • Underground utility lines break.
  • Bulging ground appears at the base of a slope.
  • Water breaks through the ground surface in new locations.
  • Fences, retaining walls, utility poles, or trees tilt or move.
  • A faint rumbling sound that increases in volume is noticeable as the landslide nears.
  • Unusual sounds, such as trees cracking or boulders knocking together, might indicate moving debris.
  • Collapsed pavement, mud, fallen rocks, and other indications of possible debris flow can be seen when driving (embankments along roadsides are particularly susceptible to landslides).

After the Landslide

  • Go to a designated public shelter if you have been told to evacuate or you feel it is unsafe to remain in your home.
  • Stay away from the slide area. There may be danger of additional slides.
  • Listen to local radio or television stations for the latest emergency information.
  • Watch for flooding, which may occur after a landslide or debris flow.
  • Check for injured and trapped persons near the slide, without entering the direct slide area. Direct rescuers to their locations.
  • Check the building foundation, chimney, and surrounding land for damage. Damage to foundations, chimneys, or surrounding land may help you assess the safety of the area.

https://www.fema.gov/news-release/2017/10/17/4339/fact-sheet-recognize-landslide-warning-signs   | Source & Photo Credit:  FEMA via City of Redmond / Photo Courtesy



Road Closures

SE Jones Rd between #18631 x SR 169 | Landslide | 2-6 2024 PST


Landslides in Fire / Disaster Images

(L) This photo was taken on February 5, 2020, of a landslide on the WB side of Maple Valley Hwy and across 1.5 lanes.  It would take fire crews and mutual approximately 3-4 hours to remove it.  Mud and debris impacted drivers on the highway and forcing officials to close it protecting the motoring public.  | Photo Credit:  Renton Fire / RFA PIO

Sandbag Distribution Center

King County Roads Facility | 155 Monroe Ave NE | Open 24/7. Empty sandbags and sand provided. Self-service. 25 max per vehicle. Bring your own shovel.


Sandbag Distribution Centers

Delridge Community Center | 4501 Delridge Way SW, 98106. | Filled sandbags. Self-service. 25 max per household or business.

Helene Madison Pool | 13401 Meridian N, 98133 | Same messaging.

South Park Neighborhood | 731 S Sullivan, 98108 | Same messaging.

Meadowbrook Community Center | 10517 35th Ave NE, 98125 | Same messaging.


Sandbag Distribution Center

King County Roads Facility | 74212 Old Cascade Hwy | Open 24/7 | Self-servce. 25 max per vehicle. Bring your own shovel.


Road Closures

SE Reinig Rd from the City of Snoqualmie limits to 396th Dr SE | 2-6 1115 PST

W Snoqualmie Valley Rd NE at NE 124 | 2-7 2110 PST

Traffic camera: West Snoqualmie Valley Road NE at NE 124th St

Photo Credit | KC DOT

Restricted Roadways

356th Dr SE, N of #4030 | 1 lane closed due to road failure. 1 lane open and alternating traffic. Expet long delays. | 2-6 2142 PST

Sandbag Distribution Center

City of Snoqualmie. | 38190 SE Mill Pond Rd. | Weekdays from 0700 – 1500 PST  | Must call Public Works at 425-831-4919 for an apoointment to pick-up sand and bags. During flooding, call the EOC at 425-888-5911 for sandbags.


Road Closures

Weather Forecast – Snow

Reports of up to 14″ of new snow on the Pass from 2300 hours on Thursday and Friday were reported by law enforcement. Chain enforcement was scheduled at 1600 hours to midnight on eastbound on I-90 over the pass.  | Source:  WSP PIO / Trooper Rick Johnson


Flooding Impacts

The Falls are yet again overflowing at a high rate of speed and splash.  This image shows the magnitude of flooding we are experiencing and showing us its dangers of the rate of speed and splash.   | Source / Photo Credit:  City of Snoqualmie


Weather Forecast – Snow

This also includes Snoqualmie Pass.  Snow levels are expected to drop by early Saturday morning. 12-18″ expected are possible. | Source & Photo Credit:  NWS Seattle




Road Closures

PUYALLUP RIVER | Roads, Surface Water and Emergency Management crews and personnel were busy with damage assessments from flooding in various areas.  This was conducted across the whole County.  Currently, there are on-going repairs in progress on the the Puyallup River Levy above Orting within two hours after the discovery of the damage.




