Active Wildfires | WA, OR, ID | August 5 2017

NORTHWEST WILDFIRES | We are listing the current active wildfires gleaned from various sources and compiled into a single post for Saturday, August 5, 2017


How to Report a Wildfire:  Call 911 and 800-562-6010.

#BurnoutRdFire DNR – NW Region. 6 miles southeast of the Lost Lake Trailhead of the Larrabee State Park which is 4 miles south of Bellingham on Chuckanut Drive.  48 acres. 80% contained. 104 personnel.

#DiamondCreekFire    18 air miles from Mazama and at the intersection of Diamond Creek and Lost River in the Paysaten Wilderness of the Okanogan-Wenatchee NF.  Started July 22, 2017. Cause is suspected as human intervention. Active fire behavior with uphill runs, group torching and long-range spotting. Structures threatened. 8,742 acres. 0% contained. 149 personnel. 1 crew, 5 engines and 4 helos. $1.1 Million CTD.

Hayes Road Fire in WA. PC: Douglas County Fire District #5

Newly Reported! #HayesRoadFire Washington State. 10 miles NE of Mansfield.  SE WA IMT 2. Brush and tall grass. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs. Residences threatened. Evacuations and road closures in effect. 500 acres. 0% contained. 14 personnel. 1 engine. 25,000 CTD.

#KnotGrassFire S of Pomeroy (SE part of State) on Asotin and Garfield County line. Grassland, some crops and timber. Minimal fire behavior. Residences threatened.  350 acres. 50% contained. 54 personnel. 1 crew, 11 engines. 1 structure destroyed. $69,000 CTD.

 #MaldenFire  WA FMO. Started 8/2 on private land, 1 mile N of Malden. Tall grass. 246 acres. 80% contained. Limited info available.

#NoisyCreekFire  3 miles E of Sullivan Lake. Pend Orielle County.  Colville NF. Lightning caused. Start July 15, 2017 @ 0800 hours PDT.  Active fire behavior with flanking, uphill runs and group torching. 2,470 acres. 4% contained. 142 personnel. 2 crews, 1 engine and 2 helicopters. $1.7 Million CTD.

Vehicles are parked at a drop point on the fire

This is what Interagency cooperation looks like. 3 different Agencies working together. PC: Julie Knubel (via Inciweb)

 #SuiattleFire  Near Suiattle River Road. Snohomish County. DNR air and ground resources on-scene. Start July 30, 2017. Moderate fire behavior.  216 acres. 25% contained. 356 personnel. 9 crews, 11 engines and 6 helos. $1.3 Million CTD.


New! #BearButteFire Wallowa – Whitman NF. IMT 2 . 20 miles NW of Baker City. Timber. Active fire behavior with short crown runs, long-range spotting and group torching. Structures threatened. Evacuations and road closures in effect. 750 acres. 0% containment. 67 personnel. 7 engines and 3 helos. $150,000 CTD.

Firefighter monitors fuel consumption along the Blanket Creek Fire, August 1, 2017

Firefighters on the Blanket Fire monitor as fire consumes the landscape before them. PC: Inciweb

#BlanketCreekFire Rouge River-Siskiyou NF. IMT 2 (also managing Spruce Lake Fire). 9 miles NE of Prospect. Timber.  Moderate fire behavior with short crown runs, flanking and torching.  3,750 acres. 14% contained. 737 personnel. 23 crews, 14 engines 5 helicopters. $6.2 Million CTD.

smoke column 7-29-17

Smoke column rises on July 29, 2017 on the Chetco  Bar Fire. PC: Inciweb

#ChetcoBarFire.  Rogue River-Siskiyou NF. NIMO. 16 miles East of Selma, OR. Phoenix NIMO. Timber and brush.  Fire has burned into the scars of Biscuit Fire (2002) and Silver Fire (1987).  Moderate fire behavior with flanking and backing. 4,228 acres. 12% contained. 63 personnel. 2 crews, 1 helicopter. $1.6 Million CTD.

#CinderButteFire BLM – Burns District. 10 miles W of Riley.  Brush and tall grass. Start August 2, 2017. Active fire behavior with torching.  52,223 acres. 15% contained. 271 personnel. 6 crews, 23 engines and 1 helicopter. 2 structures destroyed. $300,000 CTD.

Photo from the air of Devils Lake Fire on its first day

Air recon flight on the Devils Lake Fire. PC: Daniel Williams (via Inciweb)

 #DevilsLakeFire Fremont-Winema NF. 7 miles SE of Bly. Timber and short grass. Moderate fire behavior with creeping, smoldering and isolated torching. 1,694 acres. 25% contained. 577 personnel. 17 crews, 16 engines and 4 helos. $2 Million. CTD.

