Renton, Washington | Washington’s Most Wanted has been airing many cases on the Seattle-based KCPQ Channel 13 that need our assistance. This one is much more upsetting than some of the others, though all of them are really serious and committed by the worst of the worst.


Every day, people like you and me work very hard to earn an honest day’s living.  What you make, you work so hard to save and use to support your families.  What is so upsetting about this story are the criminals that take what you have worked so hard to keep from creating fraud by stealing your Identity. Thieves steal hundreds to thousands to millions from unsuspecting consumers every day.

Let this case show you how these criminals need to be stopped in their tracks helping Law Enforcement make the necessary arrests and to save you from undue stress and financial ruins.

Fianancial institutions and businesses are paying the ultimate price from lost revenue generated from fraud.

And, all of us eventually suffer the consequences of what thieves attempt to do – ruining our financial future.  We know, because we have experienced fraud a time or two in our lives.

Be a Good Witness

The Renton Police has the perfect suspect in mind.  Take a good look at his photo and call Police if you know him, have information on his whereabouts or can help the Detective on this case.  NOTE:  Call 9-1-1. Do not approach or converse with this person for safety precautions. Let the professionals handle it.

Have you seen this man?

If you know this man or have any information, please email the Renton Police Department’s Criminal Investigator @ They would be interested in speaking with you.


Call 9-1-1 to report this suspect to Law Enforcement.

Information can also be found on the website

Refer to Renton PD’s Case #14-14654.

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