#McKennaFire | Gila Wilderness | Mimbres, NM | Sitrep1

Updated 5/18/2016 2111 PDT

The #McKennaFire started around noon on May 6, 2016, by lightning as it struck the area in the Gila National Forest located in Mimbres, New Mexico.  The wildfire is also said to be reportedly near Johnson Creek and has burned an estimated 9,050 acres.

Photo Courtesy: @inciweb

Photo Courtesy: @inciweb

Fire crews have successfully stopped the forward spread of more acres consumed by the wildfire, as heavy rainfall has fallen over the area in the last 12 hours.  This has definitely is good news for the Fire Management team.

Monitoring equipment has been additionally strategically placed on the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument.

Fire crews are also removing hazardous fuels, clearing forest debris, and being pro-active about future fires that may occur, making it safe for all walks of life & rehabilitating the forest’s pristine surviving resources.

The Gila National Forest is currently open.

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