According to the National Interagency Fire Center based out of Boise, Idaho (USA), there are about 11 uncontained wildfires burning across our Nation.

Here is the update for Sunday, October 24, 2021.


Eight new wildfires in Southern California started over the weekend with no new large incidents igniting and about five in the Northern portion of the State. None of these new wildfires were reported as new large incidents, which is great news for these California firefighters.

KNP Complex | The KNP Complex has two active fires burning in the National Park Service in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, about nine miles northeast of Three Rivers. About 88,307 acres has been burned and there has been a 60% containment status reached. Attached to this incident are 622 total personnel along with eight crews, 15 engines and 20 copters. Four structures have been lost and a cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment efforts have reached $81.4 Million Dollars.

Current Status: At this time, minimal fire activity has been observed along with creeping and smolder activities.

Windy Fire | The Windy Fire is burning on Bureau of Indian Affairs lands and under the management of the Tule River Fire Department. It is about 22 miles east of Porterville. The fire has destroyed 97,554 acres along with 128 structures. It is now 92% contained. 281 total personnel are still assigned to this incident along with four crews, 11 engines and two copters. Cost-to-date has reached $71.9 Million Dollars. Started September 9, 2021. Lightning caused.

Alert | Flash Flood Alert in effect issued by the National Weather Service. Website:

Current Status: Moderate fire behavior with creeping and smoldering.

Alisal Fire | On Los Padres National Forest (USFS) lands, the Alisal Fire is burning about 22 miles northwest of Santa Barbara in chaparral and grass. The fire has burned 16,970 acres and destroyed 12 structures. It is now at a 97% containment status. About 298 total personnel are assigned to this wildfire incident along with six crews, 11 engines and no aircraft resources. $23.7 Million is the cost-to-date reached as of Saturday, October 23, 2021. Started October 11, 2021 around 2:15 PM from an undetermined cause.

Alert | Evacuation order issued starting October 24 beginning at 12:00 PM due to an impending storm that may cause debris flow that threatening the areas.

  • The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office has issued an EVACUATION ORDER due to an incoming storm Sunday night (October 24) through Monday morning (October 25) with the potential to produce a debris flow.
  • This Order is effective Sunday, October 24 at 12:00 PM (noon) and applies to the following areas in and around the Alisal Fire burn scar: west of Las Flores Canyon, east of Mariposa Reina, south of West Camino Cielo, and down to the ocean. Please evacuate the area by 12:00 PM noon tomorrow Sunday.
  • An Evacuation Center will be opened tomorrow Sunday (exact time to be determined) at the SBCC Wake Center located at 300 N. Turnpike Road, Santa Barbara 93111.
  • For animal evacuation assistance, call the Animal Services Hotline at 805-681-4332. After normal business hours, call the Sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch line 805-683-2724 and ask to speak with on-call Animal Control Officer. (Source: Inciweb)

Current Status: Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.

Dixie Fire | This fire has been burning for quite some time. It is burning about 15 miles northeast of Paradise and under the Command of CAL FIRE’s Butte Unit. Fire Management is under the GB Team 1,an Type 1 IMT and the EA Silver Team, an Type 2 IMT. Almost one million acres, yes, you read that correctly. One million acres! The actual amount of acres destroyed is 963,309 exactly. Fire personnel from the ground, the air and around the United States have successfully reached a 97% containment status. About 1,102 total personnel are still working on this active incident along with 13 crews and 30 engines. This monstrous fire has destroyed approximately 1,329 structures and topped the costs-to-date at a whopping $630.3 Million Dollars!

Current Status: Minimal fire behavior with smoldering observed. Some rain fell over the fire ground.

McCash Fire | This wildfire is burning in Six Rivers National Forest, about 14 miles northeast of Somes Bar in timber, closed timber litter and brush. The has burned just shy of 95,000 acres to an exact amount of 94,962 and reached a containment status of 93%. Due to the fire incident almost fully contained, there are about 191 total personnel along with two crews and two engines that only remain. This fire has reached a cost-to-date of $51 Million Dollars and may have been more had any structures been reported as lost. No structures were reported as lost.

Current Status: Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. Rain fell over the area.

River Complex | This complex is located on lands of the Klamath National Forest, nine miles southwest of Etna in fuels of timber and brush. This Complex has been contained to a 93% status. 119 total personnel are still on this incident along with one crew, four engines and two copters. 122 structures have been consumed along with $95 Million Dollars in costs-to-date. About 199,359 acres were destroyed.

Current Status: Minimal fire behavior. Creeping and smoldering.

Monument Fire | The Monument Fire is located one mile southwest of Del Loma in timber and brush with fire management handed back to to the local unit from a CA Team 11, an Type 2 IMT unit. Fire had consumed 223,124 acres and has been contained to 94% status. Cost-to-date has reached a top of $162.8 Million Dollars. 52 structures were lost. One crew and one copter are showing assigned to this incident. Rain fell over the area.

Current Status: Minimal fire behavior.


Crown Mountain Fire | This Montana fire is located about 15 miles southwest of Augusta in timber on the US Forest Service lands in the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest. About 1,379 acres have been scorched and is only at a five-percent containment status. There are 66 total personnel as resources along with one crew, seven engines and four copters. Cost-to-date so far has reached $2 Million Dollars.

Current Status: Moderate fire behavior with creeping and smoldering. Structures are under threat.


Bull Complex | The Bull Complex is located in the Mt. Hood National Forest, about 25 miles northeast of Mill City in timber and closed timber litter fire fuels. About 24,894 acres were lost, along with one structure. Firefighters have successfully gained an 85% containment status. $36.1 Million CTD.

Crew burning at night on Sept. 8
Bull Complex’s Night Crew on a burnout operational fire objective. | Credit: USFS

Current Status: Minimal fire behavior.


Schneider Springs Fire | This Washington State fire is located about 18 miles northwest of Naches in short grass, timber and brush. Approximately 107,322 acres were destroyed. It has been contained to a status of 91% status. One crew and engine have been reportedly still remain as resources.

Current Status: No new updates received from sources.

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