Wildfire Activity | Arkansas-Oklahoma | February 25, 2020

We are back to wildfire activity Sit Reports again as the fire season is starting to flare up.  We will try to cover every locatation in each State as information is received. – Ed.


Mill Creek Bluestem | Prescribed Fire

The Mill Creek Bluestem is a prescribed wildfire located in Scott County, Arkansas.  Started at 0721 horus. 220 acres. IC: Adam Strothers.

Grapevine Blustem | Prescribed Fire

This another prescribed wildfire which started at 0715 hours in Montgomery District in Arkansas.  27 acres. IC: Darwin Bult.

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Wildfire CAD Activity | Nov 1-2, 2017

POST SUMMARY  |  Fire Season is slowly sputtering out but it still has some energy left and burning up the landscapes as we know it.  Here is the CAD activity log for November 1 & 2, 2017.


#CabinCreek Fire.  Dispatched @ 1257 hours on 11/1/2017.  Timber.  Contained @ 1644 hours.  Controlled @ 1645 hours. 0.1 acres.

#LGODFPiles RX Fire. Dispatched 0758 hours on 11/2/2017.

#BakerODFPiles RX Fire. Dispatched @ 0846 hours on 11/2/2017.

#WallowaODFPiles RX Fire.  Dispatched @ 0909 hours on 11/2/2017.

#PDTODFPiles RX Fire.  Dispatched @ 0931 hours on 11/2/2017.


#RXMountainHomeDistrictPiles RX Fire.  Dispatched @ 1107 hours on 11/1/2017.

#StageFire.  Dispatched @ 1541 hours on 11/1/2017.  MM 66 x I-84.  Controlled at 1800 hours.


#BMIDC 1306 Fire.  Dispatch time @ 0825 hours on 11/1/2017. Asotin County, WA.  Limited info.

#Wellenbrock Fire.  Dispatched @ 0556 hours on 11/1/2017.  Klickitat County, Glenwood.  DNR and local FD response.  0.1 acres.

#CardRoad Fire.  Dispatched @ 0431 hours on 11/1/2017.  Klickitat County.  DNR and local FD response.  0.1 acres.

#RockSprings Fire.  Dispatched @ 0201 hours on 11/1/2017.  Klickitat County, Glenwood.  DNR and FD response. 0.1 acres.


#RoundLake Fire.  Dispatched @ 1123 hours on 11/2/2017.  3 acres. Last checked on 11/2/2017.


#SilverBeach Fire.  Dispatched @ 1529 hours on 11/1/2017.  Stevens County.  Silver Beach Road. Grass Fire.  Contained at 1600 hours.  Controlled at 1630 hours.  0.01 acres.

#Ton RX – North Flank Fire.  Dispatched at 0822 hours on 11/1/2017.  RX Fire.  Okanogan County.  Burge Mountain.  Ignition @ 1200 hours.  29 acres.

#Kat RX Fire.  Dispatched @ 0813 hours on 11/1/2017.  RX Fire.  Kalspel Reservation.  Ignition @ 0900 hours.  Burning about 20 piles of 10 x 10 x 10.


#PineSlaughter RX Fire.  Dispatched @ 1140 hours on 11/1/2017.  0.1 acre.


#HuntMountain Fire.  Dispatched @ 0728 hours on 11/1/2017.  Hunt Mountain.  Engines 3646 and 3650 initially responded.  91 acres.

#HawkGulch Fire.  Dispatched @ 1157 hours on 11/1/2017.  Unknown location.  14.83 acres.

#MP314 Fire.  Dispatched @ 1556 hours on 11/2/2017.  MP 314 x Highway 84.  Limited info.

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RX Wildfires | Active Incidents | 1

Back Story | Prescribed fires are great for the environment as they burn off heavy fire fuels, assist the area with rejuvenating food for habitat and many other benefits.  Here are some of the Prescribed or RX wildfires that are now registering on our Fire radar.

East River TREX 2017  | Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge | South Dakota | RX fires will be used as a Training program for qualified Wildland Firefighters.

