The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of The #AlbertaFires – May 30, 2016

Updated 2150 Hours PDT

Wood Buffalo credit by Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

The Good News 

Some residents are being allowed to return to your homes and the Province of Alberta has a set plan of assisting with voluntary returns, which means imminent danger has passed.

With that being said,

The Bad News 

Several agencies, such as the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Alberta Environmental and Parks have each conducted extensive testing of the air, soil and ash in hard-hit fire impacted areas.  The results of these testing samples have been returned as having harsh and dangerous chemicals being present, which may pose a high-risk to residents if the exposure is not minimized or avoided.

Therefore, 567 homes and 12 apartment complexes have been deemed as permanently inhabitable and unsafe for residents to return.  This is per Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health whom says is a permanent re-entry for some.

A non-toxic Tackifer, used in landfills for dust control and prevent ash and other contaminants from being airborne will be used.   The non-toxic agent will be sprayed on fire debris in neighborhoods touched by the wildland fires.

Photo Credit: RMWB

The Ugly News

Restricted access into #FortMcMurray is still ongoing, however some residents will be allowed back in but not all of them displacing quite a few permanently.

1600 homes have been destroyed including a school under construction, businesses,

Currently, 14 Wildfires burn across the Alberta Province topping at 591,920 hectares or 1.463 Million acres. Those assigned to these incidents include 1211 Personnel, 20 Water Tenders and 64 Dozers with many of them responding around the World.

Here are the current fires burning in the multiple Districts in #Alberta:

Booklet is posted on the town’s website. (Courtesy: RMWB)

#FortMacFire (Fort McMurray Fire)

  • Start 5/1/2016 @ 1608 Hours
  • Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • Uncontrolled
  • 579,946 Hectares or 1.433 Million Acres
  • Unknown Cause
  • 32% Contained
  • 1218 Personnel
  • 41 Light Crews
  • 28 Intermediate Crews
  • 31 Medium Crews
  • 20 Water Tenders
  • 32 Dozers
  • 1 SKD

High Level 

  • Total 8 Fires
  • Under Investigation
  • 42,784 Hectares or 105,721 Acres
  • 11 Personnel
  • Unknown Containment Status.

Lac La Biche

  • 1 Fire
  • Caused by Lightning
  • Under control
  • 147 Hectares or 362 Acres
  • 35 Personnel
  • 1 Light
  • 1 Medium

Peace River

  • 3 Fires
  • 2 Under Control
  • 1 Human Caused
  • Started 4/17/2016 @ 1256 (Fire 1)
  • Started 4/30/2016 @ 1444 (Fire 2)
  • Started 5/24/2016 @ 2334 (Fire 3)
  • No assigned resources
  • 86 Hectares or 213 Acres

Slave Lake

  • 1 Fire
  • Caused by Lightning
  • Started 4/30/2016 @ 1516 Hours
  • Under control
  • 1939 Hectares or 4791 Acres


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