Washington Wildfire: #RangerSpotFire

KETTLE FALLS, Wash. – A fire that was dispatched as a wildfire broke out at the Landfill in Stevens County on June 4, 2018.  Resources were dispatched at 1423 hours to the Ranger Spot Fire  located on Highway 25 south in Kettle Falls, Washington.

The fire was quickly held and contained at 0.01 acres at 1600 hours PDT.

The cause is unknown at this time.

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Seattle Fire Activity Log | May 24, 2018

SEATTLE, Wa. – Want to know what is happening in a City near you?  Here is Thursday’s recap for the City of Seattle Fire Department.

0133 | Fire in Building | 5900 block x E Marginal Way S | Light smoke seen. Fire extinguished around 0146. Units went back into service quickly.  Cause under investigation.  Dispatched E26 FIREEBOAT L7 A14 AIR9 B2 B7 DEP1 E11 E13 E36 E5 E6 L1 L3 M28 M44 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10.

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0202 | Fire in Single Res | 11000 block x Beacon ave S | Detached garage fully engulfed. 2 Alarm fire. PIO immediately dispatched.  Cause under investigation.  Dispatched E33 B2 E27 L12 E28 A14 AIR9 B7 DEP1 E27 E36 L1 M28 M44 MAR5 SAFT2 STAF10

0817 | Fire in Single Res | 900 block x 38th Avenue | L3 initially dispatched to scene. Full response immediately called.  Fire started in a dishwasher.  Fire was immediately under control by firefighters.  Smoke alarms alerted owner by phone. Dispatched A5 AIR9 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E25 E34 E6 L10 M10 M44 MAR5 SAFT2 STAF10

1218 |  Brush Fire | Airport Way S x S Royal Brougham Way | Dispatched unit was E27. Unknown cause. Limited details.

1518 | Car Fire | 9700 block x Aurora Ave N | E31 dispatched.

1818 | Brush Fire | 3600 block x NE 105th Street | E40 dispatched.

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity – May 23, 2018

NORTHWEST, Wa/Id/Or. – Here is your SitRep for the Northwest area showing wildfire activity for May 23, 2018.


The Idaho City Ranger District has a planned Prescribed burn on May 24, 2018.  Scheduled to burn 5-10 acres.  This is for the SW ID Fire Training (SWIFT) burn.  This will take place along Granite Creek 327A Road on the Boise National Forest.

8017 Fire | 43 40.446, -119 48.126.  Dispatched 5/23/2018 @ 1636 hours.  Limited details. (Burns Interagency Communication Center – OR)

0229 NE Fire | 43 43.632, -120 47.922. Dispatched 1226 hours.  .25 acres.  Limited info. (Central OR Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

047 Fire | Phipps Meadow.  Cpt613 E613 E617 Fuels 12 responded as resources. USFS personnel.  Dispatched at 1435 hours. Unknown burned acreage or cause. (John Day Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

Arcadia Park Fire | Deer Park. Spokane County.  Dispatched at 1550 hours.  Handled by another Agency/WFS. 0.1 acres. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

 Brockdale Road Fire | 21 E Melissa Lane.  E802 E806 E808. Caldwell (IC). Dispatched at 1637 hours.  Contained. Unknown acreage.  (South Puget Sound Dispatch – WA)

Cedar Mountain Fire | Deep Lake boundary.  Stevens County.  Grass, brush and slash.  Dispatched at 1518 hours. Resources o/s at 1600 hours.  0.1 acres. NC 322 and NC 341 (IC). (Northeast Washington Interagency Dispatch Center – WA)

Clapboard Gulch Fire | Clapboard Gulch.  Dispatched at 0718 hours.  .25 acres. (Rogue Valley Interagency Communication Center – OR)

Columbia Heights Fire | 4229 Columbia Heights, Longview.  Dispatched 1431 hours. Turned over to landowner.  0.1 acres. (Pacific Cascade Dispatch Center – WA)

Creekwood Drive SW Fire | 1621 Creekwood Dr SW.  Grass, brush and timber. E801 E803. Jewell (IC).  Resources o/s. Dispatched at 1704 hours.  (South Puget Sound Dispatch – WA)

Foster Fire | West of Foster Creek. Jackson County.  Dispatched 1331 hours. Contained at 1637 hours.  0.1 acres. (Rogue Valley Interagency Communication Center – OR)

Hancock Fire | Big Valley/Hancock Creek.  Okanogan County.  Grass and brush fire fuels. Dispatched 1320 hours. Contained at 1448 hours.  0.1 acres. Mutual aid also dispatched. (Central Washington/Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Centers – WA)

Harvard  Avenue Fire | Harvard Avenue. Brush fire fuel.  Dispatched at 1055 hours. 0.1 acres.  (South Puget Sound Dispatch –  WA)

High Meadow Fire | High Meadow.  Dispatched at 1556 hours. Contained at 1910 hours.  0.1 acres. (Lakeview Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

Hillcrest Way Fire | Kimberly Drive.  Stevens County.  Grass and brush.  Dispatched at 1747 hours.  Resources o/s at 1900 hours.  AR 448 (IC) arrived as well. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Independence Fire | Independence.  Pend Oreille County.  Grass, brush, reprod.  Dispatched at 1439 hours.  Contained at 1600 hours. Controlled at 1730 hours.  .58 acres. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Indian Butte Fire | 7 miles west of Bell Rapids. Grass fuels. Dispatched 1933 hours. Contained at 2130 hours. Controlled at 2230 hours.  101.6 acres. B2-6 E2414 TFD IC (@ 2139 hours).  (South Central Idaho Interagency Dispatch Center – ID)

Leach Road Fire | Leach Road.  Pierce County (Orting). Dispatched at 1511 hours. (South Puget Sound Dispatch – WA)

Tormey Fire | West Charles. Spokane County.  Grass, brush and light timber. AR 449 (IC) o/s. Dispatched at 1649 hours.  In patrol status.  0.01 acres. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

SOURCES | WildCAD, Official fire sources, Twitter, Facebook (official fire sources)

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1531 Hours PST  – DRD Piles – Alpine. Incident #CNF-89.

1134 Hours PST – FA/TRD – Hwy 91 / Gypsum. Incident #CNF-76.

0723 Hours PST – FA / TNR – Bridge near YMCA. Incident #TNR-68.


1122 Hours PST – 00004 NE Wildfire – 43.58.164, -121.16.608 (Lat/Long). Incident #DEF-4


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