Some Wildfires Dying Down | Sept 10 2017

POST SUMMARY |  The tireless efforts of thousands of firefighters across the Northwest are beginning to make a dent into the many wildfires burning in our areas.  
Nationally speaking, there were 121 new wildfires reported on Sunday, with them being light initial fire activity.  Four of them were new large new incidents.  There are a minimum of 38 not contained fires with 2 Area Command teams with 2 NIMOs, 16 Type 1 IMTs and 22 Type 2 IMTs committed throughout the United States.
Know a wildland firefighter or a deployed/previously deployed member?  Remember to thank them for their hard work in protecting properties and saving lives.  There are countless other Agencies and organizations that support these men/women on the fire line and interface with the communities they work to save.
Law Enforcement Officials have released preliminary investigation information on the Eagle Creek Fire burning in Oregon.  The cause of this fire is from discharged fireworks by at least one 15-year old and Police are seeking additional assistance from the Public to locate additional possible other teens seen in the area.
Here is our recap for Sunday, September 10, 2017, showing some have been downgraded to minimal fire behavior and much-needed rain occurring over the fire line.


Pacific Cascade Region – WA DNR.  3 miles from Dodson (Skamania County), WA. Timber, brush and grass fire fuels.  #ArcherMtnFire

Credit: WA DNR

253 acres. 30% contained.  Fire crews continue with line construction and burnout operations.  Evacuation orders have been downgraded.

Credit: WA DNR

12 homes, 10 others are currently under threat.

110 personnel. 3 crews, 11 engines, 0 helicopters or any other equipment assigned.


2 miles NE of Keller, WA. Start 8/9/2017. Colville Agency. Lightning caused.   #BridgeCreekFire

3,711 acres. 98% contained.   Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering.  Firefighters to mop-up, secure lines, patrol and monitor fire.  To remove 34 miles of hose lines and pumps has been much completed.

100 personnel. 2 crews, 8 engines and 0 helicopters or any other equipment.

$16,200,000 Cost-to-date.


Congressional and State and Forest Service Reps visited the Fire. Credit: Forest Service NW.

PUBLIC COMMUNITY MEETING. 9/10/2017 @ 1800 hours. Illinois Valley H.S. 625 E. River St in Cave Junction, OR. Hosted by the Chetco Bar Fire – East Zone IMT.

5 miles NE of Brookings , OR  (SW part of the State) on the Rogue River-Siskiyou NF in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Lightning caused.  Fire fuels include:  mixed conifer, brush and snags from previous fire scars (2002 Biscuit Fire and 1987 Silver Fire scars). #ChetcoBarFire

184,207 acres. 5% contained.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering and creeping.  Flight recon showing low minimal flames and the fire stalled on tops of ridges above cool north-facing slopes and sites with green vegetation. RH has increased and fuels are retaining moisture from previously storms that have passed through the area.

The Northern side of the fire is showing more active fire behavior than the Eastern flank.  Fire crews have successfully secured established containment lines, totally 50 miles.  Today, hand crews will work closing small gaps in the fire lines on the Eastern flank.

Unified Command is made up of CFPA, OSFM and PNW Team 3.

A wooden building with a metal roof has hoselines across the ground around it and sprinklers set on low posts. A higher tripod behind one corner also holds a sprinkler.

Structure protection using hoses and sprinkler system to protect the McCaleb Ranch building. Credit: NW IMT #13

Resources include: 2 Type 3, 2 Type 2, 1 Type 1 and National Guard Type 1 helicopters. 9 Type 2 crews, 9 engines, 6 fallers, 6 bulldozers, 1 water tender, 3 masticators and 1 skidder.  Total 1,421 personnel.

Incident Cooperators include Red Cross, BLM, USDA Forest Service, Brookings F&R, Coos FPA, Curry County, Harbor RFPD, Illinois Valley FD, Josephine County (JoCo), OR DOT, OR DOF and OR State Fire Marshal.

8,523 homes, 3,713 non-residential, 50 minor structures threatened. 1 home, 8 non-residential structures damaged and 6 homes, 24 other structures destroyed.

TFR issued by the FAA is in effect.

$40,800,000 Cost-to-Date.


Fire is burning in both the United States and Canada, as the fire had previously crossed over.  We are covering in both locations.

