Today, is a day of Remembrance of how four Seattle Firefighters lived and not the way they died.  For those of us here in Seattle, we have relived that memory over and over again since that fateful day on January 5, 1995 occurred.

Knowing the history behind this arson-related fire, it is still hard to fathom and how this devastating fire could have occurred in such a large City as Seattle.  Since, that tragic day, many things have improved for the better with increasing Firefighter Safety, Pre-Fire plans, on scene fire communications, better tools of the trade and Staffing changes.

The Seattle’s Bravest Charity was created in March 1995, after the Pang Warehouse fire as a way to raise money to care for the Fallen Firefighters families.  The community’s outpouring of love and support helped raise $500,000.  The organization has since grown helping with many broad scopes of causes, i.e. helpinig victims homeless by fire, donated hundreds of bike helmets to needy children, contributed to large scale disasters and has raised money to build the Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Pioneer Square. This Memorial lists the names of Fallen Firefighters.   The Charity also supports the Walter Kilgore Honor Guard.

WE WILL NEVER FORGET, is a tribute to “all” Firefighters who have died in the Line of Duty.

Remembering 4 Seattle Heroes.


This evening, Firefighters from various agencies and those who wish to attend the Memorial, will be gathering together to remember the Fallen 4, Lt. Walter Kilgore, Lt. Greg Shoemaker and Firefighters James Brown and Randy Terlicker.

A casual get-together begins at 7pm – 8pm this evening at the intersection Maynard Avenue South and South Charles Street, the former Pang Warehouse fire scene.

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