Washington State Patrol Sgt Hit by Drunk Driver on I-90

Seattle, Washington |  A person who decided to drive drunk has struck again in Washington as they do every so often. This time the DUI driver slammed into the side of a stationary State Trooper Sgt. sitting on the right side of the I-90 freeway.

The MVI [motor vehicle incident] occurrred Friday evening, May 29, 2015, around 2115 hours PDT, located westbound I-90 at the East highrise.

Seattle Fire units that were dispatched :

  • Aid 10
  • Engine 30
  • Engine 6
  • Aid 5

Though we don’t know the Trooper’s name or condition, most likely he or she was transported to HMC [Harborview Medical Center], our regional Trauma hospital here in Seattle.

For those of you or have friends/family traveling through the area, please always remember #MoveOver for emergency vehicles with #LightsAndSirens and to please remember to NOT #DontDrinkandDrive.  We CARE greatly about you, your safety and most importantly, for the #Lives you may seriously injure or kill.

Washington State Patrol, we are thinking of you all tonight and hoping his or her injuries are non life-threatening.

For traffic updates, please visit the Washington State DOT website at http://www.wsdot.com/traffic/trafficalerts/pugetsound.aspx?refnum=189257&action=2&aw=1.

To follow along with updates about this incident, follow @wsp2pio WSP Trooper Chris Webb.


According to MADD’s website [http://www.madd.org/drunk-driving/] in 2013, 10,076 people were killed from drunk driving incidents and approximately 290,000 were injured.  This is so sad, because this is so completely preventable and that’s why we refuse to call it an “Accident”.   This is when a person makes a seriously bad choice and CHOOSES to drink with their own “Free will”.  It is not by accident that a person gets in the car and drives.

This not only does this affect many victims in these crashes but their support systems, such as their families, classmates, co-workers, friends, Public Safety 1st Responders and those who are indirectly involved which will help pay for the $132Billion annual price tag from drunk driving.

Please reach out to those who need yours or a Professional to help them stop drinking.  There are many resources that can be found on the internet and within your own communities.

Thank you for following our story this evening and please pray for the WSP Trooper/Sgt.  Though we are not technically not firefighters or police officers, we feel that ANY & ALL Public Safety/First Responders are OUR Family Members and we grately Love every single one of you out there and the people who support you.

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