#RockhamFire Name Changes to #RockinFire | 2


UPDATE | AS of 00:01 PST, the IC changed the name from #RockhamFire to #Rockin as the addressed to show on Rockin Drive. (Chico Fire-Rescue IC)

Butte County, California | Firefighters were dispatched to a structure fire after multiple calls to 9-1-1.  The fire is said to be located in the 3200 block of Rockham Drive in Chico, California that began burning around 2311 hours PST on Tuesday, Februay 6, 2018.


There is no known cause for this fire at this time.


The fire has been designated by the IC as #RockhamCommand.  We are also using the hashtag #RockhamFire.


Around 2328 hours PST, Engine 2 arrived on-scene and reporting a large outbuilding on fire with multiple exposures.

Crews knocked down the majority of the fire around 2249 PST hours.  They were also in the middle of a recycling/crew change out.

Photo Credit: Chico Fire-Rescue


Firefighters would later report around 2332 hours PST, the fire had spread to include multiple trailers, RVs and outbuildings.  Evacuations in the local area were in progress but have since been discontinued as of 2352 PST.  PD was notified by Fire Dispatch.


Current weather conditions are temps of 50*F, clear and winds at 3 mph with 53% humidity.


The Chico Fire-Rescue has 59 full-time personnel, which 57 of them are uniformed. There are seven active volunteer firefighters. They currently have four fire stations with the modernized 30 pieces of fire apparatus stationed at each one, one training center that serves the Chico population of 92,464 in a 33-square mile radius.

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