CA Wildfires | Active | July 31, 2017

CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES | While temps are forecasted in the triple digits in the Pacific NW Region, while Mother Nature wreaks havoc on the rest of the United States  including drought-riddled State of California.

Fire Fact:

“One MAFFS C-130 airtanker and support personnel each from the 152 Airlift Wing, (Nevada Air National  Guard), 153rd Airlift Wing, (Wyoming Air National Guard) and the 302nd Airlift Wing (Colorado Air Force Reserve) have been deployed to Fresno, CA in support of wildland fire operations.” – National Interagency Coordination Center

Here is our recap for all wildfires as of time this was posted.  More will be posted as information is received.

A aerial view of the Clear File

Clear Fire on 7/30/2017. PC: Alex Watts-Tobin

Clear Fire. Moderate fire behavior with backing, flanking and isolated torching.| 1,900 acres. 10% contained. 566 personnel. 18 crews, 23 engines. $1.6 Million CTD. #ClearFire

Detwiller Fire. Merced-Mariposa Unit, Cal Fire. Cal Fire IMT 1 (Derum). 15 NW of Mariposa, CA.  Brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. | 81,826 acres. 90% contained. 2,390 personnel. 54 crews. 144 engines. 5 helicopters. 131 structures lost. $74.2 Million CTD. #DetwillerFire

Jacksonville Fire.  Tuolumne – Calaveras Unit, Cal Fire. Four miles south of Jamestown, CA. Chaparral, brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. 690 acres. 73% contained. 275 personnel. 11 crews, 20 engines and 1 structure lost. $558,000 CTD. #JacksonvilleFire

Latrobe Fire. Amador-El Dorado Unit, Cal Fire. 7 miles SW of Latrobe, CA. Hardwood litter and tall grass. Last report unless new information is received.| 1,268 acres. 95% contained. 0 resources. $300,000 CTD. #LatrobeFire

Minerva 5 Fire. Plumas NF. IMT 2 (Mills). One mile southwest of Quincy, CA. Timber. Moderate fire behavior with flanking, short-range spotting, and single-tree torching. Structures threatened. Road, trail and area closures in effect. | 1,000 acres. 10% contained. 1,790 personnel. 27 crews, 140 engines and 4 helos. $1.5 Million CTD. #Minerva5Fire

Modoc July Complex Fires. (3 Fires), Modoc NF. IMT 1 (J. Kurth) and IMT 2 (Young). 20 miles NE of Newell.   Brush and grass. Extreme fire behavior. Residences and sage-grouse habitat threatened. Road closures are in effect. | 39,193 acres.  40% contained. 1,478 personnel. 38 crews, 90 engines + 4 helicopters. $7.9 Million CTD. #ModocJulyComplex

Orleans Complex.   Six Rivers NF. IMT 2 (Coots). 15 miles SW of Happy Camp. Timber and brush. Moderate fire behavior with backing, uphill runs and isolated torching. Structures threatened. | 925 acres. 0% contained. 565 personnel.  11 crews, 20 engines + 9 helicopters. $1.5 Million CTD.  #OrleansComplex

New!  Rose Fire. | 14800 Block Amorose Street, County Area Lake Elsinore. Unified Command:  CAL Fire + USFS. Reported 7/31/2017 @ 1422 hours PDT.  Evacuations in effect for:  Amarose Street, Rockridge Road, Ainsworth Place and Toft Street. | 200 acres. 0% contained.  205 personnel. 5 crews, 30 engines, 3 helicopters, 12 overhead personnel, 6 airtankers, 1 helitender, 1 water tender and 3 dozers.  | Incident Cooperators:  CAL Fire – Riverside, San Bernardino & San Diego. OCFA, City of Lake Elsinore. Riverside County FD, Sheriff Office and EMD. Riverside City FD and USFS – Cleveland. #RoseFire

Whittier Fire.   Los Padres NF. 11 miles NE of Goleta, CA. Chaparral and brush. Minimal fire behavior.  | 18,430 acres. 87% contained. 230 personnel. 4 crews, 6 engines + 3 helos. 146 structures destroyed. $38.4 Million CTD. #WhittierFire

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Update 2 | #ShovelFire | Coronado NF | AZ

UPDATE 2 – APRIL 9, 2017 – 0800 HOURS PDT

UPDATE 2 – APRIL 9, 2017 – 0800 HOURS PDT

Updates | None yet this morning.  We are waiting to hear if crews have reached the location where the remote fire is burning.  We will update once new information has been received.


UPDATE 1 – APRIL 8, 2017 – 2350 HOURS PDT

Incident Summary | The Shovel Fire  is a 25-acre wildfire is burning on Mount Lemmon, which is located in the Coronado National Forest, North of Tucson, Arizona is burning on Forest Land that started on Saturday, April 8th.

Resources | There are 4 crews hiking in at the moment.  3 Engines and Miscellaneous overhead personnel are also en route to the fire location [Saturday].  On Sunday, 5 helicopters will be arriving along with an Air Attack platform that will all be working together.

Concerns | Windy conditions.

Weather | Saturday current weather forecast.  Mostly clear, with a low around 38. West southwest wind 15 to 17 mph, with gusts as high as 26 mph.

Sunday [during day] forecast is  predicted to be sunny, with a high near 53. Breezy, with a west southwest wind 14 to 21 mph, with gusts as high as 31 mph.

Reminders | Fire Managers wish to remind the Public that drones in Fire zones force them to have to land all their firefighting air resources when these are in flight, causing danger to Pilots in the sky and firefighters down below. #NoDronesInFireZones

Hashtags | We are using the following Hashtags for this wildfire as #MountLemmonFire #AZWildfire2017

About Mount Lemmon:

Mount Lemmon is located in Arizona

Mount Lemmon is located North of Tucson, Arizona that has an elevation of 9,159 feet and is the highest point in the Santa Catalina Mountains in the Coronado National Forest.

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