Wildfires Sweep Across NW Landscapes | Sept 8 2017

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Here is our recap for Friday, September 8, 2017.

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Nationally speaking, 172 new wildfires were reported 9/8/2017 from yesterday requiring light initial attack.


11 miles W of Cliffdell, WA. Start 8/10/2017. Lightning caused. USDA lead agency with 2 personnel. 0 resources.  144 acres. 0% contained.  $420,000 total costs.  #AmericanFire

There were 43 new wildfires that started on Thursday, September 7, 2017.


Pacific Cascade Region – WA DNR.  3 miles from Dodson, WA. Timber, brush and grass fire fuels. 209 acres. 10% contained. $203,000 CTD. #ArcherMtnFire

98 personnel. 3 crews, 9 engines.

Fire behavior is active with running and backing.


2 miles NE of Keller, WA. Start 8/9/2017. Colville Agency. Lightning caused.  3,711 acres. 95% contained.$16,000,000 total costs. #BridgeCreekFire

244 personnel. 3 crews.

Minimum fire behavior.  Good progress made by firefighters on the fire Thursday, September 7, 2017. Remaining work on the fire is to mop-up and secure fire lines.  Heavy smoke is currently capping fire behavior.   Estimated containment  date is 9/20/2017.

There is a minimum of 21 uncontained wildfires in the NW.

CHETCO BAR FIRE. 5 miles NE of Brookings , OR in the Rogue River-Siskiyou NF in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Start 7/12/2017. Lightning caused.  Fire fuels include:  mixed conifer, brush and snags from previous fire scars (2002 Biscuit Fire and 1987 Silver Fire scars).   177,301 acres. 5% contained.  $35,800,000 CTD. #ChetcoBarFire

Fire behavior is moderate with backing, torching and creeping.

Fire activity on the Chetco Bar fire yesterday evening.  Photo taken from a recon flight.

Resources include 1,516 personnel. 40 crews, 69 engines and 7 helicopters.

Unified Command is made up of CFPA, OSFM and PNW Team 3.

Incident Cooperators include Red Cross, BLM, USDA Forest Service, Brookings F&R, Coos FPA, Curry County, Harbor RFPD, Illinois Valley FD, Josephine County (JoCo), OR DOT, OR DOF and OR State Fire Marshal.

30 structures have been destroyed.

A temporary flight restriction or TFR is in effect. No drones have been present that Fire Officials know of and to keep firefighters safe in the air and ground, it must stay clear of them.  Unsure where you can fly? Check out this website at http://www.KnowBeforeYouFly.org

DIAMOND CREEK FIRE.  27 miles NNW of Winthrop, WA  in the Paysayten Wilderness. Start 7/23/2017. Cause under investigation.  #DiamondCreekFire

50 personnel.

Hand crew

105,000 acres. 65% contained. Estimated containment date is 10/15/2017.   1 home destroyed.  4 minor structures threatened. 2 minor structures destroyed.

There are 9 Type 1 IMTs and 11 Type 2 IMTs committed.


2 miles South of Cascade Locks, OR on the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (USFS).  Start 9/2/2017.  Human caused.  33,382 acres. 7% contained. $2,200,000 CTD. #EagleCreekFire

4 structures have been lost.

The fire grows on the Columbia River, September 5th

Active fire behavior with group torching, flanking and backing.

911 personnel. 19 crews, 93 engines and 10 helicopters.


2 fires. Umpqua NF. 25 miles East of Tiller, OR. 1,221 acres.62% contained. $14,000,000 CTD. #FalconComplex

302 personnel. 8 crews, 18 engines and 1 helicopter.

Fire behavior is unknown.


4 fires burning within the Crater Lake National Park, the Rogue River – Siskiyou NF on the High Cascades Ranger District, the Umpqua NF, Tiller Ranger District and the Fremont – Winema NF in the Sky Lakes wilderness, OR. 54,820 acres. 18% contained. $39,900,000 CTD. #HighCascadesComplex

649 personnel. 16 crews, 17 engines and 6 helicopters. Incident Cooperators include OR DOF, OR Military Department and Warm Springs FD.

Fire behavior is moderate with backing, creeping and smoldering.


5 fires. Willamette NF. 50 miles East of Roseburg, OR. Managing Rebel Fire and Nash Fires. 7 miles South of Belknap Springs, OR. Timber. Moderate fire behavior with flanking and backing. 29,157 acres. 0% contained.  238 personnel. 7 crews, 14 engines. $3,000,000 CTD. #HorseCreekComplex

Rebel Fire.  Moderate fire behavior with backing and flanking.  7,777 acres. 91% contained. 75 personnel. 2 crews. 3 engines. $5,000,000 CTD. #RebelFire

Whitewater Fire.  Moderate fire behavior with backing and flanking. 13,140 acres. 34% contained. 543 personnel. 8 crews, 13 engines and 2 helicopters. $28,700,000 CTD.


12 miles West of Riddle and 8 miles SE of Camas Valley, OR   Reported 8/27/2017 around 1530 hours.  Cause is unknown.  16,436 acres. 35% contained. $11,000,000 CTD. #HorsePrairieFire

Incident Cooperators include:  DFPA, Coos FPA, OR DOF andTenmile RFD, along with multiple industrial landowners, logging companies and contract firefighting crews.

There are 1,087 personnel with 42 crews, 39 engines and 8 helicopters.

2 structures have been lost.

Fire behavior is active with smoldering and creeping.

In 2016, on this day there were 41,898 fires with 4,713,233 acres. Records have been broken for the number of fires for the last 5 years.