One of Pierce County’s Executives, Bruce Dammeier was out with crews for the full day observing damage assessments and excellent / tireless efforts by crews to fix roadways and other major maintenance. | Photo Credit:  Pierce Co. Government. Source:  PC Exec Bruce Dammeier.


Damage Assessments

SR 162  | Images show extensive impacts on SR 162.  Photo taken on Thursday, February 6, 2020.  | Source / Photo Credit:  East Pierce Firefighters, IAFF Local 3520



Road Service Helpline

KING COUNTY | 206-477-8100, 800-527-627 | King County Road Services Helpline – 24/7 .  Website:  https://kingcounty.gov/depts/local-services/roads/24×7-helpline.aspx  Sign-up for road alerts at https://kingcounty.gov/depts/local-services/roads/road-alert.aspx

Life-Threatening Medical / Fire Hazard or Criminal Act in Progress/Occurred

9-1-1 | Emergencies only  for FIRE, EMS, POLICE.


Water Safety

As the rain continues, follow safe guidelines: do NOT walk or drive across flooded roads; gather emergency supplies and follow local updates; use flashlights instead of candles if you lose power. | Source:  King County Public Health



Issaquah Creek

Cars are submerged in flood waters in Issaquah as Issaquah Creek continues to rise up quickly. Current was reported as being very strong. ” | News Media on Thursday, February 6, 2020.

(c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – Update 2 – 2/7/2020 2315 PST




Shooting in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota

SPRING LAKE PARK, Minnesota | The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office has released a message over Twitter of their Office along with Spring Lake Park PD and multiple other agencies on-scene of a shooting. Alongside are medical personnel as well.

Scanner Feed is reporting the shooting in the vicinity of the dala Restaurant in Spring Lake Park, where Police indicate there were multiple people injured.

Observers in the area are reporting on Social Media, a very large presence in the Restaurant parking lot.

Police indicate a presser will be released in the next hour.

The scene is very active and Officers are investigating the shooting.

Limited information is available about this incident.

(c) 2019 NW Fire Blog – 2350 hours PST

The Wildfire Log | California Fires | Sept 10 2019

We have returned from our week-and-a-half long vacation while out on the road and very limited access to our Blog.  You can find some of our postings and pictures on our Social Media Channel Twitter page, @nwfireblog.  We are happy to be back and playing catching up to all of the news that has occurred in the last eight days, as well as major incidents occurring today.

Here are the current wildfires for the State of California, which we were in the area of the Rams Horn Fire in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. We were able to capture some aircraft making water drops.  We felt super spoiled!

# # #



There were 201 new wildfires as of yesterday that required moderate initial attack activity.  Of those fires, six of them were considered as new large wildfire incidents.  Five large fires were contained, however, there were still 22 that are continuously burning.  Forty-seven large wildfires are burning across the United States that are currently being managed under a strategy other than full suppression.


There were 17 wildfires as of September 9, 2019, and reported this morning there was one that is a new large incident that now equals to eight not contained large fires.  Currently, deployed there are two Type-1 IMTs and two Type-2 IMTs committed.


Today, there were 21 new wildfires reported with none of them being large incidents, which is great news.  However, two are still considered as being not contained with one Type-2 IMTs committed.

# # #


SWEDES FIRE | 400 acres | 60% contained

The SWEDES FIRE started on September 7, 2019 at 1506  hours PDT from an unknown cause that is under investigation. It is located on Swedes Flats Road and Oro Bangor Highway.  It is also east of Oroville and five miles of Bangor, California.   Fire fuels include:  brush and tall grass.

Image may contain: sky, mountain, outdoor and nature

Credit | CAL FIRE Butte County

There are 338 personnel deployed on this wildfire alongside  14 hand crews, 25 engines and one helicopter.  Fire crews have the fire perimeter almost fully lined and will continue to reinforce them along with mop-up operations.  Total costs have reached $850,000.

The same IMT is also managing the following wildfire incident:

FORBESTOWN FIRE | 58 acres | 90% contained

The FORBESTOWN FIRE started on September 9, 2019.  Crews are currently checking for hot spots and will continue with damage assessments. 2 structures were destroyed.   Total for both fires are 226 fire personnel, eight hand crews, 20 engines, four dozers and nine water tenders.  This is a CAL FIRE – Butte County FD incident.


