UPDATE 1 – AUGUST 16, 2020

INCIDENT SUMMARY | Multiple wildfires are burning in Union Gap, Yakima and on the Yakima Fire Training Center.  There are multitudes of other incidents happening including MVAs, rescues, evacuations, etc.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS | Yakima Valley Emergency Management, BIA, BLM, Yakima County Fire District 5, West Valley RFD, Yakima City FD, Yakima County OEM.

UNITS ASSIGNED | Engines 53, 61, 51, 293, 71, 94, 96.

REHAB | (Rehab 50) was established in Staging in a church parking lot, west of 44th and S Ahtanum Ridge.

SHELTER | Red Cross Shelter is located at 2403 South 18th Avenue, Union Gap, WA 98903

ALERTS |  To find out more about emergency alerts, go to the Yakima County website and sign up at https://www.yakimacounty.us/222/Alert-Yakima


DIVISION | McCullough Division consists of Captain 50, Engines 51, 52, 94, 96 and 251;  Brush Truck 51.  As of 2320 PT, Engine 94 turned over command to Brush Truck 51 Officer. Captain 50 was due to return back to this Command.

McCullough Road

Evacuations | 3600 Block | Residents on S 79th are refusing to evacuate.  FD having a hard time getting people to flee their home.

Evacuations | 3800 Block | Fire reported in this block.

Evacuations | 40th Avenue |  One adult male refused to evacuate, saying he will take full responsibility for his actions if he does not come back out again.

Evacuations | 4000 – 4200 Blocks | This would get extended to 42nd and Emma.

Brush Fires | 4200 Block | 4207, 4211, 4219 addresses were reported as fully engulfed or fire in their yards.  6 resources were applied to 4207 and 4211. A unit is working on a full containment line around these homes.

Threatened | 4200 Block |  Fire moving west, threatening a structure and 1 manufactured home.  Fire were responding to more fire at 4215. They were going to provide structure protection.


South Ahtanum

Evacuations | 6200 Block | Notifications made to residents south of 62nd to close to Ahtanum, to Red Sky to 20th will be their boundary.

Hazard ID | 6400 Block | Power pole has been burned at the base and has tipped over. Utilities has been notified.

Evacuations | 7400 – 7900 Blocks | Residents notified.

Evacuation | 7621 Block | Residents were being evacuated from this address.

Evacuation | 7900 Block |  Notifications are being made to those of East of 79th to South Ahtanum.

Hazards | 7900 Block | Power pole is leaning 45-degrees at an angle.  South of 6206 Ahtanum Road.

Evacuations | 8300 Block | x Summit Avenue. Were given to those north of this area due to flames.


Tule Road, South of Granger

Point-of-Origin | 2000 Block | FD determined appears that this area may be the point-of-origin and wants to meet up with Tribal Police.

Hazards | 2000 Block | Several damaged power poles with some of them burned 50% all the way thru making them hazards. Yakima Power has been notified via FD Dispatch.

Resorces | 2000 Block |  Command is located at 2000 x Tule Road. A dozer is inbound and to access via Plank and Pioneer then to the south side of the fire.

Brush Fire | South of Granger | Resources from Yakima County FD5 responded to this area.

Photo Credit | Yakima Co FD 5

As of 2340 PT, some fire units were slowly being released. This was definitely an intense and scary brush fire incidents and will continue throughout the night as they work put out hot spots and continue with extensive mop up operations.

We will post an update on Monday with any new information and if preliminary causes have been released.

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