Active US Wildfires | PM Update | June 12, 2017

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Due to the high demand for staying on top of each wildfire in the United States, we are fortunately putting all fire updates here in one single post!  We apologize for some of you only wishing to have us post Northwest Fire info (WA, ID, OR) in a single post – but we found this is just too much maintenance for our small staff.

We will do our best to add fires as quickly as they come up online.

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 Alaska Fire Facts:

Currently, there are 7 staffed fires for a total of 48,032.9 acres and 49 fires under the monitor status for a total of 74,153 acres.

Overall in the State of Alaska, there has been a total of 146 human-caused fires for a total of 3,551.9 acres and 53 lightning caused fires for a total of 122,063.1 acres.

SW AK Fires (Complex) |  SW Forestry Services. 67,239 acres. 13 active fires. 140 personnel.  (includes the Bear Fire, Bell Creek Fire, Pitka Fire and the Spruce Creek Fires)

Bear Fire | Remote area above Mogollon Rim.  9 miles SE of Clints Well.  8 miles of CC Cragin Reservoir.  Called in Baker Butte Lookout.  Started 6/1/2017.

Bell Creek Fire | Near Kuskokwim River village of Crooked Creek.  110 miles SW of McGrath. 2,675 acres.  58 personnel.  Structure protect of the village is in effect.

Pitka Fork Fire | 60 miles E of McGrath.  16,746 acres. 43 personnel.  Structure protection of Windy River and Sheep Creek.

Spruce Creek Fire | 30 miles W of McGrath.  42 acres. 19 personnel.


Bear Fire | Coconino NF.  10 miles SE and in Bear Canyon. 1/2 mile from edge of Mogollon Rim. 2,171 acres.  Type 4 IMT. 40 personnel.

Bonita Fire | 19 miles N of El Rito.  9 miles N of Canon Plaza.  El ito Ranger District.  600 acres. 5% contained. 150 personnel.

Boundary Fire | 17 miles NW of Flagstaff.  NE Side of Kendrick Mtn. Coconino / Kaibab NF.  Started 6/1/2017. Lightning caused. 390 personnel.  5,390 acres. 5% contained.

Bowie Fire | AZ DOF & Fire Mgmt., 3,036 acres.

Freeze 2 Fire | San Carlos Reservation area.  Bureau Indian Agency (BIA) + San Carlos Apache Tribe. 50 miles E – NE of San Carlos.  Near Freeze Mountain. Lightning caused. 282 acres. 35% contained. Type 2 IMT. 344 personnel.

A helitack crew member prepares for flight

Preparing for aerial ignition by a helitack crew on the Freeze 2 Fire.

Frye Fire | N side of Mt. Graham. Coronado NF.  Started 6/7/2017.  Lightning caused. 350 acres.  0% containment. 152 personnel.

Highline Fire | Tonto NF.  750 acres. Started 6/10 @ 12 am. Cause under investigation. 6 helicopters. Type 1 IMT.  Fire behavior is active, backing, group torching and has short-range spotting.

Lizard Fire | Coronado NF.  2 miles SE of Dragoon.  Started 6/7/2017 @ 1530.  Lightning caused. 15,131 acres. 40% contained. 601 personnel.  Type 1 IMT.  Fire behavior is moderate, flanking and backing.

Paige Creek Fire  | Coronado NF.   East side of Rhincon Mtns. 1,064 acres. 90% containment. 100 personnel. Started 6/7/2017 @ 1715 hours.  Lightning caused.

Roland Fire | Coronado NF.  Douglas Ranger District. 674 acres. 20% contained.

Rucker Fire | Coronado NF.  Douglas Ranger District. 6/7/2017 start date. Lightning caused. 1100 acres.  61% contained.  Grass and scrub oak.  Type 3 IMT.  249 total personnel. 8 crews.  6 engines. 1 helo. 1 air attack.  1 water tender.  Misc. overhead support personnel.  Fire behavior is active, creeping and smoldering.

Tee Fire | 4 miles SE of Black Canyon City and N of Table Mesa.  659 acres. 50% contained. AZ DOF + Fire Mgmt. 100 personnel.


