Update 2 | Cumero Fire | Coronado National Forest

The Cumero Fire has exploded from being just 500 acres on the day it started until today, showing it has more than tripled – plus its size.

Date & Time:  The wildfire broke out today, May 6th around 0930 MST (0930 PDT)

Location:  Cumero Mountain on the Coronado National Forest. NE of Sasabe, AZ.

Acres:  5300.

Fuels:  Grass and brush.

Photo Courtesy: @inciweb

Photo Courtesy: @inciweb

Cause:  Human-caused.  Currently under investigation.


Resources:  There are currently 125 total personnel along with various equipment from State, Federal and Local Arizona agencies:

  • Firefighters:  180 with 65 support personnel.
  • Engines:  7
  • Light Helicopters:  2
  • Water Tenders:  3

Fire Activities:  Firefighters will be conducting the following activities to help contain the fire.

  • Construct a line along the Fresnal Wash
  • Build a line along northward along the Alamito Wash
  • Tie the line to Forest Service Rd 4877 to form a barrier on the eastside
  • Prep area for burnout operations

Incident Status:

The following activities have occurred during the start of this fire incident.


  • Fire detected at 0930 hours
  • 100 Firefighters assigned with 5 engines, 1 light helicopter and 5 wildland fire crews.
  • Fire located adjacent to Cumero Mountain, NE of Sasabe, AZ
Courtesy: Inciweb

Courtesy: Inciweb


  • Location of fire updated to show in the Nogales Ranger District of the Coronado National Forest. (CNF)
  • Burning on lands administered by the CNF.
  • Weather of moderate winds and increased humidity aids firefighters.
  • Fire fuels consist of light and flash but have low moisture content.
  • No structures have been lost.
  • 100 Firefighters are assigned along with 65 support personnel, 1 Light helo, 1 Medium chopper and 1 heavy, a converted Military CH 470 Chinook chopper.  It is a 2000 gallon “bucket” of water from a source at 120 knots.
  • The Chinook is dipping from Arivaca Lake.


  • Weather today consists of decreased winds, higher humidity and cooler temps.
  • Though favorable weather, the fire has spread SW towards Fresnal Canyon.
  • 25% containment reached.
  • Risks are low due to burning away from structures in undeveloped land administered by the CNF.
  • Personnel increased to 180 Firefighters with 65 Support personnel.

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