* OOA * AZ Wildfire CAD Activity – May 12, 2018

STATEWIDE, Arizona – Here is the most up-to-date current Wildfire CAD Activity for the State of Arizona on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

#2 Spitz Fire – AZ – KNF.  Dispatched at 1149 hours.  0.25 acres.  Contained at 1356 hours. (Williams Dispatch Center)

595 Fire – I-10, mile marker 200.  Dispatched at 1540 hours MST. Limited info.  (AZ Dispatch Center)

By Pass Fire – Hwy 85, milepost 125.  Dispatched at 1903 MST.  Still an open incident. Limited info. (AZ Dispatch Center).

Camino Fire – I-10 milepost 219.  Dispatched 1547 hours MST.  0.1 acres. Limited info. (AZ Dispatch Center)

Garwood Fire – Garwood Trail off of Douglas Springs. Dispatched 0724 hours MST.  0.1 acres.  Cause:  Abandoned campfire.  Fire out. (Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center)

Illegal Campfire – White Spar Campground Site #5. Dispatched at 1000 hours MST.  Limited info.  (Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center)

Illegal Campfire #1 – Flagstaff.  0.1 acre. Dispatched at 1314 hours.  0.1 acre. Out at 1400 hours MST. (Flagstaff Dispatch Center)

Illegal Campfire #2 – Flagstaff.  Dispatched at 1838 hours. Limited details. (Flagstaff Dispatch Center)

Pinery Fire – Pinery Canyon.  Dispatched at 1338 hours MST.  Initial resources BN 3-2 CAPT 3-2 DOUGLAS engines 362, 307. * See our large wildfire coverage listed this as a single wildfire* (AZ Dispatch Center)

Slims Fire – I-140 Milemarker 233.  Dispatched at 1557 hours MST.  0.1 acres. (AZ Dispatch Center)

Sombrero Fire (Photo Credit: AZ State Forestry)

Sombrero Fire – 7 miles east of Mammoth, near the Galiuro Mountains, Graham County.  Dispatched at 1349 hours.  Initial resources CAPT 3-1 ENG 361 FT GRANT FUELS 3-8-1 TUCSON 1.  135 acres.  Crews are hiking in to the fire line due to the terrain is very rugged. (AZ Dispatch Center, AZ State Forestry)

Tinder Fire – 20 miles NE of Pine on the Coconino National Forest. Timber fuels. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering and creeping. 16,309 acres. 79% contained.  83 personnel. 1 crew, 5 engines, 2 helicopters.  96 structures lost. $7M CTD. (NIFC.gov)

Woods Fire (Photo Credit: Apache Sitgreaves NFs)

Woods Fire – near Forest Rd 195, west / northwest of Woods Canyon Lake on the Black Mesa Ranger District on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.  Started Friday, May 11, 2018 at 1400 hours MST.  130 acres of ponderosa pine and grass understory.  RED FLAG WARNING in effect.

Sources:  WildCAD, NIFC, Twitter, Facebook

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