U.S. Active Wildfires | June 24, 2017 | PM UPdate

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A Shoutout to those who are reading this blog this evening from the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Pakistan, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Bangladesh, Palestinian Territories, Marshall Islands and Ireland.  We are happy to have you on board.


There were 16 fires reported in this area since yesterday.  Of the 16 incidents, 2 were new large fires with 4 of those fires being not contained.  1 Type 1 IMT and 1 Type 2 IMTs are committed.


392 FIRE.  NEW!  Resources dispatched @ 1240 hours. Park @ Spark Ranger District X Long Chimney Spring  9.5 miles NE of Como.  Human caused.  Resources on-scene.  Grass and trees.  100 acres. 0% containment.*

BLACK BURN FIRE.  NEW!  Grand Junction Intergency Dispatch Center.  Grass and brush.  15 acres.  Dispatched @ 0813 hours.*

KAWUNEECHE FIRE.  NEW!  Kawuneeche Road.  Ft. Collins Interagency Dispatch Center.  0.1 acres.*

VISTA FIRE.  NEW!  Rio Grande County.  Monte Vista Refuge.  8.2 miles NE of Monte Cristo.  Human caused.  3 acres.  Dispatched @ 1200 hours.  Contained  @ 1420 hours.  Out @ 1430 hours.  Grass fire fuels.*


HUNTER CREEK FIRE.  NEW! Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.  Near the Michael D. Thompson Trailhead in the Hunter Creek area west of Reno.  On 2100 on Thursday, June 22, the Hunter Creek Fire transitioned from a unified command (TMFPD /Reno Fire Department/Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest) to a single U.S. Forest Service Type 3 organization. Grass, sage and brush. 24 acres. 65% contained.  4 hand crews, 2 engines, and 3 overhead on the fire.*

Hunter Creek Fire 06/23/17

Hunter Creek Fire. Crews heading out. (Credit: John Gaffney)

RED SPRINGS FIRE.   Elko District, BLM. 5 miles NW of Jiggs. Brush, timber and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering, group and single tree torching.  4,598 acres.  95% contained.  217 personnel.  7 crews.  9 engines.  1 helicopter.  $477,000 CTD.*

SPANISH FIRE.   NEW!  Winnemucca District, BLM.  19 miles NE of Winnemucca, NV.  Tall grass and brush. Active fire behavior with backing and running.  300 acres. 40% contained.  73 personnel.  1 crews.  4 engines.  1 helicopter.  $40,000 CTD.*


BRIANHEAD FIRE.   Southwest Area, Utah DOF. IMT 1 (Martin) and IMT 2 (Roide). 1

Smoke Plume view from Parowan

A smoke plume view from the ICP.

mile N of Brian Head.  Timber and heavy logging slash. Extreme fire behavior with crowning, group torching and long-range spotting.  Numerous residences threatened. Evacuations, road, area and trail closures in effect.  37,560 acres.  5% contained.  836 personnel.  23 crews.  40 engines.  9 helicopters.  25 structures lost.  $5.7 Million CTD.*

LINCOLN BEACH FIRE.  NEW!   Northwest Area, Utah DOF. 4 miles NW of West Mountain. Short grass.  Active fire behavior with running and backing. Residences threatened. 2,252 acres.  50% contained.  0 resources.  $200,000 CTD.*

Shepard Fire. (Credit: South Davis Metro FD)

SHEPARD FIRE. NEW!  1500 N Compton, Farmington.  Start 6/23/2017.  Unknown cause.  130 acres. 20% containment.  Minimal smoke can been.*

A drone has been spotted flying over the Shepard Fire. Due to drone activity, all fire suppression aircraft will be forced to land and remain until the airspace is cleared.  #NoDronesInFireZones  It is illegal and drone operators may be pay the consequences if caught.  Some have been known to have their drone and all other equipment confiscated by Law Enforcement officials or even shot down by ground fire resources.


As of today’s report, there were 12 new wildfires reported with 2 of them being new large incidents and 9 uncontained fires.  There are 2 Type 1 IMT’s  and 3 Type 2 IMT’s committed in this area.


Fire Fact:  Arizona Gov. Ducey declared a state of emergency to get additional funds to fight all wildfires.

BAR X FIRE.  Coronado, NF. 10 miles SE of Fort Grant. Tall grass and brush. Lightning ignited on June 21st around 1545 hours.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. Residences threatened. 52% contained.  0 resources.  $225,000 CTD. The Bar X fire lies within the planning area of the Frye incident.*

BATTLE FIRE.  NEW!  Prescott Dispatch Center.  I-17 NB and mile marker 250.  Dispatched at 1008 hours.*

BOUNDARY FIRE.   Coconino, NF. IMT 2 (Andrews). 12 miles N of Bellemont. Timber, short grass and heavy logging slash. Moderate fire behavior with backing, flanking and torching. Residences threatened. Road, area and trail closures in effect.  15,942 acres.  88% contained.  282 personnel.*

BUCK FIRE.  NEW! Flagstaff Dispatch Center. NE Buck Mtn. 1841 dispatch time.*

COLUMBINE FIRE.  NEW!  Mile marker 347 – 348.  Show Low Interagency Dispatch Center.  Dispatched @ 1958 hours.  Pine with understory.  0.1 acres.  Resources include H-118MB. *

DRAW FIRE.  NEW!  Hayfield Draw.  Prescott Dispatch Center.  Fire resources dispatched at 1115 hours.   Fire contained to .25 acres.*

Encino Fire

Encino Fire. Night operations continue showing an array of extreme fire behavior.

