UPDATE 2 — 7/4/2021 2315 PT

Douglas County, Washington — A wildfire broke out around 1215 hours PT on July 4th and quickly spread to grass and brush, setting everything ablaze.

Credit — WA DNR Fire

Evacuations are in effect for approximately 80 impacted homes that are under various Evacuation levels.


LEVEL 3 >> GO NOW! >> North Ward Avenue to Keane Grade Road; from Moses Stool down to Rock Island Grade Road to SR 28.

LEVEL 2 >> GET SET! >> South Ward Avenue to Woodridge Drive.

LEVEL 1 >> GET READY! >> East of Woodridge Drive to Keane Grade Road; Palisades.

SHELTER — Eastmont High School | Hosted by the Red Cross.

State mobe has been approved by the Washing State Patrol Fire Marshal’s Office at 1530 hours PT.

Incident Cooperators — Douglas County SO, CEDR Digital Corps, Grant County FD13, BLM, Chelan County, American Red Cross.

Resources — There are approximately 75 total personnel currently on-scene with more arriving. This is the initial response during the beginning of the incident, which include — BATT-6103 BATT-6104 BLM-13 CHELAN-25 CREW-52 DIV-6101 E-4101 E-4107 E-6695 E-6696 PATROL-604 YAK-10 dispatched at 1231 PT.

No word as to the cause, injuries suffered or damages/losses as released by the Sheriff’s Office.

The fire has burned 2,000 acres and is growing rapidly.

Current weather conditions are clear skies with temps at 79*F with no precipitation in the forecast. Winds are at ten miles-per-hour and humidity is hovering at thirty-nine percent.

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