Fire Update: Wenatchee Complex Fire (WA)

Tree torching during Canyon Fire initial attack 3 (Photo Credit Rick Isaacson, Chelan County Fire District 1)

Incident: Wenatchee Complex Wildfire
Released: 1400 Hours
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Media interview with a property owner (Photo credit Mick Mueller/USFS)

Wenatchee Complex/Table Mountain Summary Update

Wenatchee Complex:

Burn operations (Photo Courtesy Robert Moelder/ USFS)

The fires in the area of the Wenatchee area Complex – that includes Canyon (foothills west of Wenatchee), Poison (south of Cashmere), Peavine (Mission Creek/Devil’s Gulch drainage), Pyramid, Basalt, Sears, Maverick and Klone (north of Lk. Wenatchee), 1st Creek. and Byrd (in the Entiat area) – are all in varying levels of containment and suppression.

US Forest Service Vehicles (Photo Credit Pam Sichting)

In areas that are 90% lined or better, rehabilitation is taking place. This includes Canyons, Byrd and 1st Creek fires. This is the first stage of rehabilitation, with construction of water bars on slopes and fire lines, as well as re-sloping of firelines dug in steeper hillsides.

Burnout Operations on Highway 97 (Photo Credit Pam Sicting/USFS)

The next stage, done within the first week of a line being established around the fire, is developing an extensive rehabilitation plan. This plan may include redistributing fallen tees perpendicular to the slopes to catch and redirect runoff, placing landscape fabric at creek edges to reduce sediment entering the water, and/or reseeding plants, native to the area burned.

Blewett Pass (Photo Credit Pam Sichting/USFS)

Other fires within the Complex are still being tended to, with total containment the overall goal. As all these fires diminish in intensity, smoke and some fire may still be observed in the area and will continue until the rain and snows of the fall and winter arrive to extinguish them.

Burnout operations on Highway 97 (Photo Credit Pam Sichting/USFS)

Table Mountain Fires:

The Table Mountain Fire, located south of Blewett Pass and north of Ellensburg, is located in heavy timber stands as well as mixed light/medium fuels.

Table Mountain fire visible from Blewett Pass (Photo Credit Jeff Penman)


This fire spread to combine with the Peavine fire (Wenatchee Complex – south of Wenatchee near Mission Ridge), and is being managed jointly between the two Fire Teams. This fire burned to the top of Mission Ridge Ski Area but stopped before continuing into the Naneum Ridge/Colockum Wildlife area. The Table Mountain fire will likely burn within the containment areas until the fall/winter weather arrives.

Structure protection at Mission Ridge Ski area (Photo Credit Mick Mueller/USFS)

Some U.S. Forest Service and State Closure areas may continue to have entry restrictions but every effort will be made to get these areas reopened for recreational opportunities as soon as practical. Much work is still ahead of us and we ask the public to be patient and understanding in this endeavor. Though no flames or smoke may be visible, Foresters will continue with rehabilitating the forests and foothills affected by these large and devastating fires. We also want to thank all of our citizens for your continued support in all our efforts.

Water bucket drop (Photo Credit Jim Tomaselli/USFS)


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