King County, Washington State |  Southend firefighters were dispatched to a commercial structure on Friday, July 17, 2020, around 1930 hours PT, located in the 23600 block of Pacific Highway Avenue South in Des Moines.

Fire personnel and assets representted the Puget Sound Fire, South King Fire, IAFF 2024 adn 2595.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire quickly knocking it down and working to contain multiple hot spots.  At one time during the incident, the IC reported seeing pressurized smoke pouring out of the Charlie side of the building.

Firefighters were able to tap the fire approximately 30 minutes into the incident.  A fire investigator was requested. PSE arrived and secured/shut off the gas.

Personnel accountability report or commonly called PAR was taken by Command for all members involved in firefighting activities.

Primary and secondary searches of the building were conducted.  Nothing was found.

Firefighters are still on-scene and firefighting activites are on-going.

We will provide another update and photos of the incident when information has been received.

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