April 5, 2021 | NW Wildfires


A few fires broke out in both Oregon and Washington States today but nothing too major. Thanks to quick egress out on the fireline from keeping these fires turning into big wildfires.

Here is a recap of today’s incident via the Wildcad.net, communication centers.

0754 PT Dispatched

BUCK FIRE. Buck Creek Road. Pend Orielle County, WA. 0.1 acre. AR66 (IC). Contained 0930 PT. Controlled at 0950 PT.

0759 PT Dispatched

HUBERT ROAD TWO FIRE. Spokane. Stevens County, WA. .01 acre. Grass, brush. In patrol status.

0805 PT Dispatched

SCOTTIE DOG FIRE. Scottie Dog Lane. Spokane County, WA. 1.9 acres. Grass, shrub. AR29 (IC). In patrol status.

0808 PT Dispatched

BECK CREEK FIRE. Beck Creek, OR. 0.1 acre. Contained 4/5/2021 1344 PT. Controlled 1345 PT. Out 1346 PT.

1147 PT Dispatched

DAVIES FIRE. Davies Road. Okanogan County, WA. 13 acres. Grass. HI7112 (IC). In patrol status.

1237 PT Dispatched

MASON FIRE. Mason Road. Spokane County, WA. 1 acre. Grass, brush, timber. AR65 (IC). In patrol status.

1913 PT Dispatched 4/4/2021

CAMAS FIRE. Camas Prairie. Klickitat County, WA. 27 acres grass, brush, timber and slash. SE Miller (IC) as of 1315 PT. Resources: SE 863, SE Lawson. OPEN INCIDENT

1400 PT Dispatched 4/4/2021

QUINCY LAKE FIRE. Quincy Lake, Grant County, WA. .25 acres. Grass, brush. Riker (IC). Contained and controlled 4/5/2021 1030 PT.

(c) 2021 NW Fire Blog – Updated 1925 PT

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