Los Angeles City, County Firefighters Respond to WB10 Freeway Fire

Both City and County Los Angeles firefighters responded on Monday evening to a brush fire on the WB10 freeway at Fairplex Drive in Pnoma, California.

The WB10 freeway fire was named the Gillett Fire.

Fire was running down a hillside in high grass, pushing to the east and threatening a closed restaurant which firefighters were tasked with structural protection.

Los Angeles firefighters assisted with water dumping activities from above by the LA County and LA City fire helicopters.

About two hours earlier, Firefighters were called to a Cab of a 26′ FT box panel truck that was fully involved with fire on the right shoulder.

It is unknown if the two incidents.

At 1834, BC2 reported the forward progression of the brush fire has been stopped. Firefighters successfully held the fire to 10 total acres destroyed.  Crews are working on some fire lines on Division Zulu (right flank).

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