Oakwood Fire  | NE Madera.  Madera County.  1450 acres. 85% contained. 50 personnel. 2 crews.  5 engines.  Started 6/10/2017 @ 1319 hours. Unknown cause.  Incident Cooperators are PG&E, USFS, CHP, Madera Sheriff’s Office, Fresno County Fire, Madera County Fire.

Tivy Fire | Tivy Mtn. Fresno County. 76 acres. 100% contained.


2 additional fires are also burning on the White River Field Office lands.  200 firefighters are deployed and are en route.  Type 2 IMT.

Dead Dog Fire | 10 miles N of Rangely. 5,000 acres.  70 mph winds.  Evacuations of Blue Mtn.

Dragoon Fire Reached Top of Ridge

Lizard fire reached top of ridge.

Hunter Fire | 20 miles SW of Meeker.  Whiter River Field Office.  Started 6/10/2017 @ 1445 hours. 1,063 acres. 30% contained. Type 2 IMT Rocky Mtn. Team Black to assume command 6/13/2017.  Oil and gas infrastructure with additional wells and well pads are approximately 2 miles away but are under concern as possibly being threatened. Fire Managers are monitoring the active situation.

Monument Fire | Lincoln NF.  Sacramento Ranger District. 8 miles SW of Weed. 4 miles E of Timberon, along the Sacramento Mtns.  In remote area with limited access.  86 acres. 5% contained. Started 6/2/2017 @ 1545 hours from lightning. 30 personnel.  Type 4 IC (Forest Service).


West Mims Fire  | Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.  7 miles E of Fargo.  152,515 acres. 90% containment.  116 personnel. 2 helos. 11 wildland fire engines. 2 bull dozers.


Bonita Fire | N of El Rito Ranger District.  9 miles N of Canon Plaza and 16 miles NE of Canjilon.  Carson NF.  Started 6/3/2017.  Lightning caused. 600 acres.  5% containment.  150 personnel. 3 crews. 10 engines. 1 helo. Fire behavior is moderate with single tree torching, flanking and creeping.

Gravel Fire | Gila NF.  Bear / Whitewater.  Snow Lake area  FR 119, FR 28 and FR 1535. Burning in Baldy fire scars.  Started 6/9/2017. 1400 acres.  Lightning. 355 acres. 0% containment.  Fire behavior is creeping, smoldering, backing and flanking.

Round Fire | Gila NF. 16 miles W of Winston. 47 acres. 0% contained.  44 personnel. Active fire behavior with flanking, backing and creeping. $20,000 CTD.

Straw Fire | Gila NF.  35 miles NW of Mimbres.  152 ares.  Minimal fire behavior with backing and creeping. Unknown cause.

Teacher Fire | Gila NF.  125 acres. Unknown containment status.  Started 6/7/2017 @ 0900 hours. Lightning caused. Fire behavior is minimal with smoldering, flanking and backing.  3 personnel.  IC4 IMT.


Maeser Highway Fire  | NW area. UT DOF.  1 mile W of Vernal. 885 acres. 80% contained. Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering.  Structures are under threat.  115 personnel. 2 crews. 6 engines. 1 helicopter. 1 structure lost. $750,000 CTD.

North Fire | Dixie NF.  9 miles NE of Central. 492 acres. 63% containment. Moderate fire behavior with torching, single tree torching and creeping.  189 personnel.  5 crews. 9 engines. 4 helicopters.  $300,000 CTD.

Ponderosa Fire | Fishlake NF.  Near Ponderosa Picnic Area. 9 miles E of Beaver.  21 acres. 0% containment. Unknown cause. Started 6/11/2017 @ 1800 hours. Fire behavior is active, short runs and some torching.  Fire weather has been high winds with low RHs.


Fisher Fire | 7 miles N of Reardan Canyon and off of Highway 231 at milepost 236.  Lincoln County.  Fire was reported @ 25 acres at 1600 hours and later at 80 hours after 1800 hours.  2 fireboss aircraft including a rotor and an air attack with 4 engines, 3 crews were assigned to this incident.

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