A house fire ignited around 1325 hours this afternoon in the 26800 block of 165th Place SE in Covington, Washington today.

Covington Garage Fire.jpg
Credit | Puget Sound RFA

The Homeowner’s nephew smelled smoke and heard fire coming from the garage, calling 9-1-1 and evacuating all persons from the structure, saving many lives including his own today.

1st due reported smoke coming from the eves and requested additional fire resources, elevating this incident to a “working fire”.  Additional incoming units would arrive quickly, but not before fire extended into the attic. Ceilings were pulled to gain access to send in additional hose lines.

Due to the venting through areas of the structure and the downpour of rain in this area, the home would most likely be covered by visqueen plastic sheeting to protect it from further damage from the weather.

Resources include:  Firefighters from the Puget Sound RFA, American Red Cross and South King County Medic One.

No injuries were reported.

The fire cause, damage assessment and property loss is still under investigation.

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