Cedar Creek Fire | WA

Monday Update – September 6, 2021

The CEDAR CREEK FIRE ignited by lightning on Thursday, July 8, 2021, at approximately 1648 hours PT. It is located about four miles southwest from Mazama, Washington State.

The CEDAR CREEK FIRE also includes the VARDEN FIRE when they merged into one another, creating the single fire name.

Fire fuels include brush, closed timber litter and timber understory. There has been 55,187 acres of Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest lands destroyed.

Minimal fire behavior with backing, creeping and smoldering still remain but fire suppression efforts have led to an 87% containment status. Fire Managers estimated total containment to be reached on October 31, 2021.

Fire Fact — To date, there are 5,622 northwest firefighters that are still fighting uncontained wildfires. – NWCC

Weather Station — Credit | USFS

Total number of personnel remaining on this incident is 235.

Management is still under the direction of the NW IIMT9, which is also managing the Muckamuck, Cub Creek 2 and Delancy Fires. They assumed command of wildfires on August 25, 2021.

Cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment expenses have reached $38.7 Million Dollars.

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4 thoughts on “Cedar Creek Fire | WA

  1. NW Fire Blog….. keep up the great writing skills. Your english, grammar and math are perfect!!

    Words are the “Voice of the Heart,” Stay safe!!

    Martin L. “Iceman'” Wheeler
    Central Pierce Fire and Rescue
    Pierce County Fire District 7
    Medic 1
    National Fire Academy Alumni
    Washington State 2020 Gubernatorial Candidate


      • Keep a very close eye on the Schneider Springs Forest Fire in Washington State. Models of possibilities were created 40 (forty) years ago, concerning a fire hitting Mt. Rainier from the east side. There are reasons why the Douglas Wilderness was created with NO ROADS on the east side of Mt. Rainer. Caution, Warning, Danger!! The perfect disaster could possibly be brewing. Check out papers (weekly) from the Eatonville Dispatch Newspapers, 1970 to 1982. The Tacoma Public Library is one of the top research libraries in the United States. It’s right in front of the Federal Courts, downtown Tacoma, It was created with help from the United States Military. It holds clue’s in that library. It carrys historical papers (microfiche) about those possibilities of a Mt. Rainier explosion.

        My father was in charge of all security for Fort Lewis Military Army base and the West Coast. Richard H. Wheeler, 101st Airborne…Battle of the Bulge, Voices of History YouTube, Never give up!!

        A team of six (6) was on that mathematics team that did the models for Mt. Rainier. It was sent to Washington DC, when it was completed and the numbers were checked 4 (four) time’s for factual information.

        Stay safe🇺🇸

        Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler


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