Nationally Fires Are Dwindling | Sept 28 2017

POST SUMMARY | Nationally speaking, the number of large and uncontained wildfires are down.  Reported today, there were 62 new fires that required light initial attack activity.  Three of these were new large incidents, says the National Interagency Coordination Center or NICC for short.

However, there are multiple fires with minimal fire behavior.  One fire was contained as of yesterday, which is good news considering how long of these fires have been burning up the NW landscapes all around us.

We are still seeing that 3 Type 1 and 12 Type 2 IMTs are still committed in our along along with one NIMO.

Fire Fact:  As of today, there are 66 active wildfires staffed by 192 crews, 521 engines, 42 helicopters and 9,028 personnel.  Overall, 1,595,667 acres have been scorched.

The NW is reporting as of today’s date, there are 7 new wildfires and thankfully, none of them are new large incidents.  However, 9 of them are being still classified as uncontained.  We are still seeing 2 Type 1 and 6 Type 2 IMTs that are committed in our region.

This is our recap for Wednesday, September 28, 2017.

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Horse Prairie Fire Panoramic Photo

HORSE PRAIRIE FIRE.  Douglas Forest Protective Association.  15 miles West of Canyonville (OR).  Started 8/26/2017 @ 1530 hours.  Unknown cause. Local Type 3 IMT (DFPA unit).  Timber (litter/understory), brush and short grass. 16,436 acres.  95% contained. 57 personnel.  Fire crews to continue to mop up in all Divisions.

Repair of dozer line, Div X, near O'Brien and FR 455

CHETCO BAR LIFE. Rogue River – Siskiyou NF.  Kalmiopsis Wilderness in the Illinois River Valley.  Lightning caused.  Timber, chaparral and Douglas Fir.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.  191,088 acres.  97% contained.  541 personnel. 

This map shows the perimeters of the fires in the Horse Creek Complex and the Rebel Fire for Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017

HORSE CREEK COMPLEX.  Willamette National Forest.  (5 fires) AVENUE FIRE.  McKenzie River Ranger District.  3 miles SE of McKenzie Bridge. Started 8/11/2017 by Lightning. 3,574 acres.    OLALLIE LOOKOUT FIRE.  McKenzie River Ranger District within the Three Sisters Wilderness.  Started 8/10/2017 by Lightning. 1,572 acres.  RONEY FIRE.  McKenzie River Ranger District with the Three Sisters Wilderness.  8/10/2017 by Lightning. 3,548 acres.  SEPARATION FIRE.  McKenzie River Ranger District within the Three Sisters Wilderness.  Started 8/10/2017 by lightning.  17,914 acres.  NASH FIRE.  Willamette NF in the McKenzie River Ranger District within Three Sisters Wilderness area. Started 8/10/2017 by Lightning.  6,738 acres.  170 total personnel.  Minimal fire behavior on all fires with smoldering.

Clearing Area Around Cabin at Goose Prairie

NORSE PEAK FIRE.  Okanogan/Wenatchee NF.  Minimal fire behavior with isolated pockets of slow surface spread where the fire is sheltered by tree canopy and continued burning in larger dead of downed trees. 55,909 acres.  AMERICAN FIRE.   Minimal fire behavior.  99% contained. 



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