What does a “Brown-Out” mean to you and your family?

Brownout = Closure! A brownout will naturally increase response times to the areas with the closed fire engine and/or aid cars. The remaining units will have to go further from their respective areas to provide service to a larger geographical footprint. Extended periods could result when other engines are already responding to emergencies in …different areas. Seconds count when it comes to heart attacks, choking victims, drowning, and trauma. Seconds count when a fire is in its incipient phase and has not yet extended throughout a structure.

Brownouts have:
1. Closed an aid car and fire engine that serves the residence of North Everett
2. Closed an aid car that serves the residence of South Everett
3. Delayed the response for essential equipment and manpower to structure fires
4. Delayed the response of life saving equipment to medical emergencies

Your Everett Firefighters took a solemn oath to protect you and your family. We will always abide by that oath. But we also believe it is your right to know how your safety will be impacted by staff and equipment reductions. If you believe as we do that your fire department should continue to provide the service your loved ones deserve, contact your elected officials. Tell them that decreased staffing and Brown-outs are unacceptable. 425.257.7112

Share it with the community by writing a letter to the editor. Send letters by e-mail to letters@heraldnet.com. Include your name, address and daytime phone number. (They will only publish your name and hometown.)

Courtesy: Everett Firefighters Facebook Page

Repubilshed: 2350 Hours 1/18/13