Make Public Safety A Priority!

Your Everett (WA) Firefighters take their duty to protect life and property very seriously. Public officials must share the responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone in this great city by making a commitment to maintain public safety resources. Taking units out of service and increasing response times do not represent a commitment to public safety. They do not represent a commitment to Everett residents or business owners.

Having the right number of firefighters on the job, with the right training and the right resources so firefighters can respond safely and effectively to any emergency at any time will ensure your welfare. Everett residents deserve to have a fully staffed, fully resourced fire department.

We have a long tradition of providing public safety and protecting our friends and neighbors in Everett, but it has become increasingly difficult for us to continue to provide the level of service to the residents of this city that they pay for and deserve.

Even in the worst of times, public safety must be among our highest priorities. Investing in public safety is an investment in our community.

Please help Everett Firefighters keep everyone who lives and works here safe; urge our elected officials to STOP the reckless “Brown-Out” Policy NOW, before a life is needlessly endangered.

Mayor Ray Stephanson

City Council Members
Jeff Moore

Ron Gipson

Paul Roberts

Scott Bader

Shannon Affholter

Scott Murphy

Brenda Stonecipher

Courtesy: Everett Firefighters FaceBook page

Reprinted 2345 Hours 1/18/13