The Wildfire Log | Dry Sage Fire | WA | 3


Update 3 | June 10, 2019 | 2100 hours PDT

Incident Summary | A wildfire, called the DRY SAGE FIRE is burning on Durr Road in Yakima County, Washington State.  Fire assets were dispatched on June 8th around 1006 hours.

Current Fire Status | The fire has destroyed about 397 acres of short grass and brush.  Crews have reached a 70% containment status.

Resources | There are about 31 total personnel assigned along with 10 engines.

Costs-To-Date | Total expenses as of today’s date have reached $75,000.00.

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The Wildfire Log | Dry Sage Fire | WA | 2



Incident Summary

A wildfire, called the DRY SAGE FIRE is burning on Durr Road in Yakima County, Washington State.

Fire assets were dispatched on June 8th around 1006 hours.

Current Fire Status

There has been about 397 acres of grass and brush destroyed.


SE 540 and SE 700 are showing attached to this incident.

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NEW | Washington Wildfire | Sand Dune Road Fire | Update 1

MOSES LAKE, Wash. – A Level 1 evacuation alert was issued by the Grant County Sheriff’s Office for all residents in the area from Sage Road to Camas Road in Moses Lake.


UPDATE | 2306 | Per the Sheriff’s Office, they cancelled the evacuations after receiving info that the wildfire was put out.

BLM-13 was dispatched by the Central Washington Interagency Command Center for a smoke check at 2227 hours and an immediately  the Sheriff’s Office issued the evacuation alert for a fast-moving wildfire on Sand Dune Road.


Current fire weather conditions are 71*F with winds at 8 mph, partly cloudy and a humidity of 36%.


The fire is called the SAND DUNE ROAD FIRE.

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Washington Wildfire | Conrad Fire | 2

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. – Local Fire crews were dispatched at 1424 hours on Sunday, July 1, 2018 to the area on the 800 block of Suesanna, just outside of the Naches area.

The cause is unknown at this time and is under investigation.

State mobe resources were approved, dispatched and on-scene quickly.  Those that have arrived last night and this morning have been full-on in engagement.

* * *

July 2, 2018 – Monday

0741 | Fire has grown to 4,000 acres. Crews are battling fire under windy conditions and difficult terrain today. Firefighters from all over the State of Washington  are due to engage the wildfire on the fire line.

0910 | Fire grew to 4,000 acres.  0% containment status. Crews worked overnight on the IA and building containment lines.  State mobe resources including 7 strike teams.

1112 | Fire behavior becoming more active. Helos and air tankers are dropping water and retardant on a spot fire on the ridge above and visible from Naches.

1120 | Fire activity increasing. WA DNR helicopters are working around the clock.

1453 | Fire Weather Watch issued for Benton, Columbia, Franklin, Klikkitat, Walla Walla & Yakima counties for Wednesday afternoon thru the evening of July 4, 2018, due to low humidity and gusty winds, as reported by the National Weather Service.

1523 | AA continues.  Copters dipping out of the water source on South Naches Road.

1714 | AA continued throughout the day. Windy conditions biggest factor. Helicopters have been able to make dips and drops over the fire.

1939 | 5,200 acres. Dozens of engines, 4 aircraft responded today.  Crews will be working throughout evening on night operations.

2125 |  4 Everett FD firefighters and a Type 1 engine have been deployed.


July 1, 2018 – Sunday

Photo taken on Sunday night looking north from Old Naches Hwy area | Photo Credit: Ellie Sensney

1513 | New fire. 10 acres. Burning on Clemens Mountain, outside of Naches.  Fire District plus DNR air and ground resources responding.  Original resources included Ahtanum 20 crew, H-343, SE-521, SE-540, SE-POLLACK.

1520 | Burning on Clemens Mtn, outside of Naches Fire District. 1 helo, 3 engines responding.

Photo Credit | Joseph Elfelt @MappingSupport

1557 | 200 acres. 7 engines, 2 bulldozers, 1 crew and 1 helicopter en route.

1605 | Fire elevated to a 3-alarm wildfire by Fire Incident Commander (IC).  South Puget Sound Wildland Team is activated as part of the State Mobe team.

Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit | SE WA IMT

1621 | Fire had reached 200 acres, with 0% containment status. Evacuations were in effect.

1634 | Conrad ICP is located on Box Canyon. Additionally, there were engines sent from Yakima FD, West Valley, Yakima County Fire District #5.  Per Fire Dispatch, they had maxed out all engines for the Upper Valley area.

Near Selah. Photo Taken on July 1 at 1748 | PC: Midge Thomas 

1639 | Staging is at 21 x Conrad Road.

1647 | ICP located at the west end of Suesanna.

1648 | Tender 42 arrived o/s.

1702 | Nearly 50 homes evacuated in the area of Box Canyon and Conrad Roads.

