CLARK FORK COMPLEX.  6 fires in Complex.  6 miles NE and 9 mi. S of Clark Fork, Idaho; 5 mi. N of Noxon, MT.  Start 8/13/15 @ 1500 Hours.  188 Personnel. 15,744 Acres.

CLEARWATER-MUNICIPAL COMPLEX. Complex consists of a group of fires in Clearwater, Idaho and Lewis Counties in northern Idaho. Start 8/10/15 @ 1315 Hours.  Lightning caused. Clearwater Complex merged with the Municipal Complex. Lawyer 2 Fire:   41,195 acres 80% Contained. Municipal Fire:  1,770 acres 100% Contained.  Fisher Fire:  18,889 Acres.  100% Contained.  Lolo 2 Fire:  6200 Acres.  80% Contained. Old Greer:  73 Acres. 100% Contained.302 Personnel. 68,127 Acres.  90% Containment.

JAY  POINT – BOULDER FIRES.  Jay Point-One mile downriver

Jay Point Fire along the Locsha River.

Jay Point Fire along the Locsha River. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

from Powell Ranger Station.Boulder-2 miles from Lolo Pass.  Start 8/17/15 @ 1315 PDT.  Lightning caused.  147 Personnel. 8016 Acres.  25% Contained.

Community Meeting:  The Motorway Complex will be holding a community meeting at The Three Rivers Resort in Lowell on Sunday, September 6, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. This will be a great opportunity to hear about the progress that has been made thus far on the multiple fires in the area. There will also be members of the Incident Management Team available to answer questions.

MIDDLE FORK COMPLEX.  North Fork Ranger District.  Start 8/11/15 @ 2000 Hours.  5199 Acres. In monitoring stages.

MOTORWAY COMPLEX.  Consists of fires Woodrat Fire, Slide and Jay Point Fires  near Syringa, Lowell, and Powell ID. Others may have limited or are not staffed within this Complex. 539 Personnel.  16,843 Acres. 30% Contained.

SCURVY MOUNTAIN FIRE.  Start 8/21/15 1130 Hours.  28 miles east and northeast of Pierce, Idaho.  520 Acres.  Firefighters are in mop-up operations.

SELWAY COMPLEX.  Start 8/10/15 @ 1900 Hours.  Elk City and Red River areas of Idaho.  431 Personnel.  93,770  Acres.  The Selway Complex, the Red River Complex and the Elk City Complex (7 fires totally 93,770 acres) are being reported on this ICS-209. The Slide Fire acres are a new addition today.

TEPEE SPRINGS FIRE.  Start 8/12/15 @ 0730 Hours.  Along the river, the fire is 3 miles east of Riggins and 1 mile east of French

Flames along Salmon River Road

Flames along Salmon River Road. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

Creek. At the head, the fire is in Little Slate Creek, and one mile east of Chair Mt. Lookout-4 miles west of Florence. 1157 Personnel.  94,655 Acres.  45% Contained. 31 Crews.  10 Helicopters. 56 Engines.


Colville and Idaho Panhandle National Forests.

790 Personnel. Fires consist of:  Tower Fire: 24,372 Acres, 12% containment. Located 6 miles northeast of Usk, Wash., and 6 miles west of Priest Lake, Idaho. Onata Creek Fire: 546 acres, 39% containment. Located about 8 eight miles east, southeast of Ione, Wash.  Grease Creek Fire: 609 acres. Located east of Sullivan Lake.  Hall Mountain Fire: 39 acres. Located on Hall Mountain.
Slate Creek and South Fork Slate Creek Trail fires: 1 acre and 167 acres respectively. Located near the northwest boundary of Salmo-Priest Wilderness.  Baldy Fire: 515 acres, 100% containment. Located 6 miles north of Ione, Wash.  Firefighters are patrolling the smaller fires but the majority of firefighting resources are assigned to the Tower Fire.

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