ENCINO FIRE.  Southeast District, Arizona DOF. 2 miles S of Sonoita.  Started June 20, 2017, near town of Sonoita by lightning.  Tall grass and brush.   10 personnel. 1,289 acres.  10% containment.  Fire weather forecast is extremely hot  with possible isolated showers. 6 structures lost.  $160,000 CTD.*

ECONOLINE FIRE.  NEW! NB I-17 and mile marker 311.  Fire resources dispatched @ 0903 PDT.  RRRD contained. Flagstaff Dispatch Center.*

FREEZE 2 FIRE.  San Carlos Agency, BIA. Previously reported incident. 27 miles SW of Whitewater. Timber and short grass. Minimal fire behavior.  2,832 acres.  70% contained.  11 personnel.  1 helicopter.  $4.4 Million CTD.

FRYE FIRE.   Coronado, NF. IMT 1 (Poncin) and IMT 2 (Sinclair). 9 miles W of Swift Trail

Fire Sprinkler Installation in Turkey Flat

Fire sprinkler installation in Turkey Flat.

Junction.  Lightning caused.  Timber,  brush and chaparral. Extreme fire behavior with spotting, wind- driven and uphill runs. Numerous residences area threatened. Road, area and trail closures in effect.   35,569 acres. 29% contained.  29 Engines, 23 Crews, 10 Helicopters, 3 Dozer, 11 Water tenders and 203 miscellaneous overhead support personnel.   IC:  Alan Sinclair/ Dave Gesser, trainee with the Southwest Area Type 2 Incident Management Team 3.*

Goodwin Fire. (Credit: AZ State Forestry)

GOODWIN FIRE.  NEW! Senator Highway. Resources dispatched @ 1548 hours. 14 miles South of Prescott. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office is evacuating the community of Pine Flat as a precautionResources on-scene. 250 acres. DFFM assisting U.S. Forest Service. Prescott National Forest.  North Red Cross shelter open at  @ Mayer High School.*

Fire Fact:  78% of firefighters tested at spike camp on Frye fire had strep throat.

KEILLER FIRE. NEW!  Dispatched fire resources @ 1926 hours to Highway 10 and mile marker 340. (AZ Dispatch Center)*

LINGSHIRE FIRE. NEW!  SR 260 and mile marker 213.  Dispatched @ 1118 hours. (AZ Dispatch Center.)*

MAGGIE FIRE.   Phoenix District Office, BLM.  6 miles N of Black Canyon City. Tall grass, brush and timber.  Last report.  1,400 acres.  90% contained.  11 personnel.   3 engines.  $660,000 CTD.*

O RO RANCH FIRE. NEW!  This wildfire was reported on June 23,2017, around 0700 hours.  It is currently burning in grass and timber and is located on private land owned by the O RO Ranch, which is 25 miles from Bagdad. The Arizona DOF and Fire Management in cooperation with the land owner is providing resources to maintain fire near existing acreage. There is 30 personnel. Minimal smoke is visible from this fire. No structures are at risk.  159 acres have been scorched and have a zero % containment status.*

R14 FIRE.   Fort Apache Agency, BIA. 3 miles S of Cedar Creek. Timber. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.  749 acres. 90% contained.  118 personnel.  5 crews.  1 engine.  $400,000 CTD.*

SADDLE FIRE.  NEW!  Packsaddle Mountain.  Dispatched @ 1510 hours.  IC in place 2 2000 hours. Resources on-scene.  1500 acres.  0% contained. Tucson Dispatch Center.*

TRAMWAY #11 FIRE.  NEW! Tramway Track.  Fire resources dispatched @ 1910 hours.  Via Flagstaff Dispatch Center.*

TURKEY FIRE.  NEW! Approximately 35 miles N of Douglas and Turkey Creek and Chircahua Mountains.  Started 6/24/2017 @ 1530 hours. Lightning ignited. 100 personnel. 50 acres.  Grass and brush.  Structures are about .25 acres from fire.*


BONITA FIRE.  Carson, NF. IMT 2 (Bales). 16 miles NE of Canjilon. Timber, brush and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior with backing and smoldering. Numerous residences threatened. Road, area and trail closures in effect.   7,426 acres.  81% contained.  315 personnel.  6 crews.  8 engines.  3 helicopters.  $3.9 Million CTD.*

