Firefighters were dispatched to a single traffic collision with reports of a vehicle into a tree then into an electrical box with the driver appearing to be unconscious and unresponsive.  The driver was also said to have endured heavy mechanism, while entrapped in the vehicle.

Units responded from the Auburn Fire Department to the accident where it would take them about eight careful minutes to slowly extricate the adult male driver from the vehicle.

The Medical Group was established with MSO 1 (Supervisor) and Medic 6 and A332.

Other fire units on-scene are Engines 332 and 338.

He was transported to a nearby local hospital and listed as a RED patient.

Police had blocked parts of the road and State Patrol requested to help with the accident investigation.

This incident is located on Ellingson Road in King County, Washington.

No other information is available at the time of this post.

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