#OtayFire Forward Spread Stopped | California | 2


A fire broke out off the Otay Lakes Road this afternoon on Monday, January 1, 2018 from an unknown cause.

Fire crews from the CAL FIRE – San Diego were quickly on-scene and reported there were actually two small fires, with the largest already reached a full acre.  The fire  would be put out quickly with a total of two acres destroyed.

Resources were said to remain on-scene and committed into the evening hours.

This area has been hit by fire many times over in the last five years.  Here is a timeline of those fire incidents.  (Info is gleaned from mostly Twitter from actual fire pressers, media and eyewitnesses).

5/17/2017:  14600 block x Otay Lakes Road.

  • Mobile home fire
  • With exposures
  • Hashtag #OtayIC

5/20- 5/21/2017:  Near Otay Lakes Road x Hwy 94, South of Jamul

Gate Fire. (Credit: CAL FIRE – San Diego)

  • RV campground evacuated
  • Dubbed #GateFire
  • Reaches 1500 acres
  • Prompts closures of roadways including Otay Lakes Road, Hwy 94
  • Cause under criminal investigation after video surfaces
  • Mandatory evacuations in effect
  • EB/WB SR 94 closes @ Otay Lakes Rd
  • Located on Otay Mountain where fire originated

6/19/2016:  Otay Lakes Road x EB Hwy 94

  • Closed at 188 due to #BorderFire

7/8/2016:  Near Otay Lakes Road x Hwy 94

  • 10 acres totally burned
  • CAL FIRE, San Diego Co FD response

4/30/2016:  Otay Lakes Road

  • Limited info.

11/30/2015:  Otay Lakes Road Fire

6/26 – 7/5/2015:  Near Otay Lakes Road x Woods Drive, San Diego County.

  • Brush Fire
  • CAL FIRE, Chula Vista FD response
  • 80 acres destroyed
  • Structure threatened
  • Fire reported 6/26/2017 around 1600 hours PST

11/23/2014:  Otay Lakes Road, West of Hwy 94.

  • MVA caused fire
  • Otay Lake Rd, closed at Hwy 94
  • 1/2 acre wildfire sparked

11/6/2014:  Near Upper Otay Lakes Reservoir

  • Small brush fire ignited
  • CAL FIRE Chula Vista FD response
  • Quickly put out
  • 1/4 acre burned

7/28/2013:   Off of Otay Lakes Rd

  • Brush fire
  • CAL FIRE – San Diego responds
  • 5 acres burned with no structure damage
  • SR 94 and SR 188 closed 

And, the fires in the same area continue on….


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