JADE CREEK FIRE. 16 miles East of Bly on the Oregon Fremont – Winema NF, OR.  Start 8/29/2017.  Lightning caused.  Fire fuels include timber and logging slash.  SW Area IMT 3.  782 acres.  99% contained. $2,200,000 CTD. #JadeCreekFire

185 personnel. 2 crews, 21 engines and 2 helicopters.

Creating a defensible space around your home is a known fact it can save it from wildfire.



JOLLY MTN FIRE.  13 miles NW of Cle Elum, WA.  Start 8/11/2017. Lightning caused.  26,325 acres. 8% contained. $14,800,000 total costs. #JollyMtnFire

Photo credit: Kale Casey

831 personnel. 18 crews, 77 engines and  5 helicopters. Estimated containment date is 10/15/2017.

Fire behavior is active with group torching, up hill runs and spotting.

Nationally speaking, there were 8 new large incidents that were initiated on Thursday, September 7, 2017.


Located in the Little Fall Creek watershed in the Willamette NF and 9 miles East of Fall Creek Reservoir, as well as 1 mile North of Clark Butte, OR.  Start 8/10/2017 around 1850 hours.  Lightning caused. 8,536 acres. 48% contained. $15,900,000 CTD. #JonesFire

Unified Command consists of the NW IMT Team #12, Willamette NF and the OR DOF.

399 personnel. 3 camp crews, 9 hand crews, 16 engines, 6 bulldozers,15 water tenders and 3 helicopters.

Fire behavior is moderate with single tree torching and backing.

There are 9 Type 1 and 11 Type 2 IMTs assigned to the NW alone.


Deschutes NF. 9 miles West of Sisters, OR. Timber. 24,025 acres. 60% contained. $15,100,000 CTD. #MilliFire

Successful burnout operations

Fire behavior is active with flanking and backing.

Your home is replaceable, but you and your Family are not. Heed all warnings and alerts as to when to Evacuate. 

NORSE PEAK FIRE.  11 miles West of Cliffdell, WA. Start 8/11/2017. Lightning caused.  45,433 acres. 8% contained. Estimated containment is 10/1/2017. $8,800,000 total costs. #NorsePeakFire

Raven Roost 9-3-17

Credit: Jason Emhoff

320 personnel, 4 crews, 30 engines and 2 helicopters.

Active fire behavior with torching.

There is an Area Command that is managing three large fires:  Chetco Bar, Miller Complex and High Cascades Complex.


Fremont-Winema NF. IMT 2. 25 miles NW of Klamath Falls, OR. 3,450 acres. 25% contained. $4,500,000 CTD. #NorthPelicanFire

E-52 From Maine Working The Fire Line

Fire behavior is moderate with flanking, backing and with single-tree torching.

There is a minimum of 8 wildfires burning in Washington State.


Between FS Rd. 830 and Hwy 20 South of Lost Lake Campground in OR.  Reported 8/29/2017. Cause unknown. 199 acres. 70% contained. $362,000 CTD. #PotatoHillFire

View of the Potato Hill Fire from Highway 20 on August 31.

Fire behavior is minimal.

There are 62 personnel along with 2 crews and 3 engines.

Nationally speaking, there are 48 uncontained fires across the states with 21 of them being here in the NW.


Mt. Hood NF.11 miles NW of Pine Grove and 6 miles East of Clearlake, OR.  Timber, grass and understory.  250 acres. #RimFire

There are 66 personnel along with 2 crews, 7 engines and 1 bulldozer.

Fire behavior is unknown.

There is a minimum of 18 wildfires burning in Oregon alone.


South Puget Sound Region – WA DNR. IMT 2. 25 miles West of Cle Elum, WA.  Timber. 848 acres. 0% contained. $220,000 CTD. #ArcherMtnFire

Fire behavior is moderate.

Firefighters have been able to contain 4 wildfires across the United States.


Burning on the Willamette National Forest, Middle Fork Ranger District and 23 miles South of Oakridge, OR.  Start 8/9/2017@ 2100 Hours PDT.  Lightning caused. 2,300 acres and 81% contained. $8,300,000 CTD. #Staley Fire

Picture of portable tanks and water truck.

Fire behavior is minimal as rain fell over the fire line on Thursday, September 7, 2017.

90 personnel.  1 crew and 7 engines.

Tropical Storm Lydia remnants is expected to dump rain over Southern Oregon with isolated storms expected to impact Washington, Idaho and Montana.


Located 50 miles East of Roseburg, OR and along 35 miles of the Hwy 138 corridor and spread throughout the North Umpqua and Diamond Lake Ranger Districts. Started as multiple fires.   Start 8/11/2017 around 1030 hours. Majority were lightning caused and moved through the area in August.  Main fires separated into east and west zones.  39,298 acres. 34% contained.  Estimated containment is 9/30/2017. $25,500,000 CTD.  #UmquaNorthComplex

Briefing at Toketee Ranger Station, by DOTY AKIMT


887 personnel. 15 crews, 65 engines and 5 helicopters.

Fire behavior is active with up hill runs, group torching and backing.

Year-to-date, there have been 47,473 wildfires with a total of 7,995,650 acres. (US fire stats).

UNO PEAK FIRE.  16 miles NE of Manson, WA. Start 8/30/2017.  Cause unknown. 6,789 acres.  1% contained. Estimated containment date is 10/15/2017. $1,900,000 CTD. #UnoPeak

243 personnel. 5 crews, 8 engines and 1 helicopter.

Felling snags on Uno Peak Fire, Sept. 6, 2017

Fire behavior is active with torching, flanking and backing.

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