1707 | 500 acres.

1807 | 1,000 acres. Air tanker and lead plane en route.

1808 | Shelter Location is Naches Middle School.

Taken in evening on July 1, 2018 | Photo Credit | Midge Thomas 

1825 | State Mobe approved for 1,500 acres, near Selah.  Homes, crops, infrastructure and power lines are under direct threat.  50-75 homes under Level 3 evacuations.  WA State EMD partially activated.

1859 | Spokane Co FD8 Division Chief en route, part of the SE WA IMT and DNR team.

2043 | Fire is beyond structures and burning in south Wenas.  Apparatus released as warranted.

2115 | 1,500 acres. 12 engines, 1 20-person Ahtanum crew, 2 helicopters.

2128 | SE WA IMT Team 2 is assigned to this wildfire.


WA DNR, Spokane County Fire District 8, Fire Mobe units.


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Fire CAD Activity | Washington | Monday July 31 2017

FIRE CAD ACTIVITY – WASHINGTON STATE | Here is a recap of wildfire activity in various regions of the State.

Stock Photo. (c) 2017 LR Swenson


Charter Oak Fire.  West of 10608 NE 306th Street. Battleground. Dispatch time, 1324 hours. IC on-scene at 1350 hours. Grass, brush. 1 acre. In Patrol status.

Hayes Road Fire.  Hayes Road.  Dispatch time, 1205 hours. Grass.  In Patrol status.


Curlew Drive Fire. Ferry County. Curlew Lake. Dispatch 1057 hours. Resources on-scene 1247 hours. 0.5 acres. Grass, brush and timber.


Stampede Pass Fire. Dispatch time, 2117 hours.


Blankenship Fire.  Lewis County. Blankenship Road. Dispatch time, 1915 hours. DNR arrived to a smoldering slash pile. Grass and brush.


Farm House Fire. Timber Lake. 1.5 acres. Grass and brush. Dispatch time, 1727 hours. Contained at 2100 hours. Controlled at 2120 hours.


Totem Gulch Fire. Dispatch time, 1450 hours.  Resources on-scene 1510 hours. Timber, brush and grass.


Martin Way Fire.  Dispatch time, 1843 hours.


Medicine Valley Fire.  Dispatch time, 1658 hours. Grass fire. DNR assist.

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#GladeFire | Washington | New!



A vegetation fire has exploded on to the fire scene from appears to have been from an unknown cause, that has now turned quickly into a firestorm. The fire is located at the end of Boundary Road, near Mabton, Washington State.


Lower Valley Yakima Fire Districts #5 & #7.  State Mobe has been approved.


The fire has grown to 7,000 acres with a 0% containment status.


Temps are 80*F, RH is 44% with winds at E/SE 5 mph.


If you fly, they can’t. #NoDronesInFireZones

Glade Fire on the West side of Red Mtn in Benton City. (Photo Credit: Brandon Coughlin)

SOCIAL MEDIA | Observers can see the smokey haze from Walla Walla and Sunnyside.

SCANNER FEED | Want to listen in on what is happening on this wildfire?  Check out this Scanner Feed broadcasted on the Yakima City/County Fire EMS Tac channels here —-> .

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#CottonwoodFire | Washington State | New!



A newly reported fire on Friday evening (July 14, 2017) is burning on Sheep County Road in Yakima, Washington State.


There has been 24 acres of grass and brush  have been burned.

Containment Status

Crews have reached an 80% containment status.


Resources include T15 R18 S26 have been dispatched.


Our next update will be on Saturday morning unless there are significant changes.


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#RattlesnakeHillsFire | Washington State | 2

Fire Fact | There were 11 new wildfires reported in Washington State as of Thursday, July 6th with 3 being not contained. – NICC

# # #


Incident Summary | A wildfire named the Rattlesnake Hills Fire (also known as the Konnawac Pass Fire) broke out from an unknown ignition start on July 6, 2017. It would soon grow quickly with various Agencies and social media outlets reporting the fire up to 5000 to 5500 acres with a fast rate of speed.

Location | The fire is located approximately 1 mile from Moxee in Yakima County.

Resources | 136 personnel.  3 crews. 21 engines. 3 helicopters.

Incident Cooperators | Yakima County Fire Districts, Yakima County OEM, Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, State Mobe (approved on July 6, 2017) and BLM.

Size  Up | The acreage has been downgraded to 2,916 acres from the initial report of up to 5,500 acres.  Currently, the fire has been contained to 85%.

Fire Fuels | Brush and grass.

Evacuations | On July 6th, Level 2 evacuations were in effect but have since been reduced to Level 1 on Friday, July 7, 2017.  These will remain until Saturday, July 8, 2017.

Cost-To-Date | Fire suppression and containment cost-to-date have reached $69,000.

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