Seattle Fire Activity Log | May 24, 2018

SEATTLE, Wa. – Want to know what is happening in a City near you?  Here is Thursday’s recap for the City of Seattle Fire Department.

0133 | Fire in Building | 5900 block x E Marginal Way S | Light smoke seen. Fire extinguished around 0146. Units went back into service quickly.  Cause under investigation.  Dispatched E26 FIREEBOAT L7 A14 AIR9 B2 B7 DEP1 E11 E13 E36 E5 E6 L1 L3 M28 M44 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10.

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Stock Photo | Credit: NW Fire Blog

0202 | Fire in Single Res | 11000 block x Beacon ave S | Detached garage fully engulfed. 2 Alarm fire. PIO immediately dispatched.  Cause under investigation.  Dispatched E33 B2 E27 L12 E28 A14 AIR9 B7 DEP1 E27 E36 L1 M28 M44 MAR5 SAFT2 STAF10

0817 | Fire in Single Res | 900 block x 38th Avenue | L3 initially dispatched to scene. Full response immediately called.  Fire started in a dishwasher.  Fire was immediately under control by firefighters.  Smoke alarms alerted owner by phone. Dispatched A5 AIR9 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E25 E34 E6 L10 M10 M44 MAR5 SAFT2 STAF10

1218 |  Brush Fire | Airport Way S x S Royal Brougham Way | Dispatched unit was E27. Unknown cause. Limited details.

1518 | Car Fire | 9700 block x Aurora Ave N | E31 dispatched.

1818 | Brush Fire | 3600 block x NE 105th Street | E40 dispatched.

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