COW FIRE | 1,975 acres | 30% contained

The COW FIRE started on September 6, 2019 at 1223 hours PDT.  There are 30 fire personnel assigned along with one helicopter.  Fire suppression and containment costs have reached $1.9 Million Dollars.

TABOOSE FIRE |  9,235 acres | 30% contained

The TABOOSE FIRE is located 10 miles southwest of Big Pine and NW of Aberdeen in Inyo County.  It is burning on the Inyo National Forest, which started from an unknown cause on September 6th around 1243 hours PDT.   This incident is in Unified Command with CAL FIRE San Bernardino, Inyo National Forest and Inyo County Sheriff Office. (CA Team 11, a IMT Type 2)

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Credit | USFS – Inyo NF

Fire crews have been focusing on continued efforts in the north and northeastern areas.  With decreased winds overnight, firefighters were able to gain a large percentage of containing the fire.t They will continue to focus on all fire objectives, including reaching a full containment status.

Evacuations were lifted at 1300 hours today for the areas of Big Pine Canyon, Glacier Lodge, Cone Road, Sugarloaf Road and Bernasconi Center.

There are 360 personnel that include 11 crews, four helicopters, 30 engines, three bulldozers and two water tenders.  One structure has been lost. The cost-to-date expenses have reached $3 Million Dollars.


R-6 FIRE | 260 acres | 80% contained

The R-6 FIRE started on September 6, 2019 at 0620 hours PDT.  Limited information available.


LONE FIRE | 5,737 acres | 87% contained

The LONE FIRE started on September 6, 2019, at 1134 hours PDT.  The fire is burning on the Modoc National Forest that is being managed by the U.S. Forest Service and is located about five miles southeast of Clear Lake, California.   Fire fuels include: timber, brush and tall grass.  Fire behavior is reported as minimal with smoldering.  There are still 57 personnel attached to this incident, along with one hand crew and three engines.  The cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment expenses have reached a high $1.3 Million Dollars.


SPRINGS FIRE | 4,840 acres | 98% contained

The SPRINGS FIRE started on September 6, 2019.  Limited information available.


MCMURRAY FIRE | 200 acres | 30% contained

The MCMURRAY FIRE started on September 9, 2019 around 1042 hours PDT.  It is located on McMurray Road and Hwy 101, North of Buellton and could be seen by a lot of drivers both inside and outside of City limits.  This is in Santa Barbara County.  Currently, Hwy 101 North is closed.  Structures are threatened and evacuations are in progress.   Santa Barbara County FD is the lead agency on this incident.


DUZEL FIRE | 15 acres | 80% contained

The DUZEL FIRE started on September 7, 2019, at 1119 hours PDT near Duzel Rock Lockout that is NE of Etna. Cause is under investigation.   This is a CAL FIRE – Siskiyou unit incident.  Limited details available.

LIME FIRE | 1,620 acres | 0% contained

The LIME FIRE is burning in the Ash Creek area and Hwy 96, just southwest of Hornbrook in the Klamath National Forest.  It is about 10 miles north of Yreka.   Fire fuels include timber and brush. The fire is being managed by an IMT Type 2 (CA Team 15) which is also managing the KIDDER 2 FIRE. This lightning caused wildfire started on September 7, 2019.  Fire fuels include:  Timber and brush. There are currently 515 personnel assigned along with 16 crews, 18 engines and 8 helicopters.  Cost-to-date have reached an all-time high of $2.4 Million dollars.

KIDDER 2 FIRE | 141 acres | 15% contained

The KIDDER 2 FIRE started on September 7, 2019, on Marble Mountain Wilderness and Kidder Creek, northwest of Etna that was sparked by lightning.  The fire is burning in the Klamath National Forest in Yreka. Fire behavior is reportedly as moderate with creeping, backing and smoldering. There are 96 personnel deployed along with six hand crews and one engine. The cost-to-date has reached $200,000.


