Thank you for reading our Washington State Situational Report for Wednesday, August 12, 2020.  This is a recap for all wildfires currently happening, contained, controlled and out/patrol status.

Incidents that have significant fire behavior, evacuations, broadcasts or any other information that is of urgent nature, will be in greater detail and in a separate post.

We will try to post as quickly as possible and as time allows.


WELLIVER FIRE – Hidden Road, SE of Springdale (Stevens County)

Dispatched 1925 PT. AA 4TS AR 25 AR 28 AR 32 AR 62 AR 63 AR 7402 AR 7403 AR 7405 AR 7406 AR 7408 AR 7409 AR 7411 AR 7413 DNR 33 E Zone 10 FB 201 FB 202 HT 404AJ NC 7304 NC 7305 on-scene. 15 acres.  Incident #NES-1882

NORTH ELK FIRE – Chattaroy (Spokane County)

Dispatched 1915 PT.  Unknown resources. 0.1 acre. Grass, logs and duff.  Limited information.  Incident #NES-1881.

COPS CABIN FIRE – Quinns Meadow (Stevens County)

Dispatched 1623 PT.  NC 62 (IC) C 101 E 12 E 561 H 339 NC 25 NC 62 NC 7302 NC 7306 are on-scene.  0.5 acres.   Incident #NES-1880.

LINDEKE FIRE – Thorpe (Spokane County)

Dispatched 1455 PT. 7406 (IC).  .01 acre. Light timber, duff. Patrol status. Incident #NES-1879.

SORENSEN FIRE – Sorensen Road (Lincoln County)

Dispatched 1449 PT.  0.1 acre. Contained.  #SPD-1878.

COYOTE SPOT FIRE – Coyote Creek Rd (Ferry County)

Dispatched 1444 PT.  0.01 acre.  Slash, duff. C101 (IC). Contained 1803 PT.  Incident #COF-1877.

OREGON BRIDGES FIRE – Spotted Road (Spokane County)

Dispatched 1352 PT.  0.01 acre. Slash.  7412 (IC). Contained 1430. Controlled 1545 PT.  Incident #NES-1876.

EAST LAKE FIRE – Eastlake Road Fire (Okanogan County)

Dispatched 1259 PT. .44 acres. DNR cancelled/ WFS Jurisdiction. Incident #OKCN-1875.

IDAHO ROAD FIRE – Liberty Lake (Okanogan County)

Dispatched 1248 PT.  .3 acre. Grass, brush, reproduction, duff. AR 7407 (IC), AR 7407. Incident #NES-1874.

QUARTZ FIRE – Mount Spokane State Park (Spokane County)

Dispatched 0902 PT.  0.1 acre. 7411 (IC). 90% mopped up. Incident #NES-1871.

GRAHAM HILL FIRE – Hwy 20 (Stevens County)

Dispatched 0852 PT.  Unknown details. DNR showing as open/limited info CAD Call.


COWICHE OAK FIRE – Cowiche Mille Road (Yakima County)

Dispatched 1724 PT.  0.1 acre. Grass.  Pfaff (IC).  E4301 E4303 E4304 SE Martin SE Pollack. Contained 1854 PT. Incident #SES-478.

ROAD 16 COMMAND FIRE – Gloyd Seep (Grant County)

Dispatched 1239 PT.  100 acres. Brush and grass.  Travis Sweeler (IC). Limited info.  Incident #SPD-4777.  (waiting for add’l info so we can highlight this as a separate stand-alone post)


EAST FORK FIRE – 2500 blk x E Hoquiam Rd, Hoquiam (Grays Harbor County)

Dispatched 1130 PT.  0.1 acre. Slash and grass. Johnson (IC) at 1247 PT. Contained 1430 PT. Controlled 1530 PT. In patrol status. Incident #OLS-89.


FAWN LAKE FIRE – Mason County

Dispatched 1351 PT. 0.1 acre. Grass. Meyer (IC). In Patrol status. Incident # SPS-142.

COFFEE CREEK FIRE – Hwy 101 (Mason County)

Dispatched 1350 PT.  0.25 acre. Grass, brush, timber, duff.  Shafto (IC). Contained 1500 PT. Controlled 1600 PT.  Incident #SPS-141.

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LOWER COYOTE CREEK – 2 miles SW of Nespelem

BIA- Colville Agency.  2,426 acres. 0% contained. Timber, brush and grass. Active fire with backing and spotting. 363 total personnel. 12 crews, 17 engines. Structures threatened.  $900,000 CTD. (see our separate post on this incident)

CHIKAMIN FIRE – Okanogan-Wenatchee NF

391 acres. 65% contained. 127 total personnel. 4 crews. 2 helos. $2.5 Million CTD.

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