Here are their Training objective(s):

Two people in a UTV spray water ahead of firefighters with drip torches.

Credit: Lori Iverson, USFWS

70 participants from 12 states, including 55 trainees, are divided into fire crews, or modules, during two sessions (May 1-12 and May 15-26). Positioned at three Incident Command Post locations in Huron, Waubay, and Madison, the TREX crews will have the opportunity to conduct prescribed fires on any of 200 approved burn units, as conditions allow.  – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Incident Cooperators include:  BIA, BLM, USFWS, National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, ID Dept. of Lands, South Dakota Dept. of Agriculture Wildland Fire, Team Rubicon and The Nature Conservancy.

NZ Prescribed Fire 2017 | Salmon-Challis NF | Gibbonsville, ID | Purpose of this fire is to:

Lick Creek Implementation 5/4/2017

Reduce Fuel Within The Wildland Urban Interface. Improve Timber Stand Resilience And Wildlife Habitat. The Removal Of This Debris Will Also Reduce Wildfire Impacts To The Community Of Gibbonsville And Throughout The Highway 93 Corridor And Will Serve To Benefit Future Suppression Efforts.  – North Fork Ranger District

Crone Gulch Fire is 60 acres showing no visible smoke.  Lick Creek is 100 acres.


May 8, 9, 2017 | Shasta-Trinity NF | CA | The Trinity River Management Unit is planning to implement its fire operations just North of Weaverville – weather permitting.

The project area is located approximately ½ mile up Blue Rock Road (34N77). Firefighters plan to burn about 43 acres on Monday and 41 acres on Tuesday.

The purpose of the project is to reduce fuel loadings and potential fire behavior during a wildfire and to return fire back into the ecosystem. Ignitions will begin around 10:00 a.m. and last throughout much of the day for both days. Residual smoke will occur throughout the night and for several days after ignitions.

May 12, 2017 | Fremont-Winema NF | OR |  S Central OR Fire Management Partnership (SCOFMP) treat approximately 915 acres of National Forest System lands on the west side of Chemult this spring using broadcast under-burning.

A community meeting has been scheduled for May 11, 2017, from 5-7pm at the Fremont-Winema National Forest Chemult Ranger District Office located at 1301 South G Street, Lakeview, OR 97630.

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RX Fire: Cedar East Omnibus and Lewis Camp | 1

Incident Summary | After a successful test fire burn this afternoon in the Kings Canyon National Park, Fire Managers decided to start a full prescribed burn shortly afterwards.

This is the first prescribed burn of 2017 in Cedar Grove, California located in Kings Canyon National Park. Spring weather has brought right conditions and lower temperatures making the best time of year.  The prescribed fire will occur over the next five days.

Acreage | 597 acres of mixed conifer is due to be cleared by fire.  As of 4/22/2017, 150 acres have been burned.

Purpose | Prescribed fires are  is to reduce hazardous fuel loading and restore/maintain the natural fire cycle in the Cedar Grove.

Impacts | Holding the prescribed burn at this time of year also reduces the impacts to visitors as the road to Cedar Grove has been closed since last fall. This prescribed burn will not impact the scheduled opening date of Cedar Grove to the public on April 28 at 12:00 pm. All facilities such as campgrounds, lodges, and public areas remain on schedule for previously determined open dates.

History | “The 2015 Rough Fire not only showed how effective prescribed burning is in reducing tree mortality and fire severity, but also demonstrated how treated areas can slow down and stop a massive wildfire. Having previous and recent fire history in Cedar Grove, $100’s of millions in assets such as campgrounds, wastewater treatment facilities, roads, employee and concession housing, and the Cedar Grove Lodge were saved,” said Todd Bates, Fuels Management Specialist for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.”

The historic fire return interval in this area is approximately once every three to ten years.

Photography | Courtesy:  Inciweb.  Photo of Day 1’s prescribed fire burns.

Low-intensity fire reduces ladder fuels and ensures a healthy forest.

Personnel | 23 personnel are assigned to this prescribed fire.

Social Media | #CaRXBurn2017

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