SOUTH FIRE | 2,746 acres | 5% contained

The SOUTH FIRE started on September 5, 2019. This wildfire is burning on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and being managed by a Type-2 IMT (CA Team 16).  It is located about 15 miles south of Platina, CA.  Fire behavior is moderate with isolated torching, flanking and backing.  Structures and communication infrastructures are threatened.  296 personnel are assigned along with seven hand crews and 12 engines. Cost-to-date expenses have reached $734,000.

RED BANK FIRE | 8,838 acres | 55% contained

The RED BANK FIRE is located 25 miles west of Red Bluff, California.  It is staffed by firefighters from CAL FIRE’s Tehama-Glenn Unit and managed by the CAL FIRE’s Team 5.  Fire fuels include:  chaparral, brush and tall grass. Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering.

Communications infrastructure is reportedly being threatened.  Total costs for fire suppression and containment efforts have reached $9.5 Million Dollars. There are still 2,193 personnel assigned long with 54 hand crews, 145 engines and 24 helicopters.  Two structures have been destroyed.


RAMSHORN FIRE | 238 acres | 30% contained

The RAMS HORN FIRE is burning in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest on Hwy 3 and Bear Creek Loop, and seven miles northeast of Coffee Creek in Trinity County. This fire was lightning caused and started on September 7, 2019.  Fire fuels include:  timber, brush and tall grass.  Fire behavior is minimal with smoldering and creeping. There are 308 personnel along with one hand crew and 26 engines.  Cost-to-date expenses have reached $2.4 Million Dollars.


BRODER FIRE | 370 acres | 40% contained

The BRODER FIRE started on September 6, 2019 at 1239 hours PDT.   Limited details.

There are some wildfires that we left off due to time constraints but we will add them to our next posting, scheduled on Wednesday, September 11th.

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Mall Shooting Suspect Being Sought | 2


A shots fired call prompted Torrance (CA) Police Officers to be dispatched on Monday, June 3, 2019, around 1456 hours PDT to the Del Amo Fashion Center (Shopping Mall).  The Mall is located in the 3500 block of Carson Street inside the City limits.


Police are still in the area investigating and the Del Amo Fashion Center (also called by Citizens as the Del Amo Mall) and have the Mall in lockdown.  Police are warning people away from this active incident as they are working to locate the shooting suspect.

A perimeter has been set up around Plaza del Amo between Madrona Avenue to Maple Avenue and Carson Street between Madrona Avenue.  All streets have been shutdown.


If you see this person, DO NOT APPROACH. Call 9-1-1 or the Torrance PD at 310-328-3456 and get to a safe place. You can also visit the Station at 3300 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503.


The Del Amo Fashion Center is also known as Simon Malls located at 3525 Carson Street in Torrance, California.  It is listed as the third largest mall in America and the venue known as the South Bay’s premier retail destination. It is also said to be a favorite among those who visit/play/live and work in Southern California as this is an unique mall full of natural lighting, beautiful architecture, living green walls, majestic palm trees and so much more.

There approximately 200 stores and located easily off of the 405 freeway at Hawthorne Boulevard exit.

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Mall Shooting Prompts Large PD Response | 1


A shots fired call prompted Torrance (CA) Police Officers to be dispatched on Monday, June 3, 2019, around 1456 hours PDT to the Del Almo Fashion Center (Shopping Mall).  The Mall is located in the 3500 block of Carson Street inside the City limits.


The first arriving Officers found one person with a gunshot wound inside the location and was treated by the Torrance FD and transported to a nearby hospital.  Around 1844 hours, Engines 91 and 96 were dispatched to the same location for a person with a GSW. This appears to be a possible second victim.

Officers  and SWAT  were busy investigating, searching and clearing the structure(s).  Additionally, they were tasked with evacuating shoppers and personnel from the building(s).  Detectives have and will continue to do follow-up interviews and investigation to ID the suspect and help locate him.

An article search was being conducted (1855 hours PDT) with one of their K9s to see if they could pick up a trail of the suspect.  Turned out to be negative. (1901 hours PDT)


Torrance Police released a presser stating the shooter may be a male Hispanic adult approximately 20-25 years of age, has a shaved head wearing a black shirt and checkered shorts.  Was said to have a long gun.  Shooter still at large.


If you see this person, DO NOT APPROACH. Call 9-1-1 or the Torrance PD at 310-328-3456 and get to a safe place. You can also visit the Station at 3300 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503.

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