Fire Chasers Busy Covering Washington Fires

We have been so busy we are at this moment ready to head towards another fire in the Chelan area and are only able to update you on our busy fire chasing adventures.

Saturday, we left around 0800 to head out to the Goldendale, Washington fire on Satus Pass.  Due to the Pass being closed, we were forced to drive around the Pass from Washington into Oregon and back into Washington again for a total of twelve hours on the road! However, I can say it was well worth the trip and we will soon be blogging and uploading pictures from that trip when we get back our second fire chasing adventure tonight.

Today, being Sunday, we are yet again on our way to another fire. This one is in Chelan and this is even bigger than the Goldendale.  We are hoping we can get close enough to bring you some more great photos of how things are progressing over there.

Thank you for what you all do and following our posts.  We greatly appreciate our fans and followers.

To our guys and gals on the line, we are wishing for rain or a huge blast from tanker drops to help you tap the fire.  Be safe out there friends.

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