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Source:  http://www.nationaltestingnetwork.com – Posted 11/27/13

The Columbia River Fire & Rescue Civil Service Commission is currently recruiting for Firefighter/Paramedic. This position requires FireTEAM and a valid CPAT.

All testing must be completed by December 31, 2013.
The Fire District is a requiring valid CPAT obtained no earlier than June 31, 2013.

Salary Information: Salary per month
$4,416 – $5,072 Clatskanie Rural Fire District
$5,456 – $6,620 Columbia River Fire & Rescue
$5,292 – $6,301 Scappoose Rural Fire District

Benefit Information: Excellent Benefits: Oregon Public Employees Retirement, Medical/Dental to a negotiated cap, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Uniforms, Employee Assistance Program, Deferred Compensation Program, Sick Leave, Vacation, Holidays.

Contact Information:
Marit Nelson – nelsonm@crfr.com

Job Description: We are establishing an eligibility list for the
position of Firefighter/Paramedic. We are seeking highly qualified and dedicated individuals to join us in providing quality, professional emergency services. Appointments are for positions in civil service, and will be made upon merit, efficiency, and fitness, which shall be ascertained by testing, examination, and investigation of qualified personnel.

About our Fire Districts: All three Fire Districts are combination career/ volunteer Fire Districts located in Columbia County and provide ALS transport services for their community. The county borders the Columbia River, Clatsop, Washington and Multnomah counties.

There is unlimited water recreation possibilities (i.e., wind surfing, fishing, water skiing, motor boating and sailing) and close proximity to the Portland metro area. Travel time to the Pacific Ocean is one to one and a half hours and two hours to the slopes of Mt. Hood. Columbia County is rural and heavily wooded for good hiking, camping and hunting or just enjoying the great outdoors. Columbia County is an exceptional place to live or raise a family.

Fire District Demographics
Clatskanie Fire District: 135 sq miles, population of 1800, 3 stations with career staffing operating from the Clatskanie station. Staffing consists of 9 shift employees, 6 intern firefighters, Fire Chief and 25 volunteers.

Columbia River Fire & Rescue: 200 sq miles, 7 stations with career staffing operating from the Rainier, Fairgrounds and St. Helens stations.

Staffing consists of 36 shift employees, 2 Division Chiefs,
Fire Chief, 2 ½ full time mechanics and 60 volunteers.
Scappoose Fire District: 100 sq miles, 4 stations with career staffing operating from the Scappoose station. Staffing consists of 9 shift employees, 3 intern firefighters, 2 Division Chiefs, Fire Chief and 35 volunteers.

Job Requirements
Age: 18
US Citizen: Yes
High School Grad/GED: Yes
Valid OREGON State Driver’s License: Yes
Ability to Read/Speak English: Yes

Necessary Certifications:
Oregon State certified Paramedic on date of job offer: for non-Oregon certification, the Oregon State Health Division will determine equivalences – phone: 971-673-0533 or website www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/ems.

Applicants are responsible to obtain forms or information from this agency. Please start this process as early as possible.

Exceptions to the Paramedic Qualifications:
A Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (NREMT-P) may test, but must get an Oregon State Provisional certification before employment, and must pass the first available Oregon State Paramedic test to continue employment.

Qualified Fire District volunteers or Paramedic students may test prior to receiving the required Paramedic certification, providing other eligibility conditions have been met. 

Fire District Volunteers or Paramedic students will not be eligible for employment until they have provided the necessary Paramedic certification to the Chief Examiner.

To apply and sign up for pre-employment testing (FireTEAM), go to http://www.nationaltestingnetwork.com and click on FIREFIGHTER JOBS. 

Select the department and read over all the requirements and if 
qualified, select a testing location and a time and date for testing on the website calendar.

A CPAT can also be scheduled by clicking on the CPAT icon on the main page of the website and then following the instructions.

For questions concerning the testing process, contact NTN 
Customer Service at 866-563-3882. 

Source:  The National Testing Network.

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