Thank you for reading our Washington State Morning Situational Report for Saturday, August 8, 2020.

Hope you enjoy your day and always remember before going to a new area, check fire bans and restrictions and how to be Fire Smart about campfires, reporting wildfires and you/your family’s safety.

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Leader Lake | Dispatched 1011 PT.   Wildfire. Contained/controlled 1030 PT. 0.01 ac. 7208 (IC), 27.  LEADER LAKE FIRE.

THURSTON COUNTY | South Puget Sound Dispatch

I-5 SB, Hwy 101. Exit 105 | Dispatched 1108 PT.  Wildfire.  E8310. Open CAD call. I-5 HWY 101 FIRE.

Olympia | Dispatched 1001 PT.   Olympia. .1 acre. Brush. Barta (IC). Resources on-scene. Open CAD call.   WALDEN FIRE.

Capitol Forest | Dispatched 0825 PT.   Capitol Forest.  Patton (IC), E8201, 8213, Reed, M. Resources on-scene. Open CAD call. Unk acreage or status.  SUNBEAM CREEK FIRE.

I-5 NB MP 114 | Dispatched 8/7/2020 1831 PT.  I-5 NB MP 114.  0.5 acres. Grass and brush. DNR 32, E8203 still on-scene.  Lacey FD’s E34/B34 were on-scene yesterday, blocked 1 lane on the freeway. Still an open CAD call on 8/8/2020.  NISQUALLY HILL FIRE.

YAKIMA COUNTY | Central WA Comm Center

Coleman | Dispatched  1118 PT.   Smoke Check.  Open CAD call.  COLEMAN Command.

Dog Lake | Dispatched 0936 PT. Smoke Check. Open CAD call. Patrol 8.  CRAMER LAKE Command.

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