27 miles NNW of Winthrop, WA.  12 miles North of Mazama, WA. Start 7/23/2017. Possible human-caused.  #DiamondCreekFire

Photos and a video from mid-afternoon recon flight on August 10, of confluence of Drake Creek and Jinks Creek area.

Diamond Creek fire on 8/10/2017 from an afternoon recon flight showing that of Drake Creek and Jinks Creek areas. Credit: John Szulc/OSC1.

More fire personnel arrived today bring the total to 85 personnel with 1 helicopter and 1 bulldozer.

91,500 acres in the U.S. and 14,000 acres in Canada. 30% contained.

Recon air flight conducted over fire line and active fire at the head of Monument Creek with fire fuels to the South.  Weather was moderate overnight with increased humidity and lower temps.  The fire did not spread very much to the South.  Fire perimeter remains two miles North of the fire line that prompted a Level 2 evacuation in the Mazama communities.

Fire continues to burn in steep, rugged terrain in the Pasaytan Wilderness.

500 homes, 6 mixed used and 150 minor structures currently being threatened. 1 home, plus 2 minor structures  have been destroyed.

$12,200,000 Cost-to-Date.


COMMUNITY MEETING.  9/11/2017 (Monday). 1800 hours. Edgefield Amphitheater at 2126 Halsey Street, Troutdale, OR.

Night back burn off of I-84 west of Cascade Locks

Burnout operations during night operations off of I-84 West of Cascade Locks, OR.

A break in the weather with moderate temps, higher RH levels and lighter winds has allowed Fire crews to make good progress on this fire.

2 miles South of Cascade Locks, OR on the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (USFS).  Start 9/2/2017.  Human caused.  #EagleCreekFire

Fire behavior is active with group torching, flanking and backing.  Smoke to remain moderate and to impact fire activities but not as serious as the day prior. 33,382 acres.  7% contained.  Estimated containment date is 9/30/2017.

Type 6 IMT (IC).  WA DNR is responsible / lead Fire Agency. 987 personnel.

This IS what the EOC looks like during a Disaster and all the faces behind coordination/communication activities. Credit: Forest Service NW.

Level 3 Evacuations.  Cascade Locks South of WaNaPa. Warrendale. Dodson to Larch Mtn. LaTourell. Corebbe East of the 38700 block of Hwy 30.  Archer Mtn and West of Deville Rd. in Skamania County, Washington.

Level 2 Evacuations.  Cascade Locks North of WaNaPa, Viento State Park along I-84 corridor, Wyeth. 38700 block of Hwy to the Sandy River.  Smith-Cripe Rd, Franz Rd. Dim Mill Rd., Archer Mtn. Rd. and East of Deville Rd.

Night back burn off of I-84 west of Cascade Locks

Level 1 Evacuations.  Public land West of Hwy 281 (Lost Lake area), North of Mt. Hood. Portions of Hood River. Area running from Collins Rd. in Dee at the South end of I-84 on the North end and all areas West of Country Club South to Reed Rd., running due South to Hwy 281 and along 281 to MP 12.5.  The Middle Fork of the Hood River until it comes parallel with the South end of Collins Road.  East of 257th, North of Stark and West of the Sandy River in Troutdale.  Mabee Mines Rd.

Red Cross Shelter.  Contact EOC 509-427-8076 for Shelter info.  Set-up at the Skamania Fairgrounds, across from Stevenson, WA.

Smoke Conditions Info.

A green harden canopy has a red and white Fire Information sign. The canopy has tables and people are visible beneath the canopy

Public Education at the Hood River Saturday Farmer’s Market.

Multnomah Co. Sheriff Updates:

Hood River Co. Sheriff Updates:

Road Closures:

Fire Wise Tips/Info:

$7,100,000 CTD.


Includes 3 fires. East Crater Fire, Bear Creek Fire and Siouxon Fire located in proximity of 12 miles West of Trout Lake, WA. #EastCraterFire #BearCreekFire #SiouxonFire

EAST CRATER FIRE.  Low temps, light rain has kept fire activities low and reducing fire spread to a minimal and fire size of 467 acres. Crews continue to remove trees and brush to prep roads on the East side as fire line to reduce fire spread outside of the wilderness. Fire has been burning in the Indian Heaven Wilderness since the fire started on 9/3/2017.

