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Updated 2045 Hours PDT

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Bert Fire 3 by Kaitlin Webb USFS

Bert Fire (Credit: Kaitlin Webb, USFS)


#BertFire – Near junction of FR 144 and Hi-way 180 10 miles SE of Valle Az (Kaibib NF)

Started 5/28/2016 @ 1600 Hours. Lightning caused. 2175 acres.  IC: Type 3’s Quentin Johnson.

Resources:  (1) Type 1 crew, (1) Type 2 crew, (1) 11 person Fuels crew, (2) Type 3 engines, (1) Type 6 engine, (1) bulldozer and (1)  Resource Advisor.  79 Personnel.

#JackFire – About 14 mi N of Clints Well on the E side of Lake Mary Road, along FS Rds 294 and 294C.

Start 5/29/2016.  Lightning caused.  7286 acres.   Fire behavior is still active.

148 Personnel including:  3-Type 1 Crews (Hotshots: Flagstaff, Mormon Lake, and Blue Ridge), 7-engines, 1-Dozer, and various specialists.

This lightning-caused wildfire is being managed for multiple benefits and objectives.

Chimney Fire Courtesy of Inciweb

Chimney Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

#JhusFire – Chiricahua Mountains off E Whitetail Canyon.

This fire started on 5/31/2016 around midnight along with (2) other lightning-caused fires.  20 acres.  Fire fuels include: grass, brush and some trees.  90% contained.

40 Personnel are assigned for this small burning fire.   F Tim Ross, Dustin Roper (T) are the ICs.

#JuniperFire – 10 mi S of Young, Arizona.

Started 5/17/2016 @ midnight. Lightning caused. Pleasant Valley Ranger District. Tonto NF.  Burning Ponderosa pine, mixed conifer and oak shrub.  22,262 acres.  20% contained.

463 Personnel incl:  6 Hotshot crews, 6  Type 3 and 11 Type 6 engines, 2 Type 2 crews, 1 regular Fire crew.  Heavy equipment incl: Helicopters (2)  Type 2, (2) Type 3 ,  (2) small fixed-wing aircraft, a masticator, and (3) bulldozers.

Weather Forecast:  strong SW’ly winds @ 10-15mph with gusts up to 30mph, which will in turn increase Fire activity.  22,962 acres. 20% contained.

Public Meeting:  Wednesday, June 8th @ 1900 Hours at the Young Community Center, Young, AZ.  To provide the public with updated fire information. 

#LongviewFire – Elgin. AZ State Forestry.

Started 6/6/2016 @ midnight.  Started on Longview Loop in Elgin.  Cause is unknown and under investigation.  600 Acres. 0% contained.  Burning grass.

Fire is under command of Sonoita-Elgin Fire District (in their district). Unknown personnel assigned to this incident.   Resource types:  2 type 1 crews, multiple engines (structural and wildland), 1 VLAT, 1 heavy airtanker, misc. overhead.

#MormonFire –  6 mi E of Munds Park near Mormon Mountain.

Started 5/15/2016.  Lightning caused. Coconino NF. 7892 acres. 75% contained.

Resources assigned:  1-Type 3 Helicopter, 2-Type 1 crews (Plumas and Sacramento), 1-Type 2 crew (Coconino Fuels), 1-Type 3 engine, 3-Type 6 engines, 1-dozer, 1-water tender, and 35 other personnel.

Juniper Fire (Courtesy of Inciweb)

Juniper Fire Courtesy of Inciweb

#MuleRidgeFire – S of Ruby, near Montana Peak, Tumacacori Mtns.

Started 5/31/2016 @ 1700 Hours. Human caused.  Cause under investigation.. 8,522 acres.  85% contained.  Fire fuels are grass, brush and oak trees.

225 Personnel including Type 3 team that took over management on 6/2/2016 @ 0700 Hours.


#ChimneyFire – Chimney Peak Area

Started 6/1/2016 @ 1530 Hours. Human Caused. 1324 acres. 522 Personnel. Burning in brush, pinyon and sage short grass. Minimal fire behavior.  CAL Fire.

#ColemanFire – N of Fort Hunter LIggett, W of King City on Boundary. Los Padres NF. Monterey Ranger Dist.

Coleman Fire (Credit: Los Padres NF)

Coleman Fire by Los Padres NF

Fire started 6/4/2016 @ 1430 Hours. Unknown cause. 2340 acres.   Burning tall grass and chaparral. Extreme fire behavior. Full suppression and structure protection in process. Evacuations due to numerous structures threatened.  Fire is moving NE and NW.  Acreage reduced due to more accurate mapping.  Full suppression and point protection is in progress.  15% contained.

850 Personnel. Unified Command USFS, Fort Hunter Liggett and CALFire.  CIMT1 assumed command at 1800 Hours 6/4/2016. USFS / CAL Fire / Fort Hunter Liggett.

#OldFire – Off of Old Topanga Canyon Rd / Mulholland Hwy / SE of Calababas.

Started 6/4/2016 @ 1609 Hours. Unknown cause. 516 acres. 522 Personnel. Commercial building completely destroyed. 1 Home damaged by retardant.  80% contained. Evacuations lifted. LA Co FD.

Old Fire (Credit: LA Co Fire Ops)

Old Fire (Credit: LA Co Fire Ops)

#PalaFire – 3800 bk / Pala Temecula Road, Temecula (Riverside County).

Started 5/31/2016 @ 1348 Hours. Unknown cause. 70 acres. 95% contained. Evacuations lifted.  70 structures threatened.  7 structures destroyed. (unoccupied outbuildings)

250 Personnel. 3 Injuries. CAL Fire.

#SodaFire – San Luis Obispo County.

This fire started on 6/4/2016 @ 0545 Hours.  The cause is unknown.  2003 acres.  95% acres.  Fire fuels include: grass.

60 personnel are still assigned to this incident.  Unified Command with the following two agencies:  BLM Bakersfield Field Office & CAL Fire.

#TemeculaFire – SB I-5 off of Temecula Parkway, Temecula (San Diego County).

Fire started 6/4/2016 @ 1140 Hours. Unknown cause. 139 acres. 85% contained. CAL Fire.

IC:  CAL Fire – Riverside County.  1 firefighter injury.

North Fire (Photo Credit: Keith Hughes)

North Fire (Photo Credit: Keith Hughes)


#NorthFire – 25 miles SW of Magdalena, NM.

Started 5/21/2016 @ 1645 Hours.  Lightning caused. 7,911 acres. Moderate ROS. Minimum fire growth but may increase due to firing operations.

110 Personnel.  7,878 acres.  Moderate Fire behavior.  20% contained. (No change)


#OwyheeCanyonFire – 38 mi SW of Jordan Valley.

Fire started 6/5/2016 @ 1815 Hours.  Lightning caused.  23,000 acres.  0% contained.  High winds to 45 mph and ROS is high.

Resources:  (6) Engines, (1) Water Tanker, (1) Bulldozer, (3) Snake River Valley (SRV) Hand crews, (1) Hot shot and (1) Air Attack.

Owyhee Canyon Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Owyhee Canyon Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)



Courtesy: @BoucherMitch

Residents fleeing Fort McMurray. (Courtesy: @BoucherMitch)

#FortMacFire – Fort McMurray

Zero Significant Changes.  581,695 hectares or 1.437 Million acres. Fire perimeter is 984 km or 380 square miles. 10 active fires on Alberta Province.  70% contained.

10 fires on the Province are currently burning.

299 FFs from S Africa and 41 FF from Mexico on scene.  Wildland firefighters reported on 6/5/2016, that the fire jumped a roadway and some of them were being redeployed where the new fire started.  According to the presser, there are 99 helicopters, 236 heavy equipment piece.


Peten – N section of area. 

Unknown start date.  Country is asking for International assistance.  20,000 acres.  500,000 acres being threatened along with the Maya Biosphere Reserve on the border of Mexico and Belize.

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