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Updated 11:00 PM  PDT


Start Date/Time/Cause

Los Angeles Firefighters (LAFD) were dispatched to a brush fire on Tuesday (10/18/2016) evening around 9:28 PM PDT.  It would later be found to be in the LA County Service Response area.


The Brush Fire is located on Senson Blvd. and Tampa Avenue, Porter Ranch. Around the reported time, the fire had already reached three (3) acres in the hills above Porter Ranch, in the gas field in Los Angeles County, California.

Scanner/Social Media Time Line

9:18 PM PDT:  3 acre brush fire

9:36 PM PDT:  13 acres burning uphill. 30 mph wind.

9:38 PM PDT:   Fire is “just below the substation”

9:44 PM PDT:  15 acres.  Over 100 LAFD firefighters in full suppression activities.  Unified Command with LACoFD. Fire is in LACoFD jurisdiction and currently burning downhill due to wind.

9:46 PM PDT:  Staging location for ground resources is going to be Tampa Ave., x of Sesnon Blvd.

9:48 PM PDT:   Air units utilizing LACoFD air/gnd channel. Both agencies have air units en route.

9:50 PM PDT:  We have three night flying helicopters (including 2 Firehawks) assigned to the #SesnonFire wildfire near Porter Ranch with @LACo_FD & @LAFD.  (LAFD Fire Ops)

9:56 PM PDT:  No structure threat at this time. Winds gust around 40 mph. Limited access. Air attack in progress by LACOFD & LAFD.

9:57 PM PDT:  LACoFD and LAFD are in unified command. LAFD BC15 is operations with LACoFD BC 6.

9:58 PM PDT:   No evacuations anywhere in the area. Fair amount of smoke being sent up. FD wants to stress, for media updates, NO EVACUATIONS IN THE AREA.

9:59 PM PDT:   2801 Tampa Ave, Los Angeles CA.

10:00 PM PDT:   Now 15 acres. Over 100 LAFD firefighters on the ground.

10:01 PM PDT:  Updates to 10 acres, light/medium fuel, winds out of the north at 15 mph. Confirms this is LA County SRA.

10:02 PM PDT: Command post at Sesnon and Tampa. Co-located with LAFD.

10:03 PM PDT:  Requesting Gas Company representative to report to the command post.

10:04 PM PDT:  LAFD forming 2 structure protection groups for precautionary purposes.

10:16 PM PDT:  #LACoFD will handle perimeter control and LAFD to handle any structure protection needs. Difficult access for ground units.

10:17 PM PDT:  Unless it spots way out head of itself or gets into heavier fuel they should be able to catch the fire before long.

10:18 PM PDT:  Sounds like structure protection strike teams have been requested for Gas Co buildings. No evac orders yet for Porter Ranch.

10:29 PM PDT:  By the numbers: SesnonFire has burned 15+ acres, 100 firefighters on scene, 7 choppers fighting, winds reaching 20 mph.

10:32 PM PDT:  30-40 acres, starting to burn into itself on the east flank.

10:34 PM PDT:  Seems like Porter Ranch can’t catch a break. First the months-long gas leak last year, now this.

10:35 PM PDT:  IC updates 10 acres, with no structures threatened.

10:39 PM PDT:  Brush Fire in the Porter Ranch area near Sesnon & Tampa. Rapid rate of spread with strong winds out of the North. No ground access.

10:40 PM PDT:  Firefighters are making great progress no structures threatened no injuries.

10:42 PM PDT:   DIV Z is the hot flank. Multiple #LACoFD Engines supporting fire suppression from the top and the bottom of the fire.

10:44 PM PDT:  SoCalGas:  The safety of 1st responders, the community and our employees is priority one.

10:45 PM PDT:  Yes we have a 10 acre brush fire in Chatsworth. – LACoFD PIO

10:46 PM PDT:  Air Attack making progress in DIV Z supporting ground units. has structure protection in DIV A & DIV Z as a precaution.

10:50 PM PDT:  PIO says prelim cause was power line falling in dry brush.

10:52 PM PDT:   IC requesting 1 add’l Water Tender (WT144) for water supply. For reference: DIV A= West Flank. DIV Z= East Flank.

10:53 PM PDT:  If you’re smelling smoke, it’s from Sesnon fire on Tampa near Porter Ranch. No threat to Topanga.

10:54 PM PDT:  Fire is coming downhill for couple more hours until the Santa Ana’s change direction.

10:55 PM PDT:  Next Presser from PIO.

More to come on timeline.



The following units have been dispatched:  FS 8; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; BC15 BC17 BC18 BP28 CM42 E100 E103 E104 E107 E18 E28 E287 E290 E70 E72 E8 E87 E90 E93 EM15 H4 H5 RA70 T87 T90; 5; 13, FS 8; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; and Council District 12.



DOT and LAPD. Shutting down Senson between Tampa, and Turtle Ridge Lane.


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