#IndianCreekFire. West side of Eagle Creek Trail.  Between Tunnel Falls and 7.5 mile camp Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness within the Hood River Ranger District of Mt. Hood NF.  NIMO.  Min fire behavior. 83 acres. 0% contained. 69 personnel. 1 crew and 2 helos. $1.3 Million CTD.

#MorganCreekFire. Vale District, BLM. 6 miles NE of Huntington. Brush and short grass. Min fire behavior. 2,286 acres. 50% contained. 123 personnel. 5 crews, 12 engines. $200,000 CTD.

Cinder Butte fire burning interior pockets of fuels

Black smoke says it is burning unburned fire fuels on the Cinder Butte Fire. PC: Inciweb

 #SpruceLake Fire. Crater Lake National Park. 15 miles SW of Diamond Lake. Timber.   Active fire behavior with crowning, spotting and running. 5,000 acres. 5% contained. 319 personnel. 14 crews, 4 engines and 2 helos. $1.4 Million CTD.

#WhitewaterFire Willamette NF. IMT 2. Started on BLM land 10 miles east of Idanha. Timber and brush.   Active fire behavior with short-range spotting and group torching.  5,000 acres. 0% containment. 264 personnel. 4 crews, 8 engines and 5 helos. $3.8 Million CTD.


#CoeFire   Twin Falls District, BLM. 3 miles NW of Malta. Timber, brush and short grass.

Photo of fire plume  from Hanover Fire

Air recon flight from Chair Point Lookout taken on August 3 on the Hanover Fire. PC: Inciweb

#HanoverFire  Nez – Perce NF.  4 miles NE of Florence. IMT2 Timber, brush and grass. Active fire behavior with group torching and single-tree torching. Structures threatened. 3,078 acres. 0% contained. 36 personnel. 2 engines and 4 helos. $1.5 Million CTD.

#HiddenFire Nez – Perce NF.  14 mles W of Pinesdale.  Timber, brush. 7 miles NE of the Elk Summit Guard Station and in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness. Being managed as long-term natural burning fire. 549 acres. 1 person.

#IbexFire   Salmon-Challis NF. Previously reported incident. 23 miles NW of Challis. Timber. Start July 24, 2017. Active fire behavior with crowning, torching and long-range spotting. Smoke is due to impact Challis and surrounding areas. Lightning caused. 3,696 acres. 0% contained. 26 personnel.

#LavaFlowFire  Idaho Falls District, BLM.  7 miles South of Atomic City. Brush and grass. Min fire behavior. 22,651 acres. 45% contained. 147 personnel. 14 crews and 2 engines. $704,000 CTD.

Ibex Fire from Twin Peaks Lookout August 2

Ibex Fire from the Twin Peaks Lookout on August 2, 2017. PC: Inciweb

#LonePineFire  Nez – Perce NF. 25 miles NE of Elk City. Below Lone Pine Point in the vicinity of Mink Peak Fire and expected to merge into this wildfire. Lightning caused. Started on July 14, 2017. Type 4 IC managing fire burning naturally. 2,626 acres. 0% contained.

color photo of Missouri Fire on July 16, 2017

Vast fire spreading on the Missouri Fire taken on July 16. PC: Inciweb

New!  #MissouriFire Krassel Ranger District of Payette NF. 1,277 acres. 50% contained. 52 personnel. Limited details.

#NForkHughesFire  ID Panhandle. 20 miles N of Nordman on Priest Lake Ranger District in Upper Hughes Creek drainage and N of Hughes Meadow across from the Washington State line. Lightning cause possibly. active fire behavior with group torching, backing and some uphill runs. 693 acres. 0% contained.

New! #PuebloFire 6 miles N of Big Creek / Edwardsburg near Pueblo Summit. East of Mosquito Ridge.  Fire reported by Sheepeater Lookout on July 30, 2017 at 1030 Hours. 100% contained.  Limited info.

Tappan Fire August 2, 2017

Fire and smoke backing down the canyon on the Tappan Fire taken on August 2, 2017. PC: Inciweb

#TappanFire  Salmon-Challis NF. Previously reported incident. 28 miles SW of Salmon. Timber and short grass. Active fire with backing down the North side of Camas Creek towards Middle Fork Salmon River. 1,154 acres. 0% contained. 24 personnel. 1 helo.


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