NW Fire Chronicles | Suiattle Fire | 1


Incident Summary | The Suiattle Fire is considered almost fully contained as firefighters still on the fire line  continue to work tirelessly to reach their ultimate fire objectives.

First arriving units see this when they reach the fire line. PC: Jessica Nenmich

Location | This wildfire is located approximately 9 miles NE of Darrington , Washington State.

Size Up | Fire behavior has now been reduced to minimal activity. There are 216 acres of timber that were consumed.  Firefighters have reached a 90% containment status.  Command will turb management of the fire back over to a local IMT team on Wednesday, August 9, 2017.

Resources | There are still 178 personnel assigned to this fire incident alongside 3 crews, 6 engines and 2 helicopters.

Costs | Fire suppression and containment costs-to-date have reached a whopping $2.3 Million.

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