Fire Fact:  Illegal drone spotted on the Bonita Fire, aircraft grounded on Friday, June 23, 2017. #NoDronesInFireZones

Helicopter safety briefing

Cajete Fire. A helicopter briefing training session where it is necessary for safety of its firefighters. (Credit: Dana Wilson/BLM Colorado)

CAJETE FIRE.   Santa Fe, NF.  8 miles NE of Jemez Springs. Timber and medium logging slash. No new info.   1,412 acres.  96% contained.  258 personnel.  5 crews.  5 engines. 4 helicopters.  $4.2 Million CTD.*

GRIFFITH FIRE.   Las Vegas District, New Mexico State Forestry. 2 miles W of Romero. Chaparral and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.  5,000 acres.  96% contained.  9 personnel.  3 engines.  $6,000 CTD.*

HIGHLAND FIRE.   Bernalillo District, New Mexico State Forestry.15 miles NE of Encino, NM. Short grass and brush. Moderate fire behavior with smoldering, creeping and single tree torching.  927 acres.  85% contained.  83 personnel.  3 crews.  7 engines.  $150,000 CTD.*

ROUND FIRE.   Gila, NF. Previously reported incident.  16 miles W of Winston. Timber and short grass.  Moderate fire behavior with flanking, backing and torching. Last report.  7,200 acres.  0% contained.  103 personnel.  4 engines.  $941,000 CTD.*

SEVEN FIRE. NEW!  This wildfire burning is on National Forest System lands in Catron County.  It is about 4 miles East of the Negrito Fire Base. Started June 22, 2017 from an unknown cause. Estimation is approximately 1,189 acres with a 0% containment status.  38 personnel.   Minimal fire behavior with creeping and medium to low fire conditions. Weather conditions predicted over the fire area will be an increase in moisture, primarily relative humidity with a cooling trend of 10-15 degrees cooler today.  There is a 50% chance of rain over the fire area.



Fire Fact:  On June 23, 2017, the warm weather outlook pushed fire danger ratings up due to hot, dry and windy conditions in Washington State. (Map courtesy of WA DNR)


RHOADES CANYON 0301 RN FIRE.   Prineville District, BLM. 3 miles E of Clarno. Brush and short grass.   Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven and uphill runs. Structures threatened.    14,000 acres. 50% containment. 99 personnel. 4 crews. 7 engines. 3 helicopters. $450,000 CTD.


CHAPARRAL FIRE.  NEW!  Wilderness Ranch and Chaparral.  0.75 acres. Resource SE625 dispatched @ 1730 hours.. Boise Interagency Dispatch Center.*

COLE FIRE.  NEW!  Cole Ten Mile Creek.  Boise Interagency Dispatch Center.  Resources BC30 , INV1, E1415, E1421, E1422, WT1931 dispatched @ 1856 hours. *

RA 1 CANYON FIRE.  NEW!  Dispatched @ 1659 hours. 7 acres.  Resources E1411 and E1412 dispatched.*


Southern California saw 20 new wildfires since Friday, June 23, 2017, with 3 still not contained.  1 Type 1 IMT is only committed in this area.

BISHOP FIRE.  NEW!  North of Davis Creek.  Modoc Interagency Communications Center.  Dispatched @ 1651 hours.  Grass, brush and  juniper.  BC31 on-scene.  8.28 acres.*

BRUSH FIRE.  NEW!  2598 Kanan Road X Triunfo Canyon Road X Sierra Creek Road.  Dispatched @ 1915 hours. *

BRUSH FIRE. NEW!  Kristen Lee Drive X Yellowwood Drive.  Angeles National  Forest.  Dispatched @ 1407 hours. *

CREEK FIRE.  CAL Fire – Fresno County. Off Los Gatos Creek Rd, west of Derrick.  357 acres. 40% contained.*

HOLCOMB FIRE.   San Bernardino, NF. IMT 2 (Kelly). 3 miles NE  of Big Bear.  Brush,

Helicopter on it's way to make a drop with water

Holcomb Fire. You can easily see the fire inferno down below as a helicopter goes to make a water drop. (Credit: RS Vacations via Inciweb)

short grass and  timber. Minimal fire behavior with creeping and smoldering. Residences threatened. Area and trail closures in  effect.   1,582 acres. 75% contained.  1,163 personnel.  27 crews. 64 engines.  $5.2 Million CTD.*

INYO FIRE.  NEW!  Owens Valley Interagency Communications Center.  Inyo  Craters.  Resources dispatched @ 1406 hours.*

LAKESHORE FIRE.  NEW!  Modoc Interagency Communications Center.  Resources dispatched @ 1719 hours. BC on-scene @ 2214 hours.*

UNNAMED WILDFIRE.  NEW!  Los Padres National Forest.  South Coast Ridge Road X Naciemento Ferguson Road.  Resources dispatched @ 1243 hours.*

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