BEAR CREEK FIRE.  Saturday was aided by cooler temps and higher humidity enabling crews to make great progress securing the fire line and mop-up operations.  Crews will focus on locating remaining heat and extinguishing hot spots in the interior when safe to do so. Fire is 36 acres.  This fire is located 3 miles NE of Carson, Washington.  Concerns of protecting the Bear Creek Watershed remains on the top of their priority list due to the values at risk as this is the water supply for the community of Carson.

SIOUXION FIRE.  Gifford Pinchot NF, a 10-person crew from WA DNR and a set of fallers continued constructing line around the 2 acre ire.  This fire is located 1/4 mile off the Siouxon trail approximately 1 mile up from 5701 Road trailhead.


2 fires. Umpqua NF. 25 miles East of Tiller, OR. #FalconComplex

225 personnel. 6 crews, 14 engines and 1 helicopters with no additional equipment assigned.

2,935 acres. 68% contained. The fire behavior is minimal.

There are 5 homes and 15 minor structures threatened.

$14,800,000 Cost-to-Date.


4 fires burning within the Crater Lake National Park, the Rogue River – Siskiyou NF on the High Cascades Ranger District, the Umpqua NF, Tiller Ranger District and the Fremont – Winema NF in the Sky Lakes wilderness, OR.   Fire behavior is moderate with isolated torching, creeping and smoldering. #HighCascadesComplex

PUP FIRE.   A spot fire was discovered on Saturday on the South flank of the Pup Fire in the Lone Prairie area.  Ground and aerial resources responded and quickly contained the spot fire to a single acre fire.

BROKEN LOOKOUT FIRE. Crews continued with  prep work on the north end of 6510 Rd.  Burnout and mop-up operations in effect.

Totals:  425 personnel. 16 crews, 39 engines and 6 helicopters assigned.  70,654 acres. 21% contained.

69 homes, 23 mixed used and 100 minor structures are under threat. 1 structure has been destroyed.  Level 2 in the McKenzie River area downgraded from a Level 2 to a Level 1.

$40,200,000 Cost-to-Date.


5 fires. Willamette NF. 50 miles East of Roseburg, OR. Managing Rebel Fire and Nash Fires. 7 miles South of Belknap Springs, OR. Timber.  Total acres are 29,417 with a 0% containment status.  776 personnel. 28 crews, 8 helicopters and 13 engines.  #HorseCreekComplex

Smoke and ash at the Horse Creek Road Guard on September 4.

NASH FIRE.  4 miles from Elk Lake. Has burned almost to the edge of Nash Lake.  Crews will using a Lakota helicopter equipped with daytime infrared capability to determine exact location of the fire perimeter and areas of active fires.  6,376 acres.  #NashFire  Level 2.  Elk and Hosmer Lakes in Deschutes County.   Level 1.  Lava Lake and Little Lava Lake.  For Evacuation alerts, sign up through the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office or call 541-693-6911.

Structures prepared with sprinklers ahead of the fire

OLALLIE LOOKOUT FIRE. 1,174 acres. The Lakota copter will fly over this fire along with the RONEY FIRE (3,135 acres).  Both fires show minimal fire behavior and are being monitored.

SEPARATION FIRE.  Fire crews are working both sides on the East and West of this fire burning on the North side of Hwy 242.  Copters are being used to assist with fire suppression and containment activities on the fire’s edge.

REBEL FIRE.  Crews completed containment lines along with FS rd. 19 (Aufderheide Drive) from Box Canyon to Cougar Dam.  They continue to remove fallen trees or ones that are threatening on FS Rd. 19.    7,706 acres.  $5,300,000 Cost-to-Date. #RebelFire

View from a helicopter of the Horse Creek Complex(Roney Fire) burning in the Three Sisters Wilderness

AVENUE FIRE.  Located South of Foley Hot Springs and SE of McKenzie Bridge.  Fire is visible from the Community of McKenzie Bridge and it is moving down the ridge above King Rd. towards fire lines. Structure protection to be conducted along Hwy 242 between Foley Hot Springs and Camp White Branch.


BOX CANYON FIRE.  27 acres.

PETE FIRE.  51 acres.

$3,700,000 Cost-to-Date.


Horse Prairie Fire Panoramic Photo

12 miles West of Riddle and 8 miles SE of Camas Valley, OR  on the Douglas Fire Protective Association lands. Reported 8/27/2017 around 1530 hours.  Cause is unknown.  #HorsePrairieFire

776 personnel with 28 crews, 8 helicopters and 13 engines.

Incident Cooperators include:  DFPA, Coos FPA, OR DOF andTenmile RFD, along with multiple industrial landowners, logging companies and contract firefighting crews.

16,436 acres. 40% contained. Estimated containment date is 9/15/2017.

2 structures have been lost. 9 homes are threatened.

$14,400,000 Cost-to-Date.


Jack Creek Fire View From Van Epps Pass Sept 9

2,732 acres. 0% contained.

Minimal fire behavior with creeping and isolated single tree torching.  Fire was observed as having moved into the Jack Creek, Stuart and Eightmile Lake basins.

Point protection implemented by the Wenatchee River Ranger District trail members, Wilderness Rangers and Stock Program Lead assisted local Fire District firefighters with recreational facilities within the Alpine Lakes areas.  Pack animals transported in 65# of wrap for structural protection.  Phase I consisted of wrapping Wallowa wood toilets at Eightmile, Little Eightmile and Stuart Lakes. Wood signage was also removed.

Unknown cost-to-date known.


WA State Gov. Jay Inslee declared a State-of-Emergency for this wildfire and others across the State.

Photo credit: Ken Gregor

Conditions firefighters face on the Jolly Mtn. Fire. Credit: Ken Gregor (via Inciweb)

11 miles NW of Cle Elum, WA.  Start 8/11/2017. Lightning caused. Type 1 PNW Team 2.  #JollyMtnFire

814 personnel. 17 crews, 5 helicopters and 75 engines. (State Mobe staffed)

Incident Cooperators include the American Red Cross, USFS – Okanogan – Wenatchee NF, Kittitas County Fire Districts #7 and 6 along with the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office, Nature Conservancy, Redmond Hotshots and WA DNR.

Photo credit: Kale Casey

Hotshot Crews in Fire camp. Credit: Kale Casey

29,432 acres. 10% containment.  Fire is moderate behavior with backing, group torching and spotting.  Portions of the fire is backing with some group torching in pockets of unburned heavy ground fuels.  Estimated containment date is 10/15/2017.

The fire is currently backing towards containment lines on the West and East sides and is expected along the Northern perimeter.  Limited growth is expected.  On the West perimeter crews will begin construction of indirect fire lines South of Salmon la Sac to protect assets at risk to the North.  On the East perimeter, crews are firing areas in Jungle Creek and Johnson Creek to remove fire fuels.  Structure protection still in effect.

Photo credit: Kale Casey

Filling station on the Jolly Mtn Fire. Credit Kale Casey

EVACUATION INFO.  Kittitas County.  Evacuations in effect until at least Monday, 9/11/2017.

RED CROSS SHELTER.  Putnam Centennial Center (Senior Center). 719 E. 3rd Street, Cle Elum, WA 98922.

There are 4,204 homes and 1,073 minor structures currently still being threatened.

$16,500,000 Cost-to-date.


Start 8/10/2017 around 1850 hours.  Located in the Little Fall Creek watershed in the Willamette NF and 9 miles East of Fall Creek Reservoir, as well as 1 mile North of Clark Butte, OR. Lightning caused.  #JonesFire

Unified Command consists of the NW IMT Team #12, Willamette NF and the OR DOF. Command will be returned from the Type 2 IMT to a local unit today. 406 personnel. 12 crews, 17 engines and 3 helicopters.

Fire behavior is minimal with backing, flanking and single-tree torching.  8,536 acres. 48% contained.

4 homes and 1 minor structure is being threatened.  1 structure destroyed.

Green trees may be weakened by the 2003 previous fire.  Crews will continue to secure containment lines and mop-up operations.  Focus on the new Forest Service Rd 18 spot fire is being addressed.

Closures in effect.

$16,800,000 Cost-to-Date.


17 miles East Cave Junction OR.  25 fires. Start 8/14/2017 by lightning. #MillerComplex

Creedence Fire.  7 miles South of Williams.  2,089 acres. 40% contained. Min fire behavior.

Bigelow Fire.  Same location as Creedence Fire. 71 acres. 72% containment.  Min fire behavior.

Burnt Peak Fire.  9 miles SW of Ruch, 3 miles N of Applegate Lake. 447 acres. 74% containment.  Crews to secure containment lines.

Abney Fire. South of Applegate Lake, North of Seiad Valley, CA.  27,160 acres. 12% contained. Fire moving to the South.

Cedar Fire.  Fire burning in the Red Buttes Wilderness area.

Totals:  34,126 acres. 35% containment status. 604 personnel. 15 crews, 35 engines, 6 helicopters. Fire is moderate with flanking, backing and torching.  110 homes, 20 mixed use buildings and 5 minor structures are currently being threatened.

$18,900,000 Cost-to-Date.


Deschutes NF. 9 miles West of Sisters, OR. Timber. #MilliFire

59 personnel. 2 crews, 5 engines.

Fire behavior is active with flanking and backing.  24,025 acres. 60% contained.  Fire crews will work to repair and rehab lines along the Northwestern fire edge.  Growth is expected to occur.

205 homes are under threat.

$15,000,000 Cost-to-Date.


11 miles West of Cliffdell, WA. Start 8/11/2017. Lightning caused.  #NorsePeakFire #AmericanFire

Incident Cooperators include Nile – Cliffdell FD, WA DNR, Okanogan – Wenatchee NF, WA State National Guard, WA DNR,  Yakima County Sheriff Office, WA State DOT, WA State EM and the Yakima Valley OEM.

Image may contain: 4 people

National Guard during a briefing on the Norse Peak Fire.

NORSE  PEAK FIRE.  49,997 acres.  12% containment. Crews continue to work on SR 410.  Smoke has increased and moderate fire behavior occurred due to under story fire fuels.  Fire is contained to the North side SR 410.  Fire creeping towards structures in the Crystal Mtn, Gold Hill and Silver Springs areas. Crews working hard to remove vegetation, establish handlines and sprinkler lines int he area. It’s been determined enough fire resources are in the area to stop any significant fire spread. Work on FS Rd. 462 is complete.


Structure protection of cabins.

1 minor injury reported.

599  personnel.  13 crews, 33 engines, 4 helicopters, 3 bulldozers, 10 water tenders.

AMERICAN FIRE. 1,958 acres. Increased fire activity on Saturday with rollout (ignited materials) rolling down into unburned fuels.  Fire is now more active with uphill runs in under story in dead, down and ground fire fuels.  Air resources deployed and were very successful in limiting fire spread.  Structure protection in effect along Bumping River Rd. from the lake to Ira Ford Lane. Firefighters will continue to work their way North today.

CA Central Coast IMT is now Fire Management on this wildfire.

Closure List here –>

$10,500,000 Cost-to-Date (Norse Peak) and $440,000 Cost-to-Date (American Fire) = Total $10,940,000.


Fremont-Winema NF. IMT 2. 25 miles NW of Klamath Falls, OR. #NorthPelicanFire

Fire behavior is moderate with soldering, flanking and single-tree torching.  3,474 acres. 25% containment.

219 personnel. 3 crews, 22 engines and 0 helicopters.

CLOSURES. FS lands West of Westside Rd. East of Pelican Butte Rd. North of FS Rd. 3554.  South of FS rd. 3519.

$4,500,000 Cost-to-Date.


Between FS Rd. 830 and Hwy 20 South of Lost Lake Campground in OR.  Reported 8/29/2017. Cause unknown.  #PotatoHillFire

11 personnel. 2 engines.

Fire behavior is minimal. 199 acres with 95% containment.

$377,000 Cost-to-Date.


COMMUNITY MEETING. 9/10/2017 @ 1800 hours. Greenwater FD. 59705 SR 410, Greenwater, WA.

DNR Crew

National Guards assisting Fire Command.

South Puget Sound Region – WA DNR. IMT West of the Norse Peak wilderness and South of the Tacoma watershed, WA.  Timber. #SawmillCreekFire

Started 9/4/2017 @ 1930 hours. PDT. 360 personnel. 10 crews, 20 engines, 3 bulldozers.  Management has transitioned from a Type 3 SE WA Team 1 to a Type 2 Southern CA IMT Team.  ICP is stationed at the Enumclaw Rodeo Grounds in Enumclaw, WA.

Incident Cooperators include:  Fish and Wildfire Service, NOAA, Mt. Baker-Snowualmie NF, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Pierce Co. Sheriff Office, WA DNR, WA State National Guard and WA DOT.

Fire remained within containment lines, located NE of the town of Greenwater.  Fire behavior was minimal overnight due to light rain and lower temps.  Continues to threaten the City of Tacoma watershed, industrial timberland, USFS forest lands and DNR protected lands.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, car and outdoor


TRAIL INFO. (Pacific Crest Trail or PCT)



Image may contain: sky and outdoor

848 acres. 0% contained.

No structures reported as damaged or destroyed.

No injuries have been reported.

$867,000 Cost-to-Date.


Burning on the Willamette National Forest, Middle Fork Ranger District and 23 miles South of Oakridge, OR.  Start 8/9/2017@ 2100 Hours PDT.  Lightning caused. 2,300 acres and 81% contained.  #Staley Fire

Fire behavior is minimal as rain fell over the fire line on Thursday, September 7, 2017.

90 personnel.  1 crew and 6 engines.

$8,300,000 CTD.


COMMUNITY MEETING. 9/11/2017 (Monday).  1700 hours.  2900 NW Stewart Pkwy, Roseburg, OR.

Located 50 miles East of Roseburg, OR and along 35 miles of the Hwy 138 corridor and spread throughout the North Umpqua and Diamond Lake Ranger Districts. Started as multiple fires.   Start 8/11/2017 around 1030 hours.  Lightning caused.  Fire fuels include Timber, tall grass and brush.  Complex has 9 active wildfires.

Welcome to Umpqua

Majority were lightning caused and moved through the area in August.  Main fires separated into east and west zones.   #UmquaNorthComplex

Tents are lined up for soldiers of Task Force Spearhead 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington Friday morning, Sept. 8, 2017, at the Incident Command Post for the Umpqua North Complex. The 200 so

Tents lined up for Task Force Spearhead consisting of 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat team, 7th Infantry Division (JBLM) at the ICP.

CA IMT Team 4 is Fire Management team. 998 personnel.

39,529 acres. 36% containment  Estimated containment is 9/30/2017.

Happy Dog Fire.  Mop-up operations on the primary containment lines on the East side to continue.

Soldiers of Task Force Spearhead 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington listen to a briefing Friday morning, Sept. 8, 2017, at the Incident Command Post for the Umpqua North Complex. The 200 sold

Task Force Spearhead being briefed at the ICP.

Devil Fire.  Continuing with fire suppression activities.

Fall Creek Fire.  In monitor status. 100% contained.

Hwy 138 Fire.  Crews working to secure and improve containment lines to contain fire heading towards the Hwy 138 corridor.

Additional wildfires are Oak Nob Fire, Brokentooth Fire, Copeland Fire, Rattlesnake Fire, #320 Fire and #443 Fire.

Burn Operation in Toketee Falls

Burnout operations in progress

Fires are still threatening homes and is due to continue to spread and will continue threatening additional structures, as well power lines, road system, commercial timber values.

EVACUATIONS.  Level 1.  Changed from Level 2 to Level 1.  Dry Creek / Illahee Flat areas on Hwy 138 from MP 46.5 to MP 49. Soda Springs/Slide Creek area on Hwy 138 from MP 53 to 56.

Transmission Lines.  Re-energized South transmission line between Illahee Flat and Fish Creek Power Plant.  This allows Fish Creek Power Plan to power the electrical grid.

Burn Operation in Toketee Falls

Task Force Spearhead.  10X Crews organized into 3X Strike Teams, overhead and support personnel US Army is providing ,conducted their last day of field training.  The unit is scheduled to be or is already operational today.

Incident Cooperators include BLM, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Douglas Forest Protective Association, OR DOF and OR DOT.

$27,700,000 Cost-to-Date.


16 miles NE of Manson, WA. Start 8/30/2017.  Cause unknown. 7, 236 acres.  1% contained. Estimated containment date is 10/15/2017. #UnoPeak

273 personnel. 5 crews, 8 engines and 1 helicopter.

Fire behavior is active with torching, flanking and backing.

$2,600,000 Cost-to-Date.

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