Bakersfield CA | Around 1903 PST this evening, American Ambulance dispatchers lost contact of their medevac or known as “SkyLife 4”, heading out of Fresno/Porterville to Bakersfield.  Sources say it should have been only be a 10-minute flight.

At about 2200 Hours, Fire Officials found at a crash site located at Hwy 65 / Shorewood near power lines in a very dark area.  Due to the large debris area, Firefighters at the time of the discovery were unable to verify the tail number but according to Scanner Traffic say it is recognizable as a SkyLife air ambulance.  They would later confirm this was the missing Air Ambulance that went missing earlier in the evening.

The Medevac was reported in the last known area as 30 miles N of Bakersfield and E of McFarland, California.

“Our SkyLife helicopter Enroute from Porterville to Bakersfield is confirmed missing. Press release at 10:30 292 E Herndon.” – American Ambulance via Twitter at 2200 PST

The airship is a 2000 Bell407 blue/white with a stripe strip owned by Roger’s Helicopters / from American Ambulance out of Fresno in Kern County, California.

The PIO “Info2” on scene was giving the Governor an update of the size-up of the crash.

The NTSB has been notified of the location of the missing Porterville Helicopter and that was confirmed to be where it has crashed with 4 souls on boards. There were no survivors.

Ed. – “We are so Sorry for the loss of these lives and to their Families, Friends and Colleagues.”

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