Major Incident | Manhattan NY | Update 1

Updated 8:30 PDT / 11:30 EDT – Saturday


A device exploded inside a dumpster injuring 29 injuries with one possibly critical around 2030 hours EDT this evening (1730 hours PDT). This occurred in the 100 block of West 23rd Street in Manhattan.


Multiple Devices have been reported to Police and found by Police with regards to multiple devices around Manhattan which include black single backpacks, brown suitcases and duffel bags.  Locations have been around the W 23rd Street, W 27th Street, near train stations, W 19th street, Broadway and other areas.

Scanner Feed (FDNY and NYPD  live feeds) were reporting one call after another with devices being found by civilians or Officers, it was clearly  not easy to keep up with the items that were being found one device to the other.


In the last two days, several Officers have been shot in unrelated incidents in areas of Dallas, Boston and Philly to name a few.  Police have been on edge due to these shootings but being very cautious when putting to good use their situational awareness training, skills and experience.

Tonight, it a whole different story – literally.

Due to the explosion in a dumpster on West 23rd Street, Police are arriving from State, Federal, City, County, Federal such as agencies:  Homeland Security, FBI, and ATF.  There are probably a lot of agencies we are forgetting.


The City releases a presser by the NYC Mayor that “there is no credible terror attacks but this is an intentional act.” If any New Yorkers have any information, to call the NYPD 800-577-TIPS.  A 2nd site on 27th Street and between 6th & 7th Avenue is being investigated to see if they can clear it but for now, there is a large presence on-scene.

Commissioner states this is not due to a gas explosion. There have been 29 injuries, one may be serious injury. The Fire Department is assessing potential structure damage for building integrity that may have occurred from the explosion.


Hashtag being used for incident is #ManhattanExplosion.



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