NW Wildfires | Sit Rep Report | August 26, 2018

Here is a combined report on Northwest wildfires in the Washington and Oregon states.


Oregon State Department of Forestry

Ramsey Canyon Fire.  Medford Unit. 12 miles north of Eagle Point.  Timber, chaparral and short grass. Active fire behavior with backing, isolated torching and spotting. Structures and infrastructure under current threat. Evacuations and road closures in effect.  — 1,861 acres. 25% contained. 1,072 personnel.  30 crews. 66 engines. 8 helicopter.  1 structure lost.  — $3.6 Million Cost-to-date.

BLM – Medford District

Taylor Creek Fire.  10 miles West of Grants Pass.  IMT also managing the Klondike Fire.  Timber and brush are fire fuels.  Minimal fire behavior.  Structures threatened. Closures in effect. — 52,826 ares. 95% contained. 403 personnel.  9 crews.  22 engines. — $29.8 Million Cost-to-date.

Fremont – Winema National Forest

Watson Creek Fire.  13 miles west of Paisley. Timber and brush are fire fuels. Active fire behavior with single-tree torching, short crown runs and long-range spotting. Structures threatened.  Evacuation orders have been lifted.  Closures in effect. — 50,144 acres. 40% contained.  1040 personnel.  27 crews. 75 engines. 5 helos.  — $8.7 Million Cost-to-date.

Payette National Forest

Aerial view showing fire moving across ridges

Caton Fire.  7 miles Southwest of the Village of Yellowpine near Indian Point.   Started August 26, 2018 at 1547 hours.   Fire was detected on August 24 around 1200 hours.  Lightning caused. 400 acres.  Initial attack completed by smokejumpers, helirappellers and ground crews, aided by a SEATs and Air Tankers.  Due to hot, dry and windy conditions on August 24 and 25th, the fire grew.

Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest

Natchez Fire.  15 miles southeast of Cave Junction, OR. Timber and Chaparral. Moderate fire behavior with backing, torching and flanking. Numerous structures threatened.  Closures in effect.  Evacuation orders lifted. — 24,224 acres. 70% contained.  — 491 personnel.  11 crews. 17 engines. 6 helicopters. — $31.3 Million Cost-to-date.

Klondike Fire.  9 miles Northwest of Selma.  Timber and chaparral are fire fuels.  Active fire behavior with uphill runs, single tree torching and spotting.  Homes threatened. Closures in effect.  — 108,530 acres.  41% contained. — 1,240 personnel.  24 crews. 42 engines. 3 helos.  — $28.1 Million Cost-to-date.

Willamette National Forest

Terwillinger Fire.  5 miles southeast of Blue River.  Timber is fire fuel.  Active behavior with running, spotting and group torching.  Structures being directly threatened.  — 4,721 acres. 1 % contained.  — 321 personnel. 7 crews. 13 engines. 4 helicopters. — $1.5 Million Cost-to-date.


Colville National Forest

Firefighter dripping fire from drip torch into brush along fireline to burn up fuel ahead of wildfire

Horns Mountain. | Credit: USFS

Horns Mountain Fire.  19 miles north of Evans.  Transfer of command from an IMT 2 back to the local unit to happen on August 28.  Timber and heavy logging slash are fire fuels.  Moderate fire behavior with backing, isolated torching and smoldering are being reported.  Homes threatened.  Closures in effect.  — 5,439 acres. 85% contained.  — 540 personnel.  13 crews.  10 engines. 3 helos. — $7.1 Million Cost-to-date.

Northeast Region – WA DNR

Boyds Fire.  3 miles West of Kettle Falls. Timber and brush are fire fuels.  Moderate fire behavior with baking, isolated torching and flanking. Structures are threatened.  — 4,549 acres. 73% contained.  — 529 personnel.  13 crews. 30 engines. 4 helicopters.  — 9 structures lost.  — $10.5 Million Cost-to-date.

Okanogan – Wenatchee National Forest

Crescent Mountain Fire.   18 miles west of Winthrop. IMT also managing McLeod and Holman incidents.  We are reporting them separately from this one.    Moderate fire behavior with running, flanking and backing.  Homes threatened. Trail closures in effect.  Some rain fell over the area on Saturday.  — 42,784 acres. 24% contained.  — 584 personnel. 11 crews. 33 engines. 6 helicopters. — $15.1 Million Cost-to-date.

McLeod Fire.   8 miles north of Mazama.  Timber as fire fuel.  Moderate fire behavior with isolated torching, flanking and backing.  Numerous homes threatened.  Closures in effect.  Rain fell over the fire line yesterday. — 21,585 ares.  5 % contained.  — 497 personnel.  14 crews. 36 engines.  — $3.4 Million Cost-to-date.

Holman Fire. 19 miles northwest of Mazama.  Timber as fire fuel.  Moderate fire behavior with flanking, backing and creeping. Structures and communications infrastructure are being threatened. Closures in effect.  — 284 acres. 0% contained. — 0 resources.  — $3,000 Cost-to-date.

Miriam Fire.  15 miles East of Packwood.  IMT 2 transferring  command to the local unit on Monday, August 27, 2018.  — 4,228 acres.  40% contained.  281 personnel.  5 crews.  8 engines. 4 helicopters. — $11.2 Million Cost-to-date.

Cougar Creek Fire.  12 miles northwest of Ardenvoir.  IMT also managing the Bannock Lakes Fire.  Timber is fire fuel, along with medium logging slash and closed timber litter.  Moderate fire behavior with flanking, backing and isolated torching. Homes threatened. Closures in effect. — 41,324 acres. 45% contained.  — 818 personnel.  19 crews. 28 engines. 9 helicopters.  — $28.8 Million Cost-to-date.

Bannock Lakes Fire.  14 miles southwest of Stehekin.  Timber and brush are fuels.  Minimal fire behavior.  Trails are the only closures in the area.  — 485 acres.  0 % contained. — 0 resources. — $39,000 cost-to-date.

Olympic National Forest

Maple Fire burnout from a distance.

Credit: Olympic National Forest

Maple Fire.  23 miles north of Shelton and 5 miles west of Hwy 101 on the Olympic Peninsula.   Started August 4, 2018 at 1100 hours PDT.  Human caused and under investigation. Heavy timber (litter, grass and understory) as fire fuels.   Fire behavior is moderate, flanking, backing and creeping.

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