NEW Wildfire | #TurkeyTrack7Fire | 1

UPDATE 1 – APRIL 11, 2017  – 2200 HOURS PDT (2300 HOURS MDT)

Incident Summary | A wildfire has broken out in the scarred area of the 2002 #HaymanFire that started from an unknown cause.  It was reported on Tuesday, April 11, 2017, around 1220 Hours MDT.

This wildfire currently burning is named Turkey Track 7 Fire.

It is located on the Pike and San Isabel National Forests (USFS), about 9 miles North of Woodland Park, just off of Highway 67 in Douglas County, Colorado.

Bucket drops. (Photo Credit: USFS Pike and San Isabel NF)

Fire Fuels | Grass and dead trees (also known as snags).

Hazardous Conditions | Snags and shooting trash in the area.

Containment Status | 25%.

Resources | Engines from County and Federal agencies along with 1 helicopter and 1 bulldozer.  Additional engines have been ordered.

Fire Tactics The size of the fire will increase as area crews will be conducting a firing operation to mitigate the danger and exposure of these hazards, while Firefighters are on the line.  The amount of the increase is not known at the time of this posting.

At 1800 Hours MDT (1700 Hours PDT), additional resources were arriving on-scene and beginning construction of a fire line, while a helicopter was carrying out bucket drops scheduled until sunset.

At 2030 Hours MDT (1930 Hours PDT), fire crews were hiking off the fire line for the night.  Concerns raised by Fire Managers with tree snags during a night operations prompted firefighters to stand down.  An engine was assigned to patrol the fire line as part of night ops.  Fire crews will return again to the fire line on Wednesday morning to strengthen lines.

Shooting area in foreground. Fire on hillside. (Photo Credit: USFS)

Damage Assessment(s) | 40 acres burned.  0 structures threatened, destroyed or damaged.  No injuries have been reported.

Closures | Shooting area at Turkey Track.  UPDATE:  The immediate around the fire has been deemed closed until further notice.

Fire Facts There has been five [5] recent fires in the last few months.  No cause of the wildfires are known at this time.

Social Media | Social Media users have tagged this wildfire as #TurkeyTrack7Fire and we have added our own, #CoWildfire2017 #USFS #HaymanFire to highlight key elements for this post.


The wildfire burned from June 8-July 18, 2002, scorching 138,114 acres of land becoming one of the largest wildfires in Colorado’s fire history on record.

It was located 95 miles southwest of Denver and 35 miles northwest of Colorado Springs and near Parachute, Colorado.

It was also a very deadly fire in how it killed five Wildland Firefighters from Grayback Forestry Inc. that was contracted at the time with the USFS.  #WeWillNeverForget

  • Bart Bailey, 20, of Baker City OR
  • Jacob B Martindale, 20, of Boise ID
  • Daniel Rama, 28, of Baker City OR
  • Retha Shirley, 19, of La Grand OR
  • Zach Zigich, 18, of Twin Falls ID

 Looking Through The Eyes of Social Media | The People Have Spoken

“The Hayman Fire raged on the Pike National Forest southwest of Denver, Colorado. Following the fire, heavy rains on the burned landscape caused an increased amount of sediment and runoff that damaged critical watersheds for the city of Denver.”

“13 years ago, the Hayman fire became the largest recorded fire in Colorado’s history. The woman who caused the fire said she was burning a letter in a campfire from her estranged husband. It took 6 weeks to get the fire under control. Her anger caused great devastation that we still see the results of today in the burn scar.” 

JUNE 8, 2002
The Hayman Fire
Started near Lake George, Colorado—The fire burned over 136,000 acres before being contained July 2 at cost of over $43 Million. 600 structures including 133 residences were destroyed in the largest fire in Colorado history.” 

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