During the week of February 19th through the 26th, there were 413 light new fires.  Of those fires, there were 27 new large incidents and 22 that have been contained.  There was 8 that have not been contained as of yet.


5 Mile – Started 2/15/16 @ 1600 hours – Human caused

12 miles NE of Broken Arrow, OK.. Agency:  Ozark &  St. Francis NF [Forest Service]. 6 Personnel.  3 Engines.  692 acres. 60% contained.  Timber and hardwood litter. Moderate fire behavior with backing, creeping and flanking.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $200,000.

Barnsdall  NEW!

1 mile SE of Barnsdall, OK.  Osage Agency, BIA.  429 acres.  65% contained. 12 Personnel.  2 Engines.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $40,000.

Bass NEW!

12 miles N of Pawhuska, OK.  Osage Agency. 9 Personnel.  2 Engines.  BIA. Tall grass. 3740 acres. Minimal fire behavior.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $45,000.

Bear  NEW!

6 miles NE of Prue, OK.  Osage Agency.  32 Personnel.  7 Engines.Tall grass and hardwood litter.  6131 acres. 60% contained; estimated to contain by 3/1/2016. Fire behavior is minimal.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $41,000.

Big Bluestem  

10 miles W of Pawhuska. Osage Field Office [BIA].  10 Personnel.  3 Engines.  989 acres. 80% contained.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $11,000.


8 miles W of Buffalo.   Oklahoma DOF.  18,000 acres. 30% contained.  107 personnel. 40 Engines. Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs and spotting. Structures threatened.   Tall grass and brush. Minimal fire behavior.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $50,000.

Camel Back  NEW!

3 miles SW of Hattiesburg, MS.  Started on private land.  MS Forestry Commission.  6 Personnel.  2 Engines. 507 acres.  Southern rough fire fuel.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $1,000.

Fairfax Lending  NEW!

9 miles NW of Fairfax, OK.  Osage Agency.  BIA.  23 Personnel.  5 Engines.  640 acres. 65% Contained. Estimated Cost-to-date $65,000.


3 miles W of Hanna.  Okmulgee Field Office [BIA].  19 Personnel.  6 Crews.  3 Engines. 462 acres.  70% contained.  Tall grass, hardwood litter and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. Structures threatened.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $10,000.


30 miles SE of McAlester.  E Central Area, Dept. of Forestry [ST].  6 personnel. 900 acres.  75% contained.  Hardwood litter and short grass. Moderate fire behavior with backing, creeping and smoldering.  No new cost-to-date.

Grand Bature

Grand Bay Wildlife Refuge [Fish & Wildland Services], 4 East of Pascagoula.  11 Personnel.  1 Engine. 1 Helo.  4229 acres. 95% contained.  Tall grass, southern rough and timber.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.  Structures threatened.  Trail closures in effect. Estimated Cost-to-Date $245,000.

Pawnee Cove

10 miles W of  Terlton.  Osage Agency [BIA].  128 Personnel. 50 Engines. 2500 acres.  20% contained.   Tall grass and hardwood litter.  Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs.  Numerous structures threatened.  Evacuations and road closures in effect. 50 Structures lost. Estimated Cost-to-Date $75,000.

Sand Creek

6 miles SW of Henryetta.  Dept. of Forestry [ST]. 18 Personnel.  9 Engines. 4950 acres.  15% contained.   Hardwood litter and tall grass.  Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs and spotting.  Numerous structures threatened. Estimated Cost-to-Date $25,000.


7 miles NE of Clayton.  SE area, Dept. of Forestry [ST].  12 Personnel.  5 Engines. 820 acres.  50% contained. Hardwood litter. Active fire behavior with running.  Estimated Cost-to-Date $20,000.

Sullivan Park  NEW!

Fort Carson Army Base DOD.  11 miles SW of Fort Carson, CO.  10 Personnel.  3 Engines.  1250 ares.  80% contained. Timber.  Minimal fire activity.  Cost-to-Date $750,000.

Tallant  NEW!

4 miles E of Barnsdall, OK.  Osage Agency, BIA.  12 Personnel.  2 Engines.  429 acres. 60% contained. Estimated Cost-to-Date $40,000.

Tree Farm

8 miles W of Sapulpa.  Okmulgee Field Office [BIA].  23 Personnel.  2 Crew. 3 Engines. 1126 acres.  40% contained. Hardwood litter. Minimal fire behavior. Structures threatened.  Estimated Cost-